Getting Ready (With Lots of Grins)

I didn’t write the traditional wedding blog re-caps of our wedding. Why? Because no one needs that much detail about one day of my life… including me. But shortly after our wedding I wrote a little bit about each part of the day. What happened, what I wanted to remember, how it felt. I wanted to have it to look back on for years and years, and because this community made me braver and more of myself on my wedding day than I ever could have been on my own, I wanted to share a bit with you. So. Some moments, with pictures. – Meg

Meg_David_0002You guys asked lots and lots of questions about what a wedding morning feels like, and a little “Crap! We’re late!” And a lot of oh-my-god-totally, do you remember when we couldn’t wear red or blue to school or we’d get SHOT?” And a fair amount of hilarious giggles, combined with friends who look suspiciously like they’re walking on air.) Oh, and I really love the pictures.

David and I woke up the morning of the wedding well rested. It’s funny, I always imagined it would be hard to sleep the night before your wedding, but we didn’t find it hard at all. When we woke up we had a weird moment of realizing it was our wedding day, and then realizing that it felt just like every other day, and then realizing that we were fine with that.

I had taken to heart Team Practical words of wisdom that, when getting ready for your wedding, you should surround yourself with people that would make you feel calm and centered. So half an hour after we woke up, a few friends and family members arrived at our hotel, and we started getting ready.

Together. We never made a conscious choice to get ready together, we just figured it was the only thing that really made sense. After all, we were the only two people getting married that day, so we might as well stick together. Besides, in a Jewish wedding, you see each other before you walk down the aisle when you formalize your commitment to each other by signing the Ketubah, so there was never going to be a big reveal. Instead we got grounded fun.

In case you’re wondering why I married David, in this picture he is steaming my wedding dress. At the last minute I thought the tulle looked a little wrinkled, and David is the iron-er of the team, so out it came.

Have we gotten to the point where we consider not hiring someone to do your hair and makeup on your wedding day DIY? Because if we have, I suppose I was DIY like that. Since I never did find anyone that was affordable, I talked my friend Rachel into doing my hair. I had a feeling that doing hair was one of her secret superpowers, so I got her a little bit drunk, and she confessed that it was. We’d done two practice runs (drinking copious amounts of white wine) so I was convinced that my hair was going to look amazing. It did. Also? Having a friend do my make up put me in such a zen and grounded place that I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

By the time my hair was done we were running late, so I rushed through doing my makeup. I’d gotten a bridal consultation and bought some makeup at Sephora, and for gods sake, I don’t know what I was worried about. I wear makeup. I can do my own makeup. It looked great. Just for the record, several married friends who had their hair and makeup professionally done muttered things like, “I wish mine had looked as nice as yours did, damn.” And I’ll tell you, the secret ingredient was love and a pile of fun. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, we rushed into the bathroom and David helped me pull on my wedding dress, and clipped my flower in my hair. I felt sassy. I felt pretty. I could move around, I wasn’t scared of getting dirty, and I was ready to party. I felt like myself, and that was what was most important.
The pictures are of course by Heather and Jon at One Love Photo. I think they really dig when couples get ready together. Side note: I hadn’t planned on us having ‘getting ready’ shots taken, because I was so bored with all the standard shots… but then I reconsidered and had them ‘come shoot the chaos,’ and they are hands down some of my favorite pictures of the day. Weird, huh?

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