This Is How to Get Extraordinary Wedding Photos on an Ordinary Budget

Lunalee Photography is all yours nationwide with rates starting at $2,500

Have you ever talked to that friend or read that real wedding post where the couple pulled off getting incredible wedding photos on an average budget, and they told you their secret was, “Finding someone up and coming and booking before they blow up and got expensive”? And you’re like, “Cool… I’ll… do that… as soon as I figure out how to google ‘up and coming wedding photographers who are still charging less than what they’re worth.'”

Well, you can stop worrying about concocting the perfect search term, because today we are hooking you up with Lunalee Photography, an Atlanta-based (don’t worry, they travel for free!) pair of wedding photographers who offer packages that you can afford—like a starting rate of $2,500—paired with photos like these…

These guys are on the brink of taking off in big way, amirite?

The creative geniuses and super sweet humans behind Lunalee Photography are Christlyn and Erik, photographers and an engaged-to-be-wed couple (their date is August 1!). Christlyn and Erik are both longtime photography and film industry pros who started shooting weddings as a way to make creative work together (aww!). Since they’re also planning their own wedding (and hanging out here on APW while they do it), these two will get you and the wedding planning process in a real hands-on way:

Erik and I both went to film school because one of the biggest passions we share is being creative and telling stories. We originally moved to Atlanta to continue our careers in the film and television industry, and while we did find success shortly after moving here, we also quickly realized how the film industry affected our relationship. Working 14 hour shifts and seeing each other only once a week wasn’t something we wanted. We needed to make a change. Wedding photography had been something Erik and I each dabbled in before we met each other, so I’m surprised it took us that long to consider officially building our own company together. Over the past few years, more and more wonderful people have noticed our work and gave us a shot to photograph their weddings until we were finally able to officially quit the film industry for good and photograph weddings full time. Together. We’re so blessed and always remember the road that brought us where we are today.

We’re madly in love, engaged, and sorting out this whole wedding planning thing. One thing that seems to be easy to forget in the wedding planning phase is to just be yourself. Don’t force a tradition, religious act, guest list, theme, or clothing that doesn’t match who you are. What people think about your wedding will never be as important as you staying true to yourself. The APW community understands the importance of this authenticity when it comes to marriage. That authenticity really shines through during the picture-taking process too. It’s a beautiful thing!

Our philosophy on weddings and life are the same: “Say Yes to Adventure.” Because what is life but one grand adventure? Your wedding day is all part of the story of your life, and one of our biggest joys is developing friendships with so many couples and being a part of one of their biggest life adventures. From the start of this adventure together, there’s already that APW connection (that is oh so small, but oh so huge) we share with each other.

Which is pretty perfect, if you think about it—not only will your photographers have your wedding photos covered, they’ve also got your back emotionally for all of the planning feels you’re going to have (because they’re totally having them, too).And while their love story is great, it’s really their photos that you’re here for. If there’s one thing that stands out about Lunalee’s photos, it’s that they clearly value capturing those candid shots of you and yours, being in love, and celebrating your wedding day. As they put it:

Being a photography duo with two lead photographers, we’ve got you covered better than Allstate (stick around, there’re more dad jokes where that came from). We’re always on the hunt for those real moments that truly reflect your personality. We try to put couples in a situation to interact with each other rather than forcing some ridiculous pose that we all know isn’t natural for human beings. We do this because we feel that this style allows for those natural smiles and laughs to shine through. Having real moments is important. It all ties back into our love for authenticity and for documenting you being yourself for your wedding.

And that kind of love for the unnoticed, oft-missed moment (plus how flat-out easy Christlyn and Erik are to work with) is what their clients write home about:

From the moment we met them, you could tell they really cared about our experience, and wanted to capture our story in the most authentic way possible. Christlyn’s talent overcame the lack of being photogenic, and we are so happy with the product. The process was so easy, made stress-free by Erik’s great communication and check-ins leading up to our day.
—Alyssa & William

Lunalee Photography values few things as much as they value transparent and straightforward wedding photography—and prices. Included with each package are:

  • Two lead photographers, aka the dream team, aka Christlyn & Erik!
  • Professional photo editing
  • Delivery of finished pictures on custom USB drive and uploaded to a personal online gallery for easy viewing, downloading and sharing with loved ones.
  • Print release for all delivered pictures, no obligation to buy prints through us, no watermarks, no additional charges per picture or limits on number of pictures shot or delivered.
  • And for couples local to the greater Atlanta, GA area: Complimentary engagement session

Rates start at just $2,500 for Atlanta area weddings (locations more than 2 hours by car from Atlanta have a travel fee of $500) and $3,900 for all other domestic weddings (with travel included). Yep. Just email Erik and Christlyn, and #weddingphotographergoals are sorted.

You can see more of Lunalee’s beautiful work in all the usual places: go follow their sweet Instagram feed (Christlyn’s is amazing as well), check out their portfolio on their site, and get to know Erik and Christlyn better. And then? It’s time to contact them and book your wedding because these guys’ calendar is going to fill up, up, up.


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