Introducing Lemon Leaf Prints: Where Customer Service Doesn’t Cost Extra

Gorgeous designs, affordable prices, and customization by the actual designer. You are not dreaming.


One of the great things about planning a wedding in 2015 is that when it comes to invitations, you no longer have to: hunt for a local printer, then set aside hours to go sit with a consultant and be shown endless invite samples until you’re so overwhelmed by choices and pressure that you essentially go with whatever invite you see first. But it also means that sometimes the invitation buying process is really impersonal. What if all your words don’t fit on the design you chose? Which is why we’re really glad it’s 2015, and you can go online and order your invites from Lemon Leaf Prints. Lemon Leaf Prints has hundreds of invitation designs to choose from (most of which cost less than $2 per invite), but other than that, they are all about that small business customer service.

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one website, fourteen people WHO care about you

Lemon Leaf Prints was founded by Shannon and Vicki, two sisters who share a mutual love of design and The Princess Bride. But the business is truly a collaborative effort—fourteen independent graphic designers, artists, and photographers from around the world work together to create unique, affordable wedding invitations for just about any type of wedding or couple. If you’ve been playing the invitation search game, then you know there are plenty of online invitation designers who offer beautiful designs and ease of ordering. But what sets Lemon Leaf Prints apart is how they combine the two. The design selections run the gamut from nature-inspired and whimsical to minimal and modern, but unlike more automated online invitation providers, the customer service is super hands-on, so you don’t have to worry about strange wording issues or weird spacing.

APW Magnolia Wedding Invitation Thank You Card Beer Label

Shannon and Vicki explain:

We want to help couples with their wedding planning in a way that works for them. So many invitation sites have generic offerings. We want to provide designs that are not the standard offering. With our fantastic customer service, we think we can help take the stress out of invitation shopping by having the invitation designers personalize their wedding invitation wording for couples free of charge. That’s right—the actual designer of the invitation personalizes the wording for you and that’s included with the purchase price.


Since the designers do all the personalizing for you (which is, by some miracle, included in the prices), you don’t have to worry about whether your information will fit or how it will look with the finished design. And you can always ask to have a photo added or to make the font bigger before anything goes to print. As one recent APW reader recounted her experience with Lemon Leaf Prints:

I was so impressed with the communication. I think I submitted my order at like 7:30 pm on a Saturday night and expected it to go to an automated system and maybe hear back from a human designer by Tuesday or so, but not at all. The designer got back to me within an hour, suggested improvements to my text that made everything fit, and came back not too long after that with absolutely flawless proofs. I will use Lemon Leaf for everything from now on, wow.

Succulent cacti wedding photo save the date

why pay for what you don’t need?

Lemon Leaf Prints doesn’t carry all-in-one packages. Their a la carte pricing (which starts at just $1.60 per flat invitation) means you don’t ever buy something you don’t need. And most of the designs include a bulk discount if you order fifty or more. On average, fifty invites from Lemon Leaf Prints, complete with RSVP cards and envelopes, enclosure cards, and folded cards (for thank yous) will run approximately $300 (and remember, fifty invitations will usually cover about a hundred-person guest list, due to families and couples). More affordable options are also available, such as smaller RSVP cards, double-sided printing, and flat style thank you cards. Of course, if you want something a little higher end, Lemon Leaf offers ice pearl, felt, and cotton papers and envelopes, along with gold and silver metallic lustre envelopes (yes please).


So if you’re in the market for wedding invitations and were having a hard time choosing between the big-box stores that offer lots of variety and the mom-and-pop shops that promise lots of hands-on customer service, then maybe you can have your cake and eat it too. And by cake, I obviously mean Lemon Leaf Prints.

APW readers can snag FREE FedEx Ground shipping on orders of $100 or greater. Enter code APWFREESHIP and place your order before September 6, 2015 to snag this deal! Click HERE to browse designs right now.

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