How To: Make a Wedding Cake for Under $50 Using a Grocery Store Sheet Cake

by Meg Keene, APW Executive Editor

A few weeks ago, the APW team got together to do a little flower shoot (which means awesome lazy girl projects to follow). While we were at it, I decided that we were going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a zillion years: turn a grocery store cake into a really lovely wedding cake. You know, a post you could show to your mom when she didn’t get you were saving money AND being super classy. (Think of this as a follow up to our Trader Joe’s wedding bouquet.)

So it was decided that I would go to Whole Foods, and get some of their cute cakes for us to work on. But I was really determined to take it a step farther than that. I wanted to show that you could take ANY kind of grocery store cake and turn it into a wedding cake. (Because, let’s be for real: my home town does not have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s or any kind of gourmet grocery store, and your town might not either.) So, I set out to find the world’s most average sheet cake. This being Oakland, I tracked one down at the Lucky’s in my neighborhood, where the people behind me in line were pretty clearly high on crack. So, you know, that seemed not-gourmet enough.

And when I got this cake I was OVER THE MOON, because it was suddenly clear to me that this was going to be the awesomest of all the projects (in my estimation). So I brought the cake into the shoot, and everyone just sort of looked at it, worriedly. Then they looked at me very doubtfully. (Credit where credit was due: Maddie was as excited as I was about it.) While I was working on the cake, I kept waving people away, because everyone wanted to pretty-fy it: take off the sprinkles, take of the piping. And do.

But for truth. When I finished, there was a collective, “Ooooooooo…..” It was good, my friends. So without further ado, the world’s easiest (and cheapest) wedding cake. If you do this for your wedding, I want to have a drink with you.

DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (25)DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (20)DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (21)DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (22)

Photos: Allison Andres / Flowers: Belle-Flower / Styling: Meg Keene for APW

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  • DKTX

    Very cute!

  • Rachel

    Dude. If you just told me “Oh look, this baker made a fun cake for a cute wedding-themed Kate Spade catalog shoot” I probably would have believed you. So not what I was expecting and SO cute.

    Side note: If anyone is thinking of doing this, in terms of taste, Wal-mart cakes are pretty legit (and I say this as someone who really doesn’t even like cake).

    • JEM

      Yes! Definitely Kate Spade party cake.

      Costco cakes are DELISH and huge. We’re talking like, a 1/2 inch of yummy buttercream filling between the layers. We didn’t have a membership but one of our groomsmen did!

      • Rebekah

        I used to work in the Costco bakery. They make half sheet cakes for $17 in vanilla and chocolate, your choice, with vanilla or chocolate buttercream (also your choice) which they apply by weight. The colors come pre-mixed and they have standard templates for the designs, but they keep frosted and undecorated ones in the fridge (always vanilla-vanilla or chocolate-chocolate) and can slap on some roses or cursive writing if you ask while the decorators are working (mornings usually).

        They used to make half sheet carrot cakes and also used to have strawberry filling, but alas, no more.

        They will decorate any of the round cakes in the coolers if you ask, too!

        • ferrous

          Costco FTW. My partner is intent on making the cake for our (small) wedding. But if he weren’t, I’d be all over Costco cake. I’m filing this away, just in case he decides it’s not gonna happen.

          • I made my own cake and highly recommend having a backup plan–it took a lot of the stress off to know that if I didn’t get it done, or made it and hated it, it would be okay.

        • Katy

          That’s so good to know!! Le BF and I are in the early stages of discussing getting married, and we both agree we want it to be wallet-friendly and fun. Costco cake idea is being filed away for future reference. :)

      • VAL

        Love the Costco sheet cakes! For those who don’t have memberships, I recently discovered that you can have someone with a membership get you a gift card, which will then allow you to buy things there, not only with the gift card, but for amounts above and beyond using cash or a debit card. I’ve done this at the Costco in Northern Virginia with gift cards purchased by my family in AZ, even though I’m not a member of Costco myself. I’d check with your local Costco first, but I’ve never had any problem with it (I’ve done it maybe 3 or 4 times over the last two years).

        Also, the Costco by us has a lot of beautiful non-sheet cakes and a chocolate shop which makes large replicas of the Capitol and Pentagon in chocolate. We are totally having one of those on our dessert table (no traditional cake for us, just a lot of desserts made by friends and family and supplemented by Costco desserts to make sure we have enough).

