How To: Fresh-Faced Makeup With A Bold Lip

When we were coming up with ideas for the P&G Beauty hair and makeup tutorials, we wanted to make sure that we did one that answered your call for a look that was just pretty. Nothing too themed, or too done-up, but something that would acknowledge Hey, this is a special day. And that’s what we did with Sharon. (Time out for how stunning Sharon is, you guys. Whoa.) And the best part about this look? Take away the bold lip, and you’re left with a lovely natural look that almost looks like no makeup at all. So it’s super versatile. And now for the trade secrets for pulling it off:

The Info—Stylist: Maria Lee Makeup & Hair / Photography: Hart & Sol WestMichelle Govang / Venue: The Box SF /Flowers: Green Snapdragon Floral Design /Dress: Little Borrowed Dress / Jewelry: BrideBlu Vintage + Handmade Jewelry

For Eyes: Last week we told you that to help your eyeshadow stay, you should prime it with eye primer first. But let’s be honest, this has always been the lazy girl’s guide to DIY, and any time saved is time spent sipping champagne and dancing to your Notorious B.I.G. Pandora station. So Maria used CoverGirl’s Intense ShadowBlast eyeshadow which comes with a primer built in. Just swipe it on and you’re done. For extra stay (and protection against humidity and sweat), you can add a powder shadow on top, which will set the shadow.

Another expert tip for eyes: creamy eyeshadows like the CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast eyeshadow will come with its own applicator. But for extra control and a more professional finish, apply it with a brush or your fingers instead. This gives you full control over how much eyeshadow you’re applying, which is crucial when you’re working with a creamier formula like that. (Also: your fingers are totally free, rad.)

To highlight Sharon’s eyes, Maria used the white side of CoverGirl’s SmokyShadowBlast eyeshadow (spoiler alert: this guy will be back in a few weeks when we cover smokey eyes). Because it’s a shadow stick, when you apply it to your brow bone, it’s going to look WHITE (like middle school dance white). So make sure you blend that in with your fingers for a subtle highlight. Want to open up your eyes even more? Add some to the inner corners of your eyes and blend as well. (Seriously y’all, highlighter is magic).

For Cheeks: Blush is one of those products that I’m always afraid of using too much of. I worry I’m going to look like old prom pictures from 1988. But our makeup artists told us that especially for weddings, you shouldn’t be afraid to add more because it takes a lot to show up in photos. (But still, use your judgement. If you get to whoa-whoa-bordello place, please stop and reverse. Your guests will not be looking at you through the camera.)

For Lips: We used Outlast All-Day Lipcolor in Dusty Rose on Sharon. The nice thing about this lipstick is that (unlike a lot of other two-step all-day lipcolors) this one comes with a moisturizing topcoat instead of a liquid gloss, which actually feels more like a lip balm (read: no sticky kiss for your partner). Plus, if you want to go for a more natural look for your ceremony and then dress it up for the reception, you can use the topcoat on its own. It’s shinier than chapstick, but feels like lip balm (and smells good too, not that you asked). You can add color for the reception, and top it off with topcoat one more time.

Relax. You’ve got this.

And as always, if you have questions about how to modify this look, or which products would be best for your skin tone? We’ll do our best to answer them in the comments, but you can always direct your questions at @PGBeauty for their expert advice (or if you’re not on Twitter, post your questions on their Facebook page for more info).

Download a PDF of the shopping list for this look here.

**This post was sponsored by P&G Beauty. Thanks P&G for helping make the APW mission possible!**

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