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These Are The Bright, Fun Wedding Photos You’re Looking For

Laura Ford knows how to do timeless AND cool, with rates starting at just $3,000

When we’re introducing y’all to our fave wedding photographers, there’s usually a lot of FOMO on our end, like, “Man, if I got to do it over again, I would so hire this person in a heartbeat.” But every now and then, we actually get to put ourselves in your shoes for APW-related projects, and it always reminds me why APW vendors are the best in the biz. Case in point, when it came time to hire a photographer for our Game of Thrones–themed pool party bachelorette last summer, one of my very first choice people was Laura Ford of Laura Ford Photos. I love her bright, energetic style, and she seemed like the kind of person who would be laid back yet professional enough to roll with us on a fully packed high-stakes shoot day. But when that shoot turned into a 115-degree day of being tortured by the desert sun, I knew we picked the right person. Looking back at the photos, you’d never know we were all sweating our asses off and trying not to pass out.

women shown from the neck down standing in front of a pool in a black bikini holding a beach hat that says "Queen Rule" in a photo by Laura Ford

Here’s why Laura is as awesome as she is:

I’ve been an APW vendor now for at least four or five years now. I have always loved APW’s approach to weddings and their unique and diverse readers. This past year I got to collaborate with Meg and Maddie on a super fun shoot! It was hot as hell in Palm Springs that day, but we worked our tooshes off and I was super impressed by the behind the scenes hustling of the badass women at APW. In my experience, the readers of APW are much like the women behind APW: diverse, opinionated, hard working, no bullshit babes and fellas.

bride and groom standing in front of a hedge holding their hands up in front of them and blowing confetti into the air in a photo by Laura Fordtwo young flower girls in tulle dresses and sequined slippers sit on a staircase and hugbride carrying bouquet and groom carrying small boy while walking down the aisle in a photo by Laura Ford

When it comes to weddings, Laura Ford is equally on the ball. Her photos are about as close to timeless (while being anything but boring) as you’re ever going to get, her rates are super reasonable (quite frankly, they’re a steal for California), and her commitment to her clients is next level. As Laura told us:

I am a photographer with an eye for details and a love of capturing quirky and real moments along with the beautiful styled portraits, but where I really stand out is the way I make people FEEL. I make it a high priority to earnestly connect with my clients, gain their trust, help them feel comfortable in front of a camera, and put them at ease. And I don’t just mean couples, but also their families, their guests, their nephews and nieces… even their DOGS! I think of everyone who is at the wedding as a client on that day. I make it a priority to keep everyone happy, calm and feeling their best.

bride and groom dancing with their arms up and confetti falling all around them in a photo by Laura Fordbridal party five woman and one man stand around the bride and face the camera smiling in front of a wall mural in a photo by Laura Fordbride and groom dance in front of a wall with a large video projection while groom holds a larger than life cardboard cutout of a cat above his head in a photo by Laura Ford

Here is how Laura’s client and APW reader Jess (whose wedding, complete with cardboard cutout of her and her husband’s cat, is on APW right here) put it:

“Laura is simply incredible. I spent a lot of time looking at galleries on wedding photographers’ sites, and what drew me to Laura was how her photos made me feel. I’d be looking at a complete stranger’s wedding and getting teary eyed. Her work is beautiful. When we met her in person for a consultation, we were completely sold. She’s so sincere and sweet and calm—the exact type of person you want to have around on your wedding day!”

—Jess Eguyd

Laura Ford Photo’s rates start at $3,000 (most couples end up spending between $3,000 and $4,500), and that always includes two photographers (with Laura as the lead), plus Laura’s “delightful day” promise. As she told us, “I’ve carefully chosen my assistants and second photographers. Personality is just as important as a creative eye in my opinion, and it is my highest priority that couples have an amazing wedding day! (Calm, kind and courteous are always in our bag of tricks.)”

black and white photo of a bridesmaid helping a bride up a staircase framed by a barrel vaulted ceiling in a photo by Laura Ford

Laura is also starting to mix in some film photos for the diehard photography fans out there: “In 2019 I am introducing film as a medium that I’ll be working with on wedding days. Film has such a beautiful aesthetic that is very hard to impossible to achieve with digital photos. I will be integrating film photography throughout the day, while still shooting digital primarily. (Upon request, I can create a custom package to shoot primarily film, for clients who are keen on the look!)”

APW SPECIAL SALE: Just mention this post to get a complimentary engagement session if you book by February 2, 2019!

Groom in blue Indian wedding outfit and bride in white dress both wearing long floral garlands dance outdoors under an archway of lights in a photo by Laura Ford

So if you’re looking for a photographer who will capture incredible images from every last moment of your wedding, someone who’s going to care just as much as you do that you don’t miss a thing, and someone whose fun and colorful style will give you the same happy butterflies as your wedding itself, go check out more examples of Laura’s wedding coverage here (the cool Los Angeles house party vibe of this wedding is particularly making my day), follow her Instagram for even more awesome images (seriously how do her couples have the cutest kids, the coolest venues and the most unique details?), and send her an email ASAP. Because y’all, I’m picky as hell about my photographers, and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.



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