Lime & Cherry

Do you know about Nicole’s blog Prom to Altar? Technically, it’s her personal wedding blog. Really, however, it’s her sassy awesome blog. For example:


When I received your email featuring “4 Hot New Color Combos We Love”, I was intrigued enough to open it. Not that I’m looking for any hot new color combos– it’s just that the wedding industry is always coming up with these new color schemes, and it’s fascinating to see what the trendy new combination is– many are hideous, some are nice, most just use new names for standard colors.

Now, here’s my gripe: “cherry and lime” is not a “hot new color combo” (but it is a delicious flavor sensation). Maybe you love it, but here’s the thing… cherry and lime is actually red and green, a color combo owned by Christmas for hundreds of years.

I’m just saying, let’s be honest when we use the terms ‘hot’ and ‘new’, ok?

All the best,


Yeah. You’re going to want to go check her out now.

Related: I talk back to the Knot too. (It’s healthier that way).

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