Indie Engagment Rings

We’ve been talking a lot about engagement rings of late, from my vintage ring, to my silly plastic ring, and I wanted to do a roundup of some lovely indie rings. Rings are very personal, and from all the stories and comments I’ve read, it’s clear that the intent of the giver and the wearer incredibly important, but this post is about the spirit of the rings themselves. I love my vintage ring for a million reasons, but I love knowing that it carries the story of another woman who wore it for a lifetime before me, and a jeweler who made it by hand. I also love modern rings that were made by hand, and nothing beats supporting independent artists. Keep leaving your ring stories in the comments. I love reading them, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
This simple knotted gold ring is reader Laura’s engagement ring, since she didn’t want a diamond. She says that everyone she shows it to seems to dislike it, but not me, I’m in love with it.

I also love tear shaped sapphire ring from Conroy + Wilcox which is also made with a diamond.
These rings by Sarah Perlis are lookers, but what I love the best about them is that they are made with rough cut diamonds, which is such a celebration of imperfection.
This ring is also by Sarah Perlis, and it has a classic look to it, while still being unique and simple.
And finally, my friend Lauren’s engagement ring, made by conceptual artist Tobias Wong as part of his diamond project. The hidden diamond ring, because “who else should care.”

Exactly. The perfect solution to the diamond Olympics.

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