    • meg

      I should take my “I told everyone so” bow right about now ;)

      Good tip on Wal Mart. Also, I bet Costco’s cakes taste pretty good.

      • Lindsey

        We had Costco cakes and they were delicious!

    • Moe

      Wal-Mart sheet cake was all the talk at my bridal shower. My MoH bought 2 plain rounds, added ribbon and topped it with a bride and groom….total cost about $16.

      Months later people STILL ask me where that cake from it tasted so good!

  • erin b

    If you have a Costco nearby you can beat this – prices and looks. We ordered TWO half sheet cakes (one chocolate with chocolate mousse inside, one white with cheesecake mousse inside) and asked that they be frosted plain white buttercream with no decorations. They were $17.99 each and together fed 74 people with plenty to spare. If you had fewer people, it’d be even cheaper to just do the one cake.

    You could still decorate with the flowers and ribbon for something traditional, without having the wipe off the decorations you don’t like. We decorated ours with edible glitter (found for $6 a tube on Amazon, one tube each in silver and gold was enough for our two cakes) and Dr. Who themed porcelain salt and pepper shakers dressed up like bride and groom. If anyone’s super curious, the cake pics are at the bottom here (would link to just the photo but our photographer disabled right clicking)

    And bonus – Costco cake is DELICIOUS. Everyone raved about it!

    • fermi

      awesome cake! (and pretty dress as well! Love the metro pics)!

    • Bubbles

      I was just coming here to say that as a lover of cake, Costco has some of the legit yummiest cake I have ever put in my face. ESPECIALLY if you love buttercream as much as I do!

      (Dammit, now I want some cake.)


      That is amazing. Also, your dress. Want.

    • ElisabethJoanne

      You can definitely skips steps 1 and 2 by ordering an undecorated cake ahead of time. You can also often order degrees of decoration – if you wanted what’s white tubing on this cake to be yellow, for example. You don’t have to stick to the pattern books at the grocery store bakeries. I once ordered a birthday cake decorated as the flag of a different state at a Safeway in California.

    • Hannah

      You got married at one of my FAVORITE spots in DC! So so so pretty! If I was getting married in DC that is 100% where the ceremony would be.

      And your cake looks freaking awesome. Those Dalek cake toppers? Stop it, too cute! Never would have guessed that was $40ish!

      • erin b

        The DC War Memorial is gorgeous AND unless you go all out on chairs or decorations (which it doesn’t need) it’s only $50 for the permit! We did it on a Friday and had no trouble getting the permit, but I’ve heard Saturdays book up quickly.

    • Melissa

      Yes to ALL of this! Costco cake is by far the most delicious cake, and if his mother wasn’t such a darned good baker, we’d be doing almost exactly what you did. Also, Daleks on your cake!

    • Bears fan

      dahleks!!!!!! as toppers!!!

      very awesome. your wedding cake wins.

    • Just a lurker

      OH MY GOODNESS Darlington House! That’s one of our favorite places! Now I’m craving mushroom risotto… Love your cake as well!

    • Lindsey d.

      Erin, what a beautiful wedding and I LOVE YOUR DRESS!

  • Carolyn

    Meg! Nailed it!

  • Emmers

    Amazeballs! And wouldn’t have thought to do this!

  • KC

    This is genius.

    On the general wedding-cake-decorating side, use ribbon that won’t bleed when it’s applied to the frosting (color-check it beforehand with water and with oil/butter/grease-of-some-kind) and flowers that aren’t extremely poisonous (so… dodge the foxglove for this one) and preferably non-pesticided ones, or well-rinsed at least? You can also put a small glass or clear plastic saucer on the cake to hold the flowers if they are toxic, to keep them off the cake and to give them a bit more water if you want. :-)

    • meg

      Just stay away from toxic flowers on food, kthankxbye.

