June Weddings and Anniversaries


It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for APW weddings and anniversaries (details on how to get involved at the bottom of the post!) It’s always such a joy to end the month this way, cheering for all of you about to get hitched, but more than that celebrating all of the married couples. Because marriage is what it’s all about. That, and the awesome Team Practical community!

Upcoming weddings:

Abbie and Devin, June 4th, 2011; Blog:  Curating in the Kitchen

Kevin and Kristen, June 4th, 2011; Blog: Wedding Watusi

Jesse and Melissa, June 4, 2011; Blog: Jesse and Melissa’s Wedding

Bethany and Ben,  June 11th, 2011; Blog:  a b+b wedding

Cara and David, June 11th, 2011

Jordan and Kayla, June 11th, 2011; Blog: Flip Flops and Pearls

Sam and Lindsey, June 11th, 2011

Amber and Aaron, June 12th, 2011

Amanda and Chris, June 18th, 2011; Blog:  Amandaesque

Beth and Robert, June 18th, 2011; Blog: Blue Suede I Do’s!

Jaime and Chuck, June 18th, 2011

Jessica and Leo, June 18th, 2011; Blog: Grad Student Learns Life

Tim and Sam (AKA Sammie or Pixie_Moxie), June 18th 2011

Aimée and Elgar, June 25th, 2011; Blog:  Taking On the World – One Day at a Time

Noemi and Kevin, June 25th, 2011

Jeannine and Michael, June 26th; Twitter: @pressingcoal

Olivia and Eric, June 26th, 2011; Blog:  Lovely at Your Side

Zan and Stephen; June 26th, 2011; Blog: Oversized Cliches

Laura and David, June 27th, 2011

And Anniversaries:

Darcy and Neil, June 1st, 2010
Trisha and Anthony, June 1st, 2010; Twitter:@social_ninja
Adam & Marisa Solan, June 5th, 2010; Blog: Commuter Chan

Nikki and Steve, June 6th, 2009

Alex and Sarah, June 12th, 2004  

Alicia and Shez, June 12th, 2010; Blog: The Question Now Becomes…

Anna Stern and Christopher Danforth, June 12th, 2010; Blog: Christopher and Anna Get Married…Then Go on to Do Other Things

Casey and Matt, June 12th, 2010; Blog: happy frappy

Kate and David, June 12th, 2010; Blog: Acronyms, Latin and Love, Photo by: Uplift Photography

Kat and Jonathan Barnes, June 12th, 2010

Marj and Eric, June 12th, 2010; Blog:  MarjMerges.com, Photo by: Cinesthetics

Chelsea and Hugh, June 19th, 2010

Elliot W. and Julia W., June 19th, 2010

Noelle & Chris,  June 19, 2010; Blog: Noelle Bakken Photography, Photo by: Ginger Murray

Margaret and B.,  June 20th, 2010

Ariel and Peter, June 25th, 2010; Blog: ArielGraphy

Amanda and Joachim, June 26th, 2010

CarMar and P.B.,  June 26th, 2010

Stacey & Justin, June 26th, 2010; Blog: Wer Ond Wif

Carolyn and Jacob, June 27th, 2009; Blog: A Year Off, Photo by: Matthew Williamson

Emily and Ed, June 27th, 2010; Blog: Emily Takes Photos, Twitter: @emilytakesphoto


Want to join the monthly Weddings and Anniversaries fun? Yes?  Well click here, already!

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  • I can’t believe June is almost here already! I’m so stoked for all the June 4th weddings! (And also for our wedding-stress-free honeymoons afterwards!)

  • Congrats and best wishes to all the June couples! (Trisha’s blue hair = AMAZING.)

  • I needed these happies today. Congrats to the weds and to-be weds.

    (And Ariel! There you are!)

    (And Darcy! We’d love to see you at the meetup next weekend — although I suppose that the meetup is on your anniversary weekend and all . . . ;) )

    • Chantelle

      Yes, congrats Darcy :)

      And I’m horribly shallow, but aren’t our APW brides are all freaking fabulously gorgeous? So many pretty faces.

