How To Style Your Pixie Cut For Your Wedding

Or maybe you do, in which case, give us your best tips

A woman in a white wedding dress and khaki trench coat wears her red hair in a pixie cut with floral headpiece and smiles
When I got married, I had one requirement for my hairstyle—it needed to stay out of my face, for the whole day, without me having to touch it. Thanks to a lot of that stereotypical chatter surrounding weddings, I figured my requirement left me with one option, to grow it out and put it all up. So I did just that.

But last year when I chopped off all my hair, I felt a little twinge of regret that I hadn’t been bolder with my hair choices. I could have had my pixie cut, years earlier! Feeling like I’d been a bit robbed of the ability to be a little more daring, I impulse bought some really cute, everyday headbands and hairpieces to rock with my new short ’do, so I could become more edgy in my everyday hair choices. (Note: “edgy” is not exactly an adjective that’s usually within a mile of my life.)

Where are all those cute headpieces now, after having a pixie cut for a year? Hopefully on other people’s heads looking fabulous, as I took them all to Goodwill a while back. Turns out, it’s not the hairstyle that was keeping me from all those adorable accessories; it’s the fact that I hate putting stuff in my hair. While they are exceedingly good-looking on other people, headbands give me headaches, and most other clips just fall out, or itch. So maybe I could have gone with the short hair when I got married, but accessories just aren’t my speed.

Featured image: Kari from An Intimate Backyard Wedding in New York, photo by Nicki Fietzer of De Nueva Photography. Clockwise from top left: Selena from An At-Home Wedding in D.C., photo by Sarah Gormley; Sarah from An At-Home Wedding in D.C., photo by Sarah Gormley; Amanda & Regina from A Brewery Wedding in Los Angeles, photo by Johnny Shyrock; Sarah & Natalie from Legally Wed, photo by Cristal Veronica and Diana Rothery

Today I want to hear from my fellow shorthaired ladies: what are you wearing in your hair for your wedding, if anything at all? Give us your best short hair ideas, whether they include headbands, barrettes, veils, or nothing of the sort. Is your hair short because you want to do cool edgy things with it? Or is it short because you want to never have to do anything fancy with it ever again? Spill. And links to cute short wedding hair obviously accepted.

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