      • KC

        Yeah, that’s my opinion, too, but people have, um, varying degrees of concern on the subject (a florist I encountered at a wedding said that she’d fixed/improved lots of wedding cakes by sticking in her [pesticided, some-poisonous] flowers without any barriers and she said that no one ever got sick… but if someone got sick after a wedding, would people call the *florist*? Probably not, right? So I didn’t find that super-convincing.). :-)

        I only use unsprayed and edible/totally-non-toxic flowers on cakes (this is not that hard unless you have specific theme requirements the easiest is to go with unsprayed roses and/or packages of edible flowers from health food stores, or search the internet for more). My only exceptions on that were when requested otherwise (as in “we want the flower arrangements and the cake flowers to match, here are flowers for you”), and then I make sure there’s a definite barrier between the flowers and the cake and tell the cake cutters to pull the flowers + barrier before serving. It makes me happier knowing there’s no chance of harm to the people who are eating the cake. :-) There are also these little glass vial thingies that are fantastic both for keeping water-needing-flowers perkier for longer and for keeping their sap out of the cake (they’ve got little caps with a hole for the flower stem and are sometimes also used for corsages?), but that’s probably a step above lazy-girl-tutorial unless you’ve got them on hand.

        But… most “small children should not eat a whole flower or they will feel icky” flowers (like, um, peonies) aren’t honestly likely to do very much damage, really, as long as they’re taken off the cake before serving (again, excepting the really impressively toxic ones like foxglove/digitalis – keep those very far away from food/beverages!).

        But still. I’m totally with the party against putting toxic things of any degree on food. :-)

      • Rachel

        Oh man, I was thinking that when our baker extolled the virtues of sugar flowers the other day, she was being overly cautious. I was thinking that flowers were like non-organic food, which I consume a lot of the time. But, duh, they are likely going to be different pesticides because you aren’t supposed to eat flowers.

        But we are going with the sugar flowers anyway because I just kind of love how perfect they are.


    This is fab. And sidenote, some flowers are edible so you could toss those on.

    • Violets! They grow like weeds- literally- so you could probably get them for free on your next trip to the park!

    • Crayfish Kate

      Yes! Violas, roses, squash blossoms, dendrobium orchids, and nasturtiums FTW! :-D

  • Ok yeah, this is pretty adorable.

  • AliceMay

    This is awesome. We are getting married in the church where my FH is a deacon, and the whole parish is invited. Which makes the whole guest list thing a little unpredictable. Solution? $17.99 sheet cake from Costco (now with plans for prettiness). And either we will have delighted guests, or delighted homeless folk on the next morning’s breakfast run (which will be where our leftovers are going).

    • ElisabethJoanne

      Fist bump for inviting the whole parish. We did, too. It had its hassles, but I’m so glad we did.

  • Laura Lee

    I am legit impressed. If one of my friends had told me they were planning this, I would have been very worried and tried to talk them out of it. Clearly I would have been wrong.

    Just… yeah. This is great :)

  • Remy

    Now I have all sorts of cake-decorating ideas running around in my head! (This sounds like an excuse to take cake to a party…)

    I had Whole Foods cake at our wedding, and actually got a bunch of compliments on how it TASTED. We just had a simple white whipped-cream frosting garnished with blackberries (like the filling) — no fancy weddingness to it, really. (I gather this was a relief to the baker who took the order.) So, cute AND yummy, for a reasonable cake price and very little work:

    • Copper

      Did you just go in the day of and pick something up? Or order in advance? If so, how far in advance should you order this sort of thing?

      • Remy

        I plan WAY in advance, so I had it sorted months out. We even got a similar cake that they usually make (it had a different berry filling, and an almond-flavored frosting we decided to swap out for the whipped cream) and brought it to my folks’ for a test drive. (Will it stand for several hours? Survive a car ride? How does it cut and plate? Is it soggy? How many does this smaller size feed? Does anyone really dislike it? How do we want to alter the actual order?) I ordered a couple weeks before, and checked in a few days before the wedding. Whole Foods only REQUIRES 48 hours’ notice, though — so you could do this with a very short timeframe! They were great; no delays, got everything right.

  • lovely in all the ways. mostly the epic cool way.

    also, i am now envisioning turning this into a superfancy version by putting a baby grocery store cake on as a second layer, similarly dressed.

    • meg

      Mmmmmmm….. I like.

      Also, you can experiment to see if it works at… basically any kind of party. Like a cake party. Is that a thing?

      • NB

        Um….”Cake party”?!? If it wasn’t a thing, it is now.

        I am having one. Immediately.

      • One More Sara

        I once attended a Bachelorette party where we all decorated our own cakes. My stomach hurt the next day not from alcohol hangover, but a marzipan hangover.

        • SarahT

          It is a thing! My kids and I have a cake party/competition on July 4th because it is blasted hot outside and we have a whole day off. We each make a cake (sometimes one cake encompasses like 5 cakes with bridges, etc.) and a gigantic mess, then invite people over to judge who has the best as far as taste and looks. The funniest thing is that we don’t actually like cake that much and by the end of that day we are so done with cake that we have to pawn off like 9 cakes that night.

