This Is One Way To Get Wedding Photos You’ll Still Like In 10 Years #sponsored

Manali Anne knows how to blend tradition and art

When you’re in the market for classic, timeless wedding photography, you have an edge on other couples out there: you already know what you want (probably wedding photos that are not heavily edited or filtered and will look as great on your wall in ten years as they do right now).

And if what you want is clean, natural photos of you and your beloved on your wedding day (plus unfiltered, naturally lovely candids of everyone else), then who you want is longtime APW girlfriend Manali Anne Photography. And if you’re getting married in the San Francisco Bay Area—or even further afield like Yosemite, Carmel, Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, Big Sur—you can have her.

You know why else we adore her? She’s offering an exclusive discount for APW readers only (cough, think free engagement session)… and we’re going to tell you how you can snag it.

A wedding couple smiles while standing in the woods looking at each other in a Manali Anne photoA man and woman walk along the beach holding hands in a Manali Anne photoA bride and a loved one hug and smile in a Manali Anne photoA wedding party walks down the steps in front of a courthouse in a Manali Anne photo

How does Manali Anne manage to get such great shots? By making you feel at ease and helping you remember to enjoy yourself. (And tons of experience navigating the logistics and emotions of weddings doesn’t hurt.) Here is what she told us about how she works:

I love that people let me share this incredibly special day with them. I find myself sharing moments of joy with couples, and sometimes I can help in unexpected ways, like this weekend I could see a bride’s mother was really stressing her out about organizing a big family photo the mother hadn’t ever mentioned before. I told the bride it wasn’t her problem to worry about, let her mother deal with it, and she thanked me for reminding her that it was okay to let it go and enjoy her party. I guess part of what I do well is act as an experienced voice of reason who can help you manage your day as well as enjoy it!

APW readers are awesome. This site attracts down-to-earth people who are truly focused on their relationships, not just their weddings. I feel like they are looking for someone they can connect with and who will make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, which is my specialty. I look for true human connection: I want to feel it between my couples and I want them to feel comfortable enough to express the excitement they are sharing on their wedding day so I can capture it for them to remember.

I take the time to connect with couples and understand what they are most looking forward to about their day so we are prepared once the day arrives. It goes by so quickly, and I like knowing that we are on the same page so I know how I can best take care of you on the day itself.

I have had clients say they love that I get the right amount of traditional photos (family portraits, etc.) along with some more artistic photos. I’m always striving for a balance between classic and timeless, as well as fresh, artistic, and contemporary. You can do all those things even if they sound contradictory!

A wedding couple walks down a country road with a yellow vintage car in the background in a Manali Anne photoA man in a grey suit and woman in a red wedding gown embrace while standing on a hilltop overlooking the ocean in a Manali Anne photoA mother cries as she dances with her son at his wedding in a Manali Anne photo

It’s no wonder couples heap on the praise for Manali Anne:

Before our wedding, Manali asked us detailed questions about what we wanted our photos to look like, and she really listened and delivered. She captured some seriously magical moments during our first look amongst the Redwoods! Manali did a good job of directing family in and out of various shots and getting all the requested combinations, including our two dogs who took part in the ceremony. Manali really captured the essence of how our wedding day felt, and the love and happiness that surrounded us on that incredible day! Bottom line, we highly recommend Manali’s services. We absolutely love our wedding day photos, and we had a blast working with her!!!!

A man and woman hug and smile in an olive orchard in a Manali Anne photoA wedding couple walks down a path towards the ocean in a Manali Anne photoA man and woman embrace at their wedding in a Manali Anne photo

Weekend weddings with Manali Anne and a second shooter start at $4,395, but more importantly, her city hall elopement rates start at $750 (yep, seven hundred and fifty dollars)—and that’s it. And if that $4,395 is out of your wedding budget, Manali Anne has recently begun an associate photographer program with someone who she has worked closely with and trained personally, so you can have beautiful photos with Manali’s natural film-like style for less $$$. If this sounds like the best of both worlds to you, don’t be shy—get in touch with Manali for more info.

Three women hold flower bouquets in a Manali Anne photoTwo women in short wedding dresses kiss while holding bouquets and standing in Dolores Park in a Manali Anne photoA wedding couple embraces while standing in a vineyard in a Manali Anne photoA bride and groom dancing their first dance at their wedding reception in a Manali Anne photo

Want more? You’ve got it. Check out Manali’s portfolio (and do yourself a favor and do not miss this white leather jacket and rooftop San Francisco views), learn more about her (her FAQ is the best and legitimately helpful), and get ready to get in touch.

Oh, and about that APW-exclusive discount…

EVERYONE WHO books A FULL WEDDING with manali anne photography before DECEMBER 7th will get a free engagement session! CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH.

Photos by Manali Anne Photography[/credit]

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