Are You Looking for Wedding Photography For $2,500 or Less?

Kristin Cofer Love has California rates starting at just $1,500

YOU ARE: A California couple looking for that rarest of rarities: a California wedding photographer you can afford—probably someone who is just starting out, but hopefully someone who also has photography experience.

KRISTIN COFER LOVE IS: Well, that. Kristin’s a newly minted wedding photographer, with rates starting at just $1,500 (that’s for full wedding coverage, not elopement pricing 😱), but has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. What? I know. You won the lottery today.

A wedding couple kiss in the forest.

As Kristin told us,

I have been a photographer professionally for over ten years, and have had a camera in my hands my entire life (my siblings were my first models). I do commercial work, portraiture, photograph musicians and attend a lot of live shows. Last year I traveled to photograph a couple who years ago I photographed one of their 40th birthdays. It was really special that they remembered me, and flew me out to Hawaii to photograph their 20 year wedding anniversary. Because of that experience, I created Kristin Cofer Love and began photographing more weddings.

I just love connecting with people, building their trust and making them feel good in front of the lens. I have been told over and over again for many years how comfortable I make people feel. (Maybe it’s my Cancer sun and Libra rising, or that I’m the oldest of five kids!) I enjoy working with people who may not like to have their image taken, to show them that it can be fun and they will look amazing. I also love playing with light in my photos—by taking photos through prisms or crystals, using the sun and making lens flare, or using colored gels.

A wedding couple post with bicycles. A bride in a black dress looks out her balcony at the sunset.A wedding couple sit quietly in the darkness.THE IMPORTANT DETAILS:
Kristin Cofer Love’s rates start at just $1,500 for weddings and $600 for elopements. Most folx spend $2,500 for 8 hours of coverage and an engagement session. I knooooow—that is not a typo. Kristin is based in the Bay Area, but for APW readers she’ll travel anywhere in California for… freeeeee. (Just mention APW when you reach out!)

A wedding couple stand together and smile.


  • Being creative, whether that’s as a musician/artist/designer/photographer, or just as an eclectic human being. AKA your life doesn’t revolve around weddings, and neither does Kristin’s.
  • Music and attending live shows
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Exploring astrology and metaphysics
  • Loving adorable cats and dogs
    A woman shows a couple a Facetime caller on an ipad.Four bridesmaids stand on a sidewalk.


“I’ve worked with Kristin twice now. Once for my husband’s 40th birthday and again for our 20 year wedding anniversary. Kristin is very professional, listened to my concerns, made some awesome suggestions, and worked well with our videographer. Kristin’s work is amazing, she captured some of the most unique memories and made it easy for me to relax. I just let her do her magic. I highly highly recommend her. Thank you Kristin for capturing our beautiful memories!.” — Kimberly V.

A ma looks out a window and puts on his suit jacket.A mirror reflection of a woman putting on her wedding dress.A wedding couple pose for a photo in Hawaii with the Chinaman's hat in the background.

You know the drill—if you’re getting married anywhere in California and are looking for a B.A.N.A.N.A.S. affordable photographer, well… phew. Your search is over. Snap up Kristin now before she takes off and her rates go with her. And if you’re not quite ready to hit book just yet, here’s her IG so you can check out all the cool stuff she gets up to, and reach out when the times comes.


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