      • Brittany

        Didn’t Julia Child say “A party without cake is just a meeting.”? :)

        • Louise

          Ha ha! YES. We use this concept in reverse at work, where we often add cake to what we know are going to be stressful meetings. It totally changes the tone.

      • Cake party is absolutely a thing TeacherMan refuses to call our wedding a wedding to him it’s a casual cake party.

    • KC

      As long as the bottom cake is dense enough (including the frosting; stacking things on whipped cream frosting tends to get messy) and the top cake is light enough, this could work, but most stacked cakes require some sort of internal support or (at least in warm weather) they start having Leaning Tower of Pisa problems. (and, potentially, “part of the tower of Pisa is now splattered on the table/floor” problems)

      However, that internal support can be made out of plastic drinking straws shoved straight down in the bottom cake underneath where you’ll place the top cake, and then cut off so they’re level with the frosting, at least for just two-tier cakes. Pretty easy and cheap (bubble tea straws are even better!). But experimenting, then leaving the sample stacked cake at expected (or “as high as is at all likely”) reception temperature for the expected length of time, then bumping into the table a couple of times (’cause people accidentally jostle the cake table at weddings; a terrifying fact of life), then serving it, should give you an idea of whether you’ll have a slippery slide or not.

      (citation: I have had two birthday cakes start to slope in an unpleasantly menacing fashion when insufficiently supported in significant heat, and they were both very challenging to cut and serve without catastrophe. No cake has actually fallen over on me yet, even monster four-tier cakes, though I have heard Terrifying Tales of such from other hobby bakers and from professional caterers.)

      • ElisabethJoanne

        Baking a cake requiring straw or dowel supports is on my bucket-list. For people who want pictures, KC’s advice is in Joy of Cooking and other cookbooks you can check out from the library.

        • KC

          Yes on the diagrams being found in cookbooks! Sorry, all ye visual learners.

          Also, one other thing I haven’t seen anywhere, but that I’ve personally found helpful, is using bubble tea straws instead of regular straws – wider and more supportive, but still really easy to cut to size! But for a two-tier cake that’s not sloshy, regular straws are just fine.

          And have fun with that bucket list item! You can do it!

          • ElisabethJoanne

            We will. Thanks.

            My husband was bouncy and smiley for an entire weekend when he learned he could make cake at home, no fancy equipment or special skills required. He’s made a couple 1 and 2-layer cakes, but still doesn’t like cracking eggs (literally).

          • KC


            Oh, also, for tiered cakes, you probably already know this, but level the layers at least on the bottom tier (take off any doming or unevenness) for less sliding/splitting. After the cakes are cool and out of the pans, I like wrapping something around the cake (like a however-high strip of waxed paper – you can fold it up and then cut the whole strip at once) and then using a breadknife with the strip of stuff as a guide. Not necessary, but can make life easier or less sad and slidy later on. I think that’s all my tips for not-larger-than-10″-non-wedding-cakes, other than “crumb coats are magic awesomeness”.

            Yeah, cake is supposed to be this Realm of Terror or something, and it really isn’t. I mean, there are a lot of tricks you can use to make a good final outcome easier, which can sound overwhelming, and applying frosting “pretty” is something that people usually get better at with practice, but it is really not mystical dark arts at all, especially if you are aiming for “tastes tasty and looks tasty” rather than “magazine cover ‘cake’ that was actually made on a styrofoam base”. (also, advance warning, many buttercream cakes photograph really poorly, so if you’re recording your bucket list items for posterity, figure out a way to diffuse light all over the place and check your photos before cutting into the cake, to make sure it doesn’t have the cake equivalent of red-eye. :-) )

    • marbella

      I was thinking of doing that with 2 round cakes – stacking one large and one smaller. But in the end we made it from Trader Joes chocolate cake box mix (I had my surprised MIL mix/bake it for me a couple of days before the wedding), TJ’s chocolate buttercream filling and covered it (at midnight with my bridesmaids before the wedding – don’t advise this, but it was fun) in rolled out white chocolate fondant bought online, wrapped with a wide ribbon to cover the slightly lumpy fondant and decorated with silk flowers leftover from the flower girls headpieces. It was delicious (at the wedding and after 1yr frozen!) and I can recreate my cake anytime! :) And we were pretty pleased with how it looked too!

