Holiday Gift Guide #2: For Your Nerdy, Tech-Loving Husband

(Who's also a bit of a hipster)

You’d think that, after nine years of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, I’d have more of a knack for shopping for my husband. But unfortunately, every year I run into a wall when it comes to what to buy Bryan. Because when it comes to buying things for a man who’s very into technology and hardware, specifically a man who likes upgrading his computer year after year, precision is important. And finding out the exact 10-15 digit model number of the video card your husband wants tends to give away all the surprise of gift giving. But this year, when it comes to present shopping, I’m going for a little less precision, and a little more fun (for me).

So what do you buy for your tech-loving husband, without making him write you a hardware list? Well, I decided to go for upgrading his non-computer tech, and playing toward Bryan’s more hipster side—his home brewing, coffee loving, whiskey-sipping ways are my newest source of inspiration.

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, so he can have some tunes during home brewing sessions outside. Or so we can both have tunes for the main reason we’re outside at this time of year: raking all the leaves. ($199)

The Zero Fox Given Shirt will be my new favorite addition to the collection of nerdy t-shirts I can steal and wear to bed. ($34)

There’s a lovely “drinking game” (appropriated from my father, no less) that we enjoy playing with friends. It’s called “Beer Snob.” The premise is simple: you go to your local craft beer shop, fill up several growlers with beer you like, then bring it home and pretend to have a tasting session from the comfort of your porch (or your couch). The addition of a Reclaimed Wood Beer Flight Holder is going to make our game feel extra fancy, next time we play. ($35)

Speaking of acting snooty while drinking beverages, a Chemex Glass Coffee Maker is perfect for any coffee snob looking to take their pour-over coffee skills to the next level. ($41.50)

Though Bryan tends to stick with bourbon, The Curious Bartender: Whiskeys is sure to be a fascinating read for any whiskey enthusiast. ($27.95)

Access all the Bluetooth superpowers of your phone, without paying through the nose for a car upgrade, with a Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit. ($49.99)

I could give Bryan a fancy bottle of bourbon (which I do most years), or I could buy this Personalized Whiskey Barrel for him, and we can age it together. Which sounds like more fun to me. ($85–$200)

An Amber & Moss Apothecary Candle, for making things smell nice in a gender-neutral fashion. ($16)

The Portable Power Charger, for when he’s drained his phone’s battery playing endless rounds of Carcassone. Or, more likely, for keeping communication lines open at DragonCon. ($21.99)

D20 Whiskey Stones for keeping that bourbon cool during our next five-hour D&D session. ($19.99)

P.S. More gifts for tech lovers, and all our gift guides so far.

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