July 2020 Planning Open Thread

I'm a member of the club now!

Ya’ll. We’re back again, with a space to chat, connect, vent, and scream into the internet abyss. For all of you who are planning a wedding in 2020, for those who’ve postponed, for those who just started planning, for everything in between… this is for you.

First, let me just say… I joined the ranks of the wedding planners (like, actually planning my own wedding) exactly 1.5 weeks ago. I’ve planned  nothing for it. And yet, I suddenly understand how one might feel like pulling their hair out in the process. In case you missed it, here’s the story of my magical double proposal (*flashes shiny ring*). And here are some things I’ve learned since last Saturday:

  • Folks invite themselves to your not-at-all planned wedding.
  • People have zero patience and want all the details (date, wedding party info, location) like… that moment.
  • You absolutely cannot win, and will always upset someone with how you announce your joyous news.
  • Suddenly no one seems to care about Coronavirus, or really any other boundary, they just want to know your plans.
  • Your best people really reveal themselves as such, and your level of gratefulness for them skyrockets.

So, here I am to join the ranks and let out a collective “UGH”, and “YAY.”  I’ve been in the professional wedding planner driver’s seat all these years, and somehow I feel like these are things one can simply not understand fully until on the other side. I became a certified wedding planner in 2011, I’ve planned and/or coordinated easily 150+ weddings, I helped build wedding businesses, owned my own business, helped Meg write the APW Planner, and still… it’s all overwhelming. I’m so grateful for my history and knowledge, for the number of times I’ve told clients and APWers to ‘stop, breathe, and celebrate before diving into planning’… at least that part is ringing in my ears.

So, fellow 2020 wedding planners, let’s meet up here in the comments and chat about it all. Do you have logistical questions that I can help with? Drop them in the comments, I’ll join you there. Do you just need a place to vent? Did you know you can comment anonymously? Get to it. Does it make you feel better to share your story or read other’s stories of planning mayhem and joy? Here’s the spot. I’ll be right there with you the whole way.



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