      • We made cupcakes (well, actually my bridesmaids did it while I finished the program), and I have the same feeling about being able to recreate it whenever I want!


    You could take the petals off the flowers, too, for a soft/romantic look and/or to make a design out of them! People might have to pick petals off their cake, though, so… maybe not.

    • Jame

      I made a birthday cake for my mother covered in rose petals. They’re edible, and with a nice thick layer of buttercream frosting, it’s delicious.

  • Martha

    You skipped step 1.5: eat the frosting balloons as you remove them from the cake.

    • Maddie

      Technically that was MY job.

      • meg

        Maddie did step 1.5. I can vouch for that.

  • Dang it, now I want cake. A lot.

    That cake is soooo purdy!

  • I used that exact ribbon as belly bands on my invitations and to wrap all the handles of our bouquets. :-)

  • Fantastic.

  • TS

    The big round chocolate cake at Cosco is awesome! We borrowed some classy cake stands from a friend and garnished with flowers left over from the bouquets.

  • Ahh! Awesome!! This post might be making me a teeeeny bit sad that we are having (the world’s most delicious) pie

  • marie

    For her wedding, my aunt bought several huge sheet cakes; at the rehearsal dinner, everyone in the family got a section of the cake to decorate. Some people wrote messages to the couple, some did pretty designs; one sheet was devoted to an illustrated version of their upcoming honeymoon (no, not like that!!), and I’m pretty sure my 6 year old brother drew a dinosaur. It was tons of fun, and everyone at the wedding loved the cakes.

    • Rebekah

      I read this too quickly and thought the dinosaur was somehow part of the honeymoon. I’m a little bummed now that I’ve read it correctly.

  • Class of 1980

    This project broke my head open. I would never have thought of it.

    It’s amazing what flowers can do.

  • Carolyn

    I love this! We had a Whole Foods cake. We had some other one-bite desserts (little lemon bars, raspberry bars, and some sort of chocolate covered salted caramel things that I saw my grandmother shoving into her purse twelve at a time).

    My sister has worked at Whole Foods for the past six years and she worked some discount magic to get us a ten-inch round “cake to cut” … vanilla cake, lemon filling, and vanilla frosting… but clearly the Whole Foods baker wanted to Make Things SPECIAL because he knew it was FOR A WEDDING so he made it way huger. Like, 14 inches maybe. He made a special box for it and was trying reeeeeeal hard not to be too excited to meet the bride and her sister/Whole Foods discount-getter when we picked it up on the morning of the wedding. Never discount the kindness of strangers to do nice things for you when you’re getting married.

    It didn’t fit on any of our cake stands. It was amazing. It cost 26 dollars. Yay grocery store cakes!!

  • Audrey

    This reminds me of one of the things I loved about my caterer – she suggested a grocery store sheet cake for our cake. We didn’t do it since a real wedding cake was one of my husband’s biggest requests, but it let me know we were on the right page.

    • GCDC

      My husband wanted a layer cake to cut for our wedding too, so we got a very small one from the caterer, then had the baker make two sheet cakes that were cut in the back and served. Total cost was around $100, but it was delicious and it satisfied my husband’s desire to have a layer cake to cut and my desire to have good cake for our guests without paying more than I was comfortable with paying.

    • Rachel

      Not to be all “MEN, amirite?!” but I’m glad I’m not the only one whose man had such strong opinions about the wedding cake.

      • KC

        A friend’s husband specifically really, really wanted their wedding cake to have pillars in it.


        • ElisabethJoanne

          Men have “always dreamed” ideas about their weddings, just like many women do, they just don’t have as many outlets for developing them and talking about them.

          • KC

            True. (although I was somewhat lacking in wedding dreams, as was my now-husband)

            But I felt like having your cake separated with little white plastic pillars was mostly an 80’s-and-earlier thing, so it perplexed me as a specific “the thing I care about” requirement.

      • Lisa

        Me too! I was fine with the cupcake option offered by the onsite caterer, but FH really wanted a “real” cake.

      • Mallory

        My husband nixed my original “Costco sheet cakes in the kitchen and small, single tier cake with fancy stand for cutting” idea, insisting on a 3-tier, classic wedding cake. It was one of the only things he had a VERY strong opinion on, so we went with it. I never understood “why” it was important to him, only that it was.

