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Do I Call Out My Vendor That Quoted Me Twice The Price?

The wedding tax is real, apparently

Q: I’m getting married next year, and we just put a deposit down on a reception venue. Our ceremony is going to be in a park, which involves an hourly fee. The coordinator at the park office initially sent me a quote for the price of hosting events there. However, she later followed up and said that she’d accidentally sent the wrong information packet, and the cost for weddings is nearly DOUBLE the hourly rate of a normal event—from $150 an hour to $250 an hour.

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I’d understand if this were a service-based quote, or if the deliverables were somehow different. But in our case, we’re talking about renting a raw space and hosting our ceremony there. We’re not even talking extras like chair rentals, sound equipment, etc. (Because, trust: there are permits and costs for those too.) Should I call her out on it? Or just pay the increased rate and say nothing?

Would you call out your vendor? Has something similar happened to you during wedding planning? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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