The 9 Best Ideas We’ve Seen on Instagram All Month

You will eat it and you will like it

by Najva Sol, Brand Director


While it’s true that Instagram is one of our favorite places to hang out these days, it also happens to be where I spend a lot of my APW time: finding the most awesome non-cheesy wedding stuff the team can track down, and then sharing it with you. Last month, Maddie pulled our faves for you to enjoy and you guys liked everything so much that we decided we’re going to keep doing it each month. Because some things, like this drool-worthy creation that is both donut and cake, deserve more than a double tap. P.S. You’ll be real mad at yourself if you don’t follow this link to the whole shoot on Alanna Jones Mann’s blog where you can learn make things like pizza cake and basically fall down a cake-hole into DIY baking dreams. (Photo and cake by Alanna Jones Mann)


There’s no shortage of #Proposal stories on Instagram… but every once in a while I see one that makes me stop in my tracks. She shaved a ring into her HEAD. Listen up, diamond rings, because you just got served. (Photo by Go West Photo via On A Bicycle Made For Two)


I’ve quickly learned (and become a fan of) the APW one-and-done decor philosophy (aka using big impact decor instead of lots of tiny things that take hours to complete and then tossed aside as soon as your guests sit down). But one-and-done that you can also keep for your living room? Yeah, that sounds like a good way to justify spending some of that wedding money on buying cool stuff for your house. I mean, if you’re gonna be spending it anyway, right? Wink wink. (Chairs by Paisley & Jade; photo by Stephanie Yonce Photogaphy)


Is it just me or does this wildflower beaker setup feel like an awesome centerpiece idea? Bonus points if you’ve got wildflowers near your venue that you can pick the day of. (Photo by With Lavender and Lace on Instagram)


These napkins are both functional and entertaining. The one on the bottom will guarantee all the veggies get eaten, no? (Photo by Corinne Krogh)


OK, I know these aren’t explicitly wedding related, but they’re basically like a bouquet for your phone and that feels close enough. Also, they’re super cool. So there’s that. (Pressed flower phone cases by With Lavender and Lace via Moorea Seal)


The colors of these rock candy cake stands are giving me ’90s flashbacks in the best way. (Cake stands by Imm Living available via Burke Decor)


APW sponsor Winston & Main made this floral heart backdrop for a recent wedding, and I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to know… when do we get to see this wedding? And also, where do we get one of these? (Photo by Winston & Main on Instagram)


When we started #Weddingpetwednesdays, I figured dogs in flower crowns was as awesome as it could get. But nope. Even bunnies get flower crowns. Pro-tip: all bunnies should wear these at all times. (Photo by The Forest Cantina)

For more of our faves on the daily, you should probably come find us on INSTAGRAM. And if you want us to find you, just tag your shots #apwwedding. Let’s be friends. 

Najva Sol

Najva Sol is a queer Iranian-American writer, photographer, branding consultant, artist, and ex-poet.  She’s the token staff Slytherin and—while formally based in Brooklyn—tends to travel as much as possible. Storytelling is her life, but making chicken broth is a close second.

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  • Lisa

    I immediately went to that pressed flowers phone case shop and am wholly disappointed that they don’t stock Android cases.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      Saaame. No one ever stocks cool Android cases. Womp womp.

    • I can’t be sure, but maybe you can request custom ones for different phones? It seems like they might based on some comments I’ve seen on IG.

    • Sara

      That was my immediate reaction. I’m heartbroken.

    • Not Sarah

      I feel you. I’ve had an Android phone for the last 4.5 years. This is making me feel better about my decision to switch to iPhone! So many case choices! :D

    • kelsie mcnair

      HEY! im working in it! :) keep following the shop, the cases are harder to work with but Im trying!!!

  • Alanna Cartier

    I want more bunnies in flower crowns.

    • we all do.

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    • Kayla

      Please, yes

  • Meleyna

    “You eat it and you like it” was my mother’s catch phrase.

  • Loved the pic of the flowers in the test tubes & the tubes in the stand. We went a similar nerdy route and did flowers in Erlenmeyer flasks, as part of our nerdy Pi Day wedding.

  • So many DIY cakes :O


  • kelsie mcnair

    Thanks Najva! <3

  • Melody Brenneisen

    Can you imagine being the person who put that flower crown on their bunny and then got the perfect picture of it, obviously while lying belly-down on the floor? I would be absolutely sobbing with the perfection of what I’d just done.

    • Kayla

      (Very) shortly before it all got nibbled into oblivion.

  • Those amazing Paisley & Jade chairs!!! I wish they were in my house.

  • CP2011

    I don’t have Instagram but I’d like to submit this cutie for wedding pet Wednesday!