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In which we bring back all the things!

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Hey APW!

I wanted to jump in today with a quick, super fun note. We are bringing back all the things (well, okay, two of the things) that you guys have consistently most requested: Wordless Weddings and Two Cents (heyyyyo!). I KNOW, I KNOW. I AM REALLY EXCITED, TOO.

Here’s a quick rundown in case you aren’t super familiar with one/both. A Wordless Wedding is what it sounds like: instead of offering up all the super juicy details you get in our How We Did It wedding posts (like this one), the Wordless Wedding will give you many, many photos and a handful of details at the bottom. Still fuzzy? Here’s a great example. While we still totally want your How We Did It submissions (I personally love them), we wanted to open this option back up for couples who aren’t feeling that wordy, or photographers who just want to send over photos and be done with it. Also related, we’re about to start publishing a whole lot more weddings a week, and it’s going to be excellent.

Two Cents is a whole different ballgame. This is the advice column that you, the readers, get to answer. Past example questions have been about everything from Christian wedding hymns to negative vendor reviews to feminist porn, so truly, it runs the gamut. If you want to send in your own questions, just email questions (at) apracticalwedding (dot) com, and we’ll add them to the queue!

Besides that, we’ve been having a lot of conversations about The Compact this week (so keep telling us what you want!) and things are getting exciiiiiiting. Speaking of, are you following us on IG yet?

Okay guys! Over and out.



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