This Is What Inclusive Wedding Photography Looks Like

With free travel to the ENTIRE United States (yeah, including Hawaii & Alaska)

by Najva Sol, Brand Director

bride and groom with suspenders on the beach

You know that that thing that happens when you’re engaged and the rest of the world stops viewing you as a complex human being with a unique back story and just sees you as The Bride (or Groom)? You know who, in a million years, would never ever do that? Nadiya Nacorda of Imani Fine Art Photography.

Nadiya gets this—and you—because she’s been there. While planning her own wedding (during the same year she launched her business because she’s ambitious like that), Nadiya found herself navigating the same kinds of complicated questions y’all are asking yourselves now: “How do I plan a wedding as a feminist?” “How do I deal with the fact that I want to keep my name?” “How do I tell my eighty-year-old conservative Catholic grandmother from the Philippines I’m not getting married in the church without giving her a heart attack?”


Nadiya aims for her own experiences to serve her couples not only practically but emotionally as well. Having people that get you can bring a tremendous sense relief during a time that can be hard as well as joyful. As she says:

APW couples deserve to be treated as people and as individuals in order for their personalities to shine. For their quirks and idiosyncrasies to be celebrated not mushed. Quirky? Nerdy? Quiet? Loud? Bad joke teller? (No worries; me too.) Whatever personality, shape, size, orientation, or color, I am all about it. And above all, APW couples get why that is so important.

On my end, I want to learn about them, befriend them, and aid them in expressing that through their wedding day. In this wide wedding world, it’s hard to find people who won’t pigeonhole you or put you in a box once you drop the “W” word. I will not be that person. I won’t assume things about you. I won’t be shocked by your quirky family (I have one of those), off-beat decisions, non-traditional ceremony, or even your decision to NOT want a wedding and to elope at the courthouse instead.


Nadiya’s quest to see you for you extends beyond her individual clients and into the wedding industry as a whole:

I’m a passionate Detroit native. My mother is from South Africa and my father was born in the Philippines. I experienced a myriad of cultural nuances from both sides of my family and grew up learning and listening to different languages as well. As a little mixed African and Asian girl growing up in a Michigan, I loved my quirky and different upbringing, but I rarely saw anyone who looked like me in the media, wedding or otherwise.

Okay, so why am I telling you this?

Because it shows how I came to be so passionate about diversity and how it is such a strong part of who I am. I want my business to be about more than gorgeous imagery and intimate service—I want Imani Photo to be a voice. A voice for all people to be represented, welcomed, and celebrated exactly as they are. This sentiment struck me especially hard when I was planning my own wedding. My husband and I are an interracial couple with his ancestors hailing from Norway, Poland, England, and Ireland. When we went to plan our wedding, we failed to see many people like us. And that is the case not only for interracial couples, but other types of couples as well, i.e. couples of color and LGBTQ couples. The issue isn’t that diverse couples are not out there, but that they just do not get the same time in the spotlight.

couple in traditional African clothingcouple smiling in a conservatory

That’s not all though. Nadiya of Imani Fine Art Photography is far more than a champion of individuality and inclusivity: she’s a killer photographer. Nadiya has a BFA in photography and film. She uses both digital and film to shoot weddings, and she will make fine art prints of your photos with her own two hands from her own printing studio!

Imani Fine Art Photography, which is based out of Richmond, Virginia, is offering free travel for weddings AND elopements in the entire US (including territories!) and a $500 flat rate for international travel to anyone that mentions this post. Weekend wedding coverage starts at $3,000 with very special rates starting at $1650 for elopements, weekday coverage, and last minute bookings.

Packages include:

  • 400 or 500 final digital and film high resolution jpgs (depending on time coverage)
  • An online gallery with direct download and share features for 30 days
  • Shared print rights
  • Fine art print options
  • Add-ons to make your perfect package (second photographer, custom fine art album, additional hours, etc.)

b65a9503_25695726701_obride and groom laughing in front of a brick wallAnd then there are the photos! Nadiya’s couples love the finished product just as much as they love working with her. As one happy client says:

She focuses in on who you are as a person, couple, and family, and she stays authentic and unique in the way she adheres to the environment. She paints the day through her lens and makes sure you remember every little detail, down to the flowers on the arbor, the doorway of your dressing room, your forehead against your mother’s as you remember the day she told you that you would find love. She is incredibly priced, kind hearted, and dang you really end up feeling satisfied that she was a part of your party!

2393nac150923-R3-E033-2 (1)tattooed ladies in lace dresses dancing

In short, Nadiya Nacorda of Imani Fine Art Photography is your woman if you’re looking for someone that will capture you, your partnership, and your family and friends for the multi-faceted glorious snowflakes you all are—all while bringing diversity and inclusivity to the wedding industry at large. Snap her up now if you’re getting married one of these Saturdays in 2016: June 4, June 11, July 23, August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, November 12, December 3, or December 10. Or inquire here for availability on other dates or in 2017.

Imani Fine Art Photography is offering free travel throughout the United States (including territories) and a $500 flat rate for international travel. Mention this post when you reach out!

Najva Sol

Najva Sol is a queer Iranian-American writer, photographer, branding consultant, artist, and ex-poet.  She’s the token staff Slytherin and—while formally based in Brooklyn—tends to travel as much as possible. Storytelling is her life, but making chicken broth is a close second.

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  • Green

    These images are so powerful they brought tears to my eyes.

    • Nadiya Nacorda

      Oh thank you so much!!!

  • Lmba

    Never commented on a sponsored post before, but as someone living in a place where families that look like ours are outside the mainstream, these images made my morning. Thank you for what you do!

    • Nadiya Nacorda

      That means so much to me, I’m so happy to hear it! Reaching people who totally vibe with the heart of what I do is in itself such a reward. <3

  • GORGEOUS work! Do you offer videography?