This Is What a Commitment to Diverse Photography Looks Like

Plus: no travel fees, no matter where in the world you are

a couple standing together
Have you ever looked at the portfolio of a wedding photographer and wondered, “Where are all the people like us?” (Ha. Obviously you have.) Well, photographer Nadiya Nacorda of Richmond, Virginia–based Imani Fine Art Photography is right there with you. As a mixed African and Asian girl growing up in Michigan, and later as one half of an interracial couple planning a wedding, Nadiya knows firsthand what it’s like to go unrepresented in the media, and has chosen to make Imani Photo a voice for diversity and inclusivity in the wedding industry.

For starters, Nadiya shows all types of people in her portfolio always. She also knows firsthand what it’s like to plan a wedding (specifically, one that combined three cultures and tackled the tough questions like, “How do I tell my eighty-year-old conservative Catholic grandmother from the Philippines I’m not getting married in the church without giving her a heart attack?”), so she’s equally devoted to making the process of working together completely stress-free.

Oh, and did we mention the photos? Scroll on for those, because: jaw-dropping.
couple laughing together on their wedding day

Totally in love with Nadiya already? Do not even worry if she’s based across the country (or, um, globe) from you. Nadiya is so committed to showing up for the APW readers that need her that she’s offering no travel fees ever anywhere in the world, with rates for weekend weddings starting at just $3,000.couple standing together at the beacha bride smilinga bride and groom facing one another
Basically Nadiya is willing to move heaven and earth to serve y’all, and this year she will be limiting the number of weddings she takes on in order to get to know each of her couples and provide even more personal service. Nadiya is definitely an artist (I mean, just look at the photos), but people and relationships matter far more to her than just making pretty pictures:

I want APW readers to know that I am here for them, now more than ever. That I am about their love and their community and documenting it in the most personal and honest way possible. They won’t have to worry about me adding to the stress of their wedding day because I will be an agent of calm from the first email, to the last minute of the reception, to the final delivery of the wedding photos. I will always want them to be themselves. As a quirky and offbeat individual myself, I love their idiosyncrasies and unique stories. I will give them an experience that is thorough and intimate, while being super laid back and kind.

What I love about APW couples is that they focus on their love and their community and don’t waste time fretting the insignificant and unimportant. The blessing with this as a wedding photographer and an artist is that I can feel their love! It’s totally contagious. All I have to do is translate that feeling into the most intimate and wonderfully candid wedding photos possible. I get to document couples being their most authentic selves because APW couples are just that: authentic, genuine, and unique. Additionally, APW couples allow me to be myself as well! They want unique and non-traditional wedding photos, and as such, they trust my artistic and creative vision. It is literally the best. What more could I ask for!?

couple standing togetherphoto of a bride in a red sari

And with Imani Photo’s wedding coverage beginning at $3,000 for weekend weddings—with special prices for weekday coverage, elopements, and last minute bookings—I have a feeling that limited number of spots is going to book up rull fast.

imani photo wedding packages: $2,500–$5,500


  • approximately 500–800 final high-resolution JPGs (number varies based on coverage)
  • online gallery with direct download and share features
  • shared print rights
  • direct fine art print options

Additional package options include adding a second photographer, ordering a fine art album, or adding additional hours.

And remember, Imani Photo never, ever charges for travel—no matter where you live:

Although I love serving the Richmond, Virginia, and metro DC area, I want to show and prove my dedication and passion for diversity by never charging for travel. If you want to work with me, I will be there. I feel that the best way for Imani Photo to truly continue its mission to be inclusive and diverse is by being accessible in any spot on the earth, to all cultures and peoples. I am about multiculturalism and inclusivity forever and ever, and what better way to embody that than having no travel fees.

a couple kissing outsideb65a0477-edit_30919588730_o

Y’all, Nadiya is such a big-hearted gem of a person on a mission to make all kinds of couples feel represented and seen that it’s easy to forget to talk about the photos. Which is nuts, because her work is sooo good that they alone are reason enough to hire her. But the combination of the two? That leads to love letters like these:

Nadiya with Imani Fine Art Photography was everything and more than we could have ever asked for in a wedding photographer. She captured not just the timeline of events, but the feel of the day: the emotions, the laughter, and of course love. Every photograph is a piece of art that appropriately and intimately captures the moment.

My husband is a trans man, and we knew we could trust Nadiya to tell our story in honesty and in beauty. Nadiya is very laid back and has a genuine heart that is obvious in the way she works with you. She has a true interest in getting to the core of a couple’s story, in order to more accurately and organically create a story of your love through her photos. Not only were the photos outstanding, but Nadiya was able to put both of us at ease throughout the day and photo process. Working with Nadiya was stressless. —Morgan K.

Nadiya is an amazing photographer—not only does she possess unique photography skills, but she also gets to know you on a personal level. Nadiya made time to meet my fiancée and me, spending over an hour just chatting with me in a coffee shop, asking me questions and engaging in conversation. I really feel like she got to know me, and it was so absolutely genuine. By truly caring for her clients, I feel like Nadiya is then able to take photos and capture moments that she knows are representative of who you are because she took that time to truly understand you. She isn’t pushy at all and is able to balance the line between guiding you into specific poses versus capturing natural moments. In a nutshell, we loved Nadiya’s personality, professionalism, and overall attitude. We love Nadiya! —Jackie C.

thumb_b65a5016_1024couple kissing each otherwoman smiling at her partner

Tl;dr: Nadiya of Imani Fine Art Photography is someone you can trust to honor your wedding with heartfelt, personal, stress-free service, and achingly beautiful images that your grandchildren will tear up at seventy years from now. Nadiya is some who gets that authenticity, inclusivity, and compassion enrich all our lives, and, let’s face it, we all need more of that kind of magic right now—so head on over here, ogle even more beautiful photos, read her story, and book her now, before her 2017 calendar is full.

imani fine art photography will shoot your wedding without travel fees—no matter where IN THE WORLD you are. Get in touch!

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