Are You Totally Confused About What Professional Wedding Flowers Really Cost?

Hedonia Flowers is here to change that with their commitment to total pricing transparency

YOU ARE: Someone who wants beautiful flowers for your wedding, has excellent taste if you do say so yourself, but aren’t quite sure what a reasonable price for that even is. (Is it really $5k?! Because OMG.) You want to work with someone you can easily trust to take your vision for flowers and run with it, without being an evasive artiste about it and guarding your package and pricing options like a state secret. Rather, you’re looking for someone who is not afraid to talk numbers, who will help you get the best value for your money, even if that means they get less of it. AKA Hedonia Flowers.

HEDONIA FLOWERS IS: A boutique Chicago, IL floral studio run by Christen Fosque that is committed to bringing the wedding industry into the 21st century by embracing technology and price transparency, and always finding ways to simplify and improve the floral buying experience—while of course, delivering beautiful floral creations:

A woman smiles at a man during sunset.A wedding bouquet on a table.Bride sits in the passenger seat of a truck.
As Christen told us,

With a background in business and innovation as well as design, I’m more interested in helping engaged couples than just making beautiful arrangements. When many of the weddings we see in magazines or on social media are the ten-million-dollar parties of models and movie stars, it can be a struggle to even begin to plan a wedding in real life. I’m passionate about helping couples navigate the real-world wedding landscape of the 99%. I love helping clients identify what elements they love in a pie-in-the-sky Pinterest picture they’ve pinned, then figure out ways to translate that essence into a day that’s even more magical than the picture because it’s their own.

Above all, I want to give my clients the information they need to make informed, judgement-free decisions for their wedding. I’m here to make sure that whatever they have planned goes off without a hitch. That takes the stress off our couples, allowing them to focus on the love, joy, and fun of the day!

In terms of our work, the Hedonia style is very much about timeless, relaxed elegance. I’m a hopeless romantic and love the old-fashioned, big-bloomed flowers my mother and grandmothers grew—peonies, roses, lilacs, hydrangea—and lots of lush, textural greenery. The flowers are gorgeous, but not remotely fussy or trying too hard. They’re setting the stage for a meaningful, personal ceremony and then one a hell of a good party!

Standing floral arrangements at a wedding altar.

Since Hedonia Flowers offers complete pricing transparency, the easiest way to find out all the deets is to go read them for yourself.

PLUS! All APW readers receive 10% off 2020 weddings if you book before Feb. 1—just mention this post when you reach out.

A bride sits wearing a flower crown.


  • APW! Christen came across APW almost a decade ago while surfing the DIY universe, but really went in deep when planning her own wedding in 2017. As she says: “I love the mix of cool-kid style with super helpful real-talk about relationships, money, fashion, and most importantly, how to create a day that is unique to you and your partner.”
  • Birdwatching, video games, camping, flea markets, and nautical disaster stories.
  • An obsession with iced coffee.
  • Adorable pets.

A wedding couple and their wedding party stand in a line.


Holy shit. When the florist came to drop the flowers off, I wept like a BABY. She so clearly understood our vision (casual glamour without being “shabby chic”) and delivered it flawlessly. HIGHLY recommend Hedonia Flowers! —Nina

Christen is so personable and welcoming and really helped us create the feel of the wedding that we knew we wanted, but weren’t sure how to accomplish. Hedonia Flowers ended up being our main source for decor (providing our aisle runner and the candle arrangements we used for our table centerpieces…among other things), and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. She also found out that I had a particular rose bush that grew outside my window as a child, and she researched and incorporated that rose into her designs. It was a personal touch that meant a lot to me! —Stephanie

Two triangle shaped floral arrangements.

WHAT NOW: See more of Hedonia Flowers’ beautiful work, follow them on IG, then go use Hedonia’s a la carte pricing menu to ballpark what your wishlist might cost, and reach out to chat specifics with Christen!

HEDONIA FLOWERS IS OFFERING 10% off 2020 weddings if you book before Feb 1 – click here to see options and pricing

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