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How To: Make A Wedding Hair Flower

After this morning’s beautiful wedding, featuring a lovely and huge hair flower, I thought it was high time for a hair flower tutorial. As someone who made her own wedding hair flower (with only a little help from her husband), I can tell you: these things are as easy to make as they are expensive to buy. And I am, rather decidedly, not a crafter. So today’s tutorial comes from Sophia, and it is both simple and lovely.

DIy wedding hair flower


  • Fabric. I used the 1.5 inches that were hemmed off of my wedding dress and the wedding dress liner. If you don’t have extra dress fabric find any fabric you like with a finished hem. I used the hem of an old ratty linen skirt for this tutorial.
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire (USE SILVER NOT GREEN since green will show through many fabrics). Green is what I have at home right now so you’ll have to pretend it’s silver for this tutorial…
  • A fancy button that you like
  • Needle and thread
  • A denim iron on patch (not shown


Cut a 1.5-2 foot length of wire and make a loop with the end of your wire. Thread it through your finished hem and sew the loop to the end of your fabric.

Mold the wire into 4-5 petals in a size you like (you can perfect the shape later). From the back of the flower, one petal at a time, grab the excess fabric and sew it down.

The back of the flower will look pretty messy. This is ok. The front of the flower will look better but still unfinished. Make another smaller flower using the same technique with the same number of petals. Sew it down to the first one. The center will still look unfinished.

Sew down your button to cover the unfinished center and mold petal shape to your liking.

Either sew a circular piece of felt to cover the back of the flower or iron on a patch, then sew or hot glue on a clip or comb. And you’re done!
DIy wedding hair flower
Ta da!

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