Kayla and Wesley’s Fall New England Wedding

I’ve been excited about this wedding for ages and ages, and I’m so excited that I get to share it with you. Kayla emailed me a while back telling me about her wedding, and asking if I thought they could have people stand during the short ceremony. “Of course!” I said. “Provide a few chairs for people that need them, and keep it short, but other than that, standing is the old school Jewish way. So know you’re rocking a tradition, even if it’s not your own.” And now, the wedding. Kayla and Wesley are editors at Apartment Therapy Boston (the worlds hippest job, if you ask me) and they got married in New Hampshire in October. I’m going to let them tell you all about their amazing fall wedding.
Neither of us had ever spent much time imagining a wedding so when we started planning our ideas were fairly simple: small, intimate, relaxed and fun. Once we decided on the location of Wes’ parents’ farm we knew we could rely on nature to provide most of the decoration. For the rest we turned to our talented friends and family. By our wedding day nearly half of the guest list had pitched in in one way or another – designing our Save The Dates and invitations, cooking all of the food, growing and arranging all of the flowers, getting a good deal on the wine, making our cake, photographing the whole event, and generally pulling everything together in time. We’ll admit that all this input saved us money but, beyond finances, to have our family and friends so intimately involved in the planning and preparation of our wedding made the day so much more meaningful and memorable.
Kayla’s dress was found on a clearance rack at Saks and she had her hair piece custom made by Chelsea at Oh My Deer. Wes’ suit came from Banana Republic but his whole look was built around a colorful striped tie and fantastic shoes.
We transformed the shed porch – designed and built by Wes and his dad – into an altar by hanging fresh cut branches with fall leaves from the roof and placing colorful items from the garden on the stones.
We also used Mason jars and sap buckets in lieu of vases for nearly all of the flowers.
Things we did spend money on: a nice tent (and heater) that would look lovely against the rural backdropChinese paper lanterns to fill the tent with color once the sun set, and candy apples for our 60 guests.
Wes and I didn’t have a wedding party and the only moment when I questioned that decision was during the ceremony, when it came time for me to hand off my little bouquet so that I could hold Wes’ hands for our vows. I thought “Crap – this is why people have bridesmaids,” but when I looked to our family gathered so close around us I simply reached out and both my mom and his mom – standing there, side by side – reached to take the flowers from me. It was much more special than anything I could have planned.Also, we were banking on one of the biggest weather gambles there is: an outdoor wedding in October in New England. Wes’ parents thought we were crazy and, looking back, we totally were but we knew what we wanted so we just focused on making it happen. We had a good Plan B and tried our best to not obsess on the forecast. It was cold and rainy the entire week leading up but the day of our wedding was absolutely perfect. Don’t panic – things have a way of working out.

Thank you both so much for sharing your stylish wedding with us, and more importantly for sharing your words of wedding wisdom with us. Cheers to you both. May you have many years together, each filled with more happiness with the last.

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  • Becky

    Thank you for this – this is the exact simplicity and beauty FI and I are going for with our own New England wedding.

  • Thank you for sharing this! It is so beautiful and full of heart, looking at the pictures actually makes you feel that you are in New England on a beautiful fall day…. just lovely!

  • This is such a nice wedding, I love simplicity of it :)

  • beautiful! Tented weddings are so personal and customized. I love it!

  • So, so beautiful… I adore the way all the details came together so beautifully in that setting. This wedding is exactly why fall weddings can be so great!

  • When she got to the part about both moms reaching for her flowers, I started to tear up. What a wonderful wedding, everyone bride be so lucky. Congrats to the couple!

  • Wow, I really needed to each lunch first. “every bride should be so lucky” is what I meant to say!

  • Anonymous

    So stunning and personal… Oh how I wish this a celebration such as this one could be an option for me and my guy.

  • Tes

    Is this the wonderful Apartment Therapy wedding with the homemade cakes! I’ve been wanting to see more and here it is. So beautiful!

  • Beautiful. There is something really nice about everyone standing for a short ceremony.

  • Beautiful! I love everything about your wedding!

    While I am not one to think about my own wedding (sometime in the future) that often, the tent and Chinese lanterns are something that I’ve dreamt about. Can I ask if you purchased or rented the tent and lanterns and the approximate budget for it?

    Thanks for sharing!