How To Make a Wedding Veil

A step by step, in words and photos

Ah, the veil. That sweet tulle accessory that somehow costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a single piece of fabric. When I was a flower girl, the bride took me aside and made me promise that I would never buy a veil full price. Because they were so easy to make, it was a sin to pay a gajillion dollars for one. (I’ve got Practical Weddings in my bones.) As long time readers know, I opted out of a veil at the last second and David and I made a hair flower instead. But working on these lazy girl posts, I finally got to help make a veil, just as I promised I would when I was a flower girl. Turns out it’s just as easy as I was told. So here, in words and pictures, is how to make a wedding veil, simple as pie.

First up, pick your tulle. Softer, more flowy tulle will give you a pretty, draped effect. Stiffer tulle will be more structural, but have less movement. For this one we went with the softer kind. Tulle can pretty much be bought at any craft or fabric store, like Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics, or something more local. You’ll want to measure how long your veil will be (and add about an inch and a half to that length for safety), but don’t forget to also measure how wide. A width of at least thirty inches is wise, but realize that this may be limited by the width of fabric on the bolt, so please don’t stress too much.

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Now, before we get into folding the veil, let me just remind you that this is really simple (though it might require a bit of trial and error). If it just sounds complicated in print, look at the pictures.

  • First, find the center point of the top edge of your veil by folding the tulle in half and hold the comb there for a second to measure how deep your pleats should be (your folds should be 1/2″ wider than the width of your comb).
  • Now, trial-and-error accordion fold the veil, from that center point to the outer edges. Make sure you tuck in the outer edges before basting it.
  • Once everything is folded, baste the tulle in place along the gathered edge. (Hint: the thread will be completely hidden by the comb.)
  • On the underside, line up the comb so that it sits about a 1/4” below the basting, prongs pointing toward the bottom of the veil.
  • Sew the comb to the veil by loop-stitching around the top of the comb and between prongs. Be careful to avoid the outermost layers of tulle or they will look weird and bunchy.
  • Fold in side edges at the top of the comb to hide comb and sew to secure edges, then fold the top edge over the comb. Sew down the pleated bit, again making sure you don’t sew the outermost layers of tulle.
  • Cut off the excess tulle and you’re done! TA-DAH!
  • P.S. If you really hate sewing, you can substitute that part for hot glue. Just remember that hot glue can be a little messier, and if you decide you don’t like the way it looks, you may rip the tulle trying to take it apart, so buy extra.

How To Make a Simple Tulle Bridal Veil (18) How To Make a Simple Tulle Bridal Veil (17)

Now, aren’t you glad you are freed from spending $500 on a veil that the bridal shop lady says you just have to have? Us too.

Photos by Emily Takes Photos, Crafting by APW Editor Kate, Graphic Design by Michelle Edgemont

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