3 Reasons You Want Gina Clyne Photography at Your Los Angeles Wedding

$925 for 5 hours of coverage in LA?! STOP IT


Who: Gina Clyne Photography

Why: If you’re in Southern California, you’re going to want to hire Gina Clyne Photography because, as she says, APW readers are her tribe. As Gina put it, “Living on the pages of a glossy wedding magazine isn’t for everyone, and I think I relate most to couples who make loving and practical decisions for themselves and their guests.” As for Gina, she lives that through her photography. She explains:

I tell my clients that my shooting approach is photojournalistic. My camera and I stay vigilant throughout the day, which no doubt will have many moving parts, while maintaining an unobtrusive and honest presence. I tell them, stay in the moment and I will do the rest. Sure, it’s nice to be picture-perfect at times, but I am also interested in capturing the unplanned moments that are bound to happen or the life-force that unfolds when people don’t think you’re noticing. I’m eager to meet real couples and photograph real weddings with their real family and friends. APW couples are thoughtful, smart and adventurous and I’m game to follow along for the ride, whatever that may be.

Sounds pretty excellent, no?

Where/how much: LA, get ready to freak out—Gina‘s rates start at $925 for 5 hours of coverage and go up to $1850 for 10 hours of coverage and one photographer. $925 in LA?! STOP IT.


Usually when you find someone whose rates are as affordable as Gina Clyne Photography, it’s because they’re just building their business. Not so with Gina. Actually, as it turns out, Gina has been doing this basically her whole life. She was introduced to photography in high school, and she promptly started spending most of her waking hours deep within the walls of a dark room. She went to art school and studied Fine Art Photography, and she started shooting weddings in 2012. Gina has worked with arts communities in LA, San Francisco, Miami, and New York, and it shows in her work—you can’t pin down her style to one region or area.

With this in mind, here are three big reasons you’re going to want Gina Clyne Photography to shoot your wedding:

1. Her rates are super accessible on purpose: Gina’s 2016 packages start at $925 for 5 hours of photography, and they go up to $1850 for 10 hours or $2350 for 10 hours and two photographers. Gina’s travel rates are competitive, and she loves visiting new cities. Keeping her rates accessible has been an extremely deliberate move on her end, and as she explained, “I believe that wedding photography prices should not be intimidating or exclusive. I understand that not everyone has the resources or chooses to use most of their resources for one day.”

2. She supports women who own businesses: Each time Gina books a wedding she makes a Kiva loan, which means a woman from another country gets the necessary funds to grow her own business. Gina understands firsthand how powerful owning a business can be. She said, “Becoming a small business owner has changed my life for the better in the last few years, and I want to try to do my part to help another person in need to realize their small business dreams.”

3. She doesn’t just shoot weddings: Although weddings are the bulk of her work, Gina is an active shooter and shoots just about everything all year. Art, photography, and music are part of her physiological being. When Gina isn’t shooting weddings, you can find her at an art exhibition or designing album artwork. This diversity keeps her eye calibrated, and your wedding photos super fresh.


I can’t count how many glowing reviews Gina Clyne Photography has, but basically everyone who works with her says the same thing as Michelle and Sergio:

“My husband and I were so incredibly pleased with Gina. I was planning my LA wedding from the Midwest, so I never got to meet Gina in person before the big day. I was a little nervous about never having met her, so she said we could chat on Skype—she made me feel so comfortable about the whole wedding photo process! I should also mention that Gina’s photography skills are very impressive. She truly captured the joy, love, beauty, and magic from our wedding day. To sum it up, we could not be happier with our decision to choose Gina as our wedding photographer. She did an incredible job.”


Case in point:

Gina did an absolutely amazing job on our wedding photos. The photos were very artistic and came out so beautiful. The style was exactly what I was looking for—very natural, not at all cheesy or too posed like many wedding photographers, in my opinion. Beyond her talent as a photographer she was a pleasure to work with, very professional and kind. We will definitely be giving her a call when the day comes to take baby photos!


If you’ve been planning your wedding for any time, you know that vendor unicorns are often talked about and seldom seen. But Gina Clyne Photography is the real deal.

Looking for even more? Check out Gina’s slideshows (like Katie and Mike and Dana and Nelson), cruise her wedding work, and get in touch.

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