    • Darcy

      Alas, I cannot attend the Toronto meetup because we have picked up an moved to Saskatchewan!! It is only slightly ironic we get possession of our new apartment on our anniversary and it is only a 5 minute walk away from where our wedding took place. Ah, life loves throwing you curve balls.

    • Kim, The truth comes out, eh?

  • Congratulations everyone!!! Thanks for sharing your joy!

  • Oh darn! I procrastinated and missed out on being listed! Stephen and I are getting married on June 12. Congrats to all the other June weddings and anniversaries!

    • I was wondering where you were! :)

  • Kate

    Fun to see myself, thanks so much for this feature!

    Congrats to everyone getting married and celebrating anniversaries in June!

  • Congratulations everyone! I just love seeing all the June couples, both those who are about to get married and those that already are. It makes my heart happy!

  • Yay! These photos give me the biggest smile. So many sweet (and stunning! And cool!) couples, so many joyful grins. Happy Anniversary to you all!

    Best wishes to all those with upcoming June weddings!! You’ll get through this, and it will be amazing. Deep breaths. ;)

    Also: forgot to credit our seriously FANTASTIC photographer and fellow APW reader, Lisa Rice(http://lisaricephotography.com/blog/).

    -the-Margaret-married-to-B. (I really need a more original handle ;))

    • meg

      Holy moly, Lisa and I clearly need to talk! :)

      • Thanks so much for the nice comment, Meg! Maggie rocks — she’s been talking about doing an APW grad post since before she got her photos back.

  • carrie

    These posts always make me smile! Congrats and happy days to all of you!

  • yayyy congrats everyone! and here’s to that elusive wedding zen, for those with upcoming weddings–!

  • So fun! I love this feature. I also need to credit our amazing photographer (and wonderful friend) Carmen Valentine at http://www.carmenvalentinedesign.com.

  • AJ

    We just decided to elope on June 4th! We’re keeping it quiet and still having our big wedding on October 7th. Congratulations to everyone else getting married this June!

  • Yea! The monthly happies!

    Also, I love this blog title: Christopher and Anna Get Married…Then Go on to Do Other Things

  • June Brides, keep smiling! Your wedding is going to be fabulous!!

    Happy Anniversary, June couples! Cheers to many, many more~

  • Jo

    These posts are my very favorite!! Hooray for the weddings and anniversaries! (So many awesome people are June brides!)

  • YAY! This totally made my day :) Congrats to everyone out there celebrating…love!

  • Yay! Congratulations everyone! June is such a great month to get married – my parents will celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary on June 17th!

  • Katrina

    I’ve liked the idea of this post, but also didn’t “get it” in the hit me in the heart sense, til tonight. Awesome ideas, Alyssa!

  • I’m a June 4th bride too! :) I haven’t been here in awhile because I’ve been so busy! I’m excited, and not really nervous although the idea of the crowd of people freaks me out a little.

    • Kristen

      Kevin’s been having the same stress. Remember, though, in theory, each of these people who will be there are people that you would easily hang out with in a small group. (Well, okay, weddings do sometimes involve people you wouldn’t but… nevermind them.) There’s no difference when it’s just all of you in a big group. These are your best people and there all there because they love you. So long as you don’t go nuts and get mean, you’re in good shape!

  • Congratulations everyone!

  • Here I was, briefly thinking “man, thats a lot of weddings for this time of year”, when I realised that its coming in to summer up there…
    Sorry, having been away to the snow this weekend has made me forgetful!
    Congratulations and good luck to all :)

  • Hooray for June brides!! Good luck with your final bits of preparation!

  • Oh noes! I was so busy wedding/honeymoon planning that APW fell by the wayside (how’s that for irony?) and I forgot to email Alyssa about my upcoming June 25th wedding to Evan. Congrats to all the other June brides & calming, blissful thoughts to all!