Happy Birthday APW!

Dear APW,
You are four today. Four whole years old. You’re one of the best projects I’ve ever taken on. You’ve made me some of the best friends I’ve ever had, helped me figure out what I really wanted to do with my life, and showed me that I can write. (And thank you for the book). I’m so glad I took the leap when I heard the first whispers of an idea, and so glad I kept following my heart about you.


P.S. You’re growing up, and not a baby anymore (though, I guess you’ll always be my baby). But age four is my spirit animal, so I think it’s going to be a good year.

Photo: Emily Sterne Photography

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  • :) Congrats and this keeps getting better and better, I super loved all 3 posts of today, all of them.

  • Felíz cumpleaños!

  • Lauren

    Happy Birthday! Congratulations on four wonderful years – may APW continue to change lives for years to come.

  • Carrie

    Haha, I just found and subscribed to APW yesterday, and my birthday also happens to be today, so I had a tiny trip-out moment when I saw “Happy Birthday” in my Google Reader! Especially because I opened Google Reader thinking, “Wouldn’t it be funny if one of the blogs knew it was my birthday and had a special post just for me, haha yeeeah right!”

    Congratulations on 4 years! Now I must go read through 4 years’ worth of material :D

    • meg

      This post was for you! Also, there is a button at the bottom of the posts (scroll down on the first page) that will reverse all four years of posts for you so you can read them in order :)

      • Carrie

        that is brilliant! I wish all blogs had that feature. this may be premature, but I just may have found my perfect wedding blog… I don’t know how I missed out on APW for so long! (I’m “one of those girls” who’s been planning her wedding forever and have been reading wedding blogs for couple years now) (I trust this is a safe space to admit that)

        p.s. I found APW via a comment on The Hairpin!

    • Welcome, Carrie! And happy birthday too! :)

  • Happy Birthday APW! This means we all get to eat cake today. Thanks, Meg, for making this the best place to be on the Interweb!

    • I second the cake!

      Congratulations, Meg!

      • Cake! Cake! Cake!!!!!!! With sprinkles and ice cream! (My spirit child is totally a four-year-old, too.)

        Congratulations on four years of growth, success, and big ideas!

        • Darcy

          Cake and whiskey for all!

  • Kamille

    Hooray! Happy Birthday!

  • PA

    Happy Birthday! *pompoms and confetti*

  • Thank you for being here. Happy birthday!

  • Wow, four years! Happy birthday, APW :)

  • Congrats on reaching four! Definitely not a baby in blog land!

  • Ashley

    WOW Happy Birthday APW!!!!

  • Aims

    Yay Meg and team! Congrats!

  • Thank you for the sanity in this crazy wedding world. Happy Birthday, APW!

  • I bought a set of champagne glasses at Goodwill today. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  • Calder

    I thought I had it all when I knew I shared a birthday with Fergilicious. Now, APW? Does it get any better??

    Happy birthday!

  • suzanna

    Happy Birthday, APW! It’s great having you in my life, and here’s to the best year yet!

  • KA

    Happy birthday, dear APW! Happy birthday to you!

  • Mandaloo

    Happy Birthday APW!!!!! Thank you for helping me stay grounded and sane during this whole crazy wedding process. Without this space I’d be a complete crazy person. True story.

  • Happy Birthday, you big community, you. :)

  • Happy Birthday APW! In a funny coincidence, my blog Hodoeporicon turns 6 today – they’re birthday twins! :)

  • I can’t believe it’s 4 years, partly because it feels like it just started YESTERDAY, yet I can’t remember life pre-APW! So proud of you and so honoured to be a part of it; looking forward to the next adventure!

  • Happy Birthday! It’s fun watching a blog grow up.

  • 4 years old! Happy birthday!

  • Aw, happy birthday! And here’s to a Very Good 5th Year.

  • Happy anniversa-birthday Meg + APW crew! I wish you many vegan margarita cupcakes.

  • I thought FIVE was your spirit animal. Because of DRESSES.

    Happy birthday, bloggeroo.

  • Jenny Magic

    I just realized that APW was born exactly 2 days before I met the love of my life and husband of 18 months. It seems rather fitting that even though it took me a year or so to find you (and read ALL the archives in one emotionally-draining, awesome weekend) APW has been growing right alongside my own baby family.

    And speaking of babies, I was the one that asked you at your Austin book signing about creating A Practical Baby, and even though I wasn’t expecting then, I am now (!); I’m dismayed that there’s is nothing but the equivalent of WIC out there for new moms! Just sayin’… I am so hoping that someday you (or some partner you love) will start the how-to manual for being a strong, feminist entrepreneur trying to “reclaim mommy.”

    Any APW readers with suggestions for something good I haven’t found, please let me know!

    Happy Birthday APW & Congrats, Meg!

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