  • Erin

    For the even lazier bride… for our August wedding we ordered grocery store cakes from Publix… Be sure to tell them you want BIRTHDAY cake rather than WEDDING cake. They will still decorate the cakes with wedding cake designs for the birthday cake price, and we easily cut our already budget “grocery store wedding cake” cost in half just by accepting 2 layer cake instead of 4 – savings was so great we even ordered extra cake “just in case” :)

  • merryf

    This is so amazing I want to re-do my wedding to have a cake I could afford. At my wedding 3 years ago (tomorrow! 3 years! yay!) we did not have any cake due to budget (and way expensive kosher cakes) and too many freak-outs from not enjoying wedding planning at all; it was simple cookies/cupcakes/fruit salad all the way. But this — THIS — could have been so awesome, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Costco does a kosher cake which would’ve been perfect. And this is why I read APW after the fact.

    Meg you rock!

  • Zoe

    Another budget cake tip:

    We ordered a small round cake for cutting from the local bakery and decorated it simply with some flowers (putting it on a pretty cake stand was most of the decoration). Then we had sheet cakes in the kitchen to serve. Worked great, we got to use slightly higher quality cake than the typical grocery store, and saved serious $$$.

  • This is amazing! Except! The cake is on the screen and not in my belly. Why is that?

  • Carla

    Though its pretty easy to get a gluten free cake here in PDX, I wish more larger stores (especially Whole Foods) catered to that market. Its a great idea, but I would not be able to partake. Off to the specialty bakery I go!

    • Hannah

      So many good gluten-free options in PDX! New Cascadia, Petunias and that one Lake Oswego cupcake place. I’m sure there are more. Also, you should join our Portland A Practical Wedding FB group:

  • Lorelei Eddy

    Please be careful. Maybe someone mentioned this already, but many flowers are Toxic to humans on their own, and then often there’s pesticides on them. Peonies and hydrangeas are popular but poisonous flowers. Make sure you check before you put them on food you want others to eat, get flowers from someone who knows food safety rules and floral toxicity.

    • marbella

      Peonies are not toxic to humans, but to dogs/cats.

  • Kat

    O h my word… we WERE having no cake cuz of well the cost and none of the wedding cake bakers I talked to would do buttercream…we hate fondant. We’re serving carrot cake as our dessert, but I’m thinking I may Costco cake it up for the late night bonfire with s’mores, and kettle corn. WOO!! Thanks!

    • Rebekah

      Oh wow. In that case I’d custom order chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and then crumble s’mores toppings on one and kettle corn on the other. Holy cow I’m drooling.

  • Amazed

    This is the stupidest frigging thing I’ve ever seen in my life. No what’s stupider are the sheep that are going ga ga over this. Seriously, you want this in your wedding photos? This? This sprinkle topped monstrosity? I need to scrub my brain after seeing this and reading the comments. I hope your guests all bring you dollar store gifts too.

    • Oh, you were raised to be polite, I see.

  • I’ve found sheet cake from Costco to be way yummier than most wedding cakes I’ve eaten. :)

    I have a cake because a friend who is a baker is gifting us on, otherwise I was totally planning to get a sheet cake.

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  • Justine

    This is awesome and SO practical! Hooray APW tutorials, for once again showing us how to do easy, affordable things for our weddings. or, in this case, any other party, too. ALSO: baa, baa. ;)

  • JustN

    Great tutorial! But I got the idea of cake’s starting point without the comment about crack users in Oakland grocery stores.

  • Laura G

    Are you kidding? The crack users in line was my favorite part of the post (besides the fact that Meg NAILED it.)… mostly because that is likely to occur in my own neighborhood grocery…

    I don’t have Costco in my neck of the woods. I think I had a Sam’s cake many moons ago at my high school graduation party. Sam’s anyone?

  • The best part of this (obviously) is that because they’re so cheap, you could actually do a full-on cake tasting party with cakes from 6 different discount stores to figure out which one(s) you want. And that would still be, like 10% of what a fancy wedding bakery would charge.

    If I didn’t have a friend doing my desserts, I would hella do this.

  • Online store can help to get cakes at our home because they will deliver us cake in one day and with perfect decoration. We can also send cakes to anyone as gift.

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  • Stefan Salvatore

    Really great idea to build a wedding cake under $50. It will very helpful for those who are curious about the budget. Hawaii Marriage License

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