3 Reasons Why This Wedding Website Will Make Your Life Easier

Glö is here to make wrangling guests a piece of cake

glosite-wedding-website-lucWhen you’re planning a wedding, the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” takes on a whole new meaning. No matter how organized you are or how carefully you plan, it is inevitable (and perfectly normal) for there to be a few “If only I had known” moments ahead of you. No one’s ever thrown your exact wedding before, and unless you’re a professional event planner, it’s not exactly something you have loads of experience at.

For example, when you set out to pick a wedding website, you’re probably looking for something attractive and easy to set up, so you can get all your aunts that have a zillion questions for you off your back, like yesterday. You’re probably not thinking about the management of your guest list that has happen a few months down the line, which is perfectly understandable because you’ve probably never had to wrangle RSVPs from several dozens (or gulp, hundreds) of family members and friends before. But at some point (likely sooner than you think), you’re going to send out about a hundred invitations to a hundred households and wait for a hundred responses. Some of those people will respond promptly. Some will completely forget. Others will respond, then change their RSVP, and then maybe change it back. Starting to worry about spending dozens of hours chained to spreadsheets?

Don’t! Because longtime APW sponsor Glö has your back. Glö is a wedding website you can quickly set up now that will save you loads of time and agony later, and here’s how:glosite-wedding-website-wakeemSTYLE AND SUBSTANCE: Glö’s organizational features do not come at the price of having a super cute site. You can definitely get exactly what you want, by either picking and customizing one of Glö’s 150+ designs, buying a premium theme from an indie designer, or creating your own theme from scratch. You can even add Glö’s tools to the website platform of your choice (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Google Sites, and others that allow custom HTML), so you don’t even have to choose between, say, Squarespace’s ultra-minimalist style and Glö’s amazing guest management software.

MANAGE ALL THE THINGS: Once your website is up and running there are a ton of time-saving things you can do with it, like send out invitations, receive RSVPs, and stay in touch with your guests leading up to the event, leaving you free to put your feet up and have a well deserved cocktail.

  • SEND PAPER OR DIGITAL INVITES: Glö allows you to send email wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and even thank you notes, so you can save money and the Earth. (If you want to make your wedding paper-free for environmentally friendly reasons, Glö is the resource. So far, the site has saved its users $350,232 in stamps and countless trees.) And if you want paper invites with digital RSVPs? Or part digital invites (like to international guests) and part paper invites (to your grandparents)? You can totally do any combo of the two. Glö has even partnered with APW stationers so your paper invitations will match the digital ones, which will match your wedding website because they are on top of things like that.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR EVENTS and RSVPs BY GUEST: You can add as many events to your Glösite as you need (e.g., rehearsal dinner and reception), pick which guests can see which event, and send individual RSVPs for each and every wedding event. Guests can only see the events they were invited to, which means nobody gets their feelings hurt, and there’s zero risk of someone showing up to an event they aren’t invited to.
  • SEAMLESS GUEST COMMUNICATION: Included with Glö is a super easy-to-use messaging tool that lets you communicate with all or some of your guests before and after the wedding celebration. You can use it to send last-minute updates regarding the festivities, and you know, to remind guests to RSVP (probably more than once). Glö also allows guests to add and edit their own email and mailing addresses, so you don’t have to consolidate contact info from various texts, emails, and Facebook messages. Just send your guests a link and they can update their own info when they RSVP online.
  • GLÖ keeps working after the wedding: You can use it to send group or individual thank you notes, upload your wedding photos to a gallery, and download your site (and invites) as a keepsake.

REAL HUMAN INTERACTION: If you need help using Glö at any point, you will be connected with an actual living, breathing, caring human who will help you out. Glö’s founder, Taryn, has been where you are now (which is why she built Glö), and she and her team are as invested as you are in making your wedding planning experience as easy as possible.


In short, why have just a wedding website, when you can have a wedding website that acts like a personal assistant for guest coordination? You can sign up for a free 21-day trial (no credit card required) of Glö today and make the whole guest wrangling process seamless from day one. After the trial period, packages start at $19.99/month, and all packages include guest list management, a website with unlimited pages, and unlimited events, and RSVP questions.


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  • Signed up for Glo about a week ago based on APW’s rec. My partner and I wanted something simple and easy, and it fits the bill. :)

  • Yash Kumari

    Trending idea of wedding website is an smart move for everyone and you made it more easy to understand.
    With multiple design options, we can customize our wedding events which takes so much time but you sort everything so nicely. Thank you for sharing. :)

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