We Found You a Photographer Who Knows How to Blend Tradition and Art

In other words, she'll give you everything you need

by Stephanie Kaloi


If you’re getting married in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re probably familiar with the region’s standard wedding photography rates and offerings (and it’s okay if you’ve shed a few tears over them). The struggle in planning a wedding with the dollars you have is real. In fact, this struggle leads to one of the biggest reasons we love sponsor Manali Anne Photography: She offers 8 hours of coverage and a second shooter for $3,500, but more importantly, her city hall elopement rates start at $650 (yep, six hundred and fifty dollars)—and that’s it. And if that $3,500 is out of your wedding budget, Manali Anne also offers several options for more or less coverage (which means more or less dollars).

You know why else we adore her? She’s offering an exclusive discount for APW readers only… and we’re going to tell you how you can snag it.

manaliannephoto_SM-7544manaliannephoto_NB-7511manaliannephoto_MC-7849manaliannephoto_AR-5353How does Manali Anne Photography manage to get such great shots? By making you feel at ease and helping you remember to enjoy yourself. (Tons of experience navigating the logistics and emotions of weddings doesn’t hurt.) Here is what she told us about how she works:

APW readers are awesome. This site attracts down-to-earth people who are truly focused on their relationships, not just their weddings. I feel like they are looking for someone they can connect with and who will make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, which is my specialty. I look for true human connection: I want to feel it between my couples and I want them to feel comfortable enough to express the excitement they are sharing on their wedding day so I can capture it for them to remember. This is where my focus on candid, not-cheesy moments comes in.

That said, I have had clients say they love that I get the right amount of traditional photos (family portraits, etc.) along with some more artistic photos. I’m always striving for a balance between classic and timeless, as well as fresh, artistic, and contemporary. You can do all those things even if they sound contradictory!

I love that people let me share this incredibly special day with them. I find myself sharing moments of joy with couples, and sometimes I can help in unexpected ways, like this weekend I could see a bride’s mother was really stressing her out about organizing a big family photo the mother hadn’t ever mentioned before. I told the bride it wasn’t her problem to worry about, let her mother deal with it, and she thanked me for reminding her that it was okay to let it go and enjoy her party. I guess part of what I do well is act as an experienced voice of reason who can help you manage your day as well as enjoy it!

manaliannephoto-8928manaliannephoto_ES-9888MAP-prints-RN-9138manaliannephoto_SM-7883It’s no wonder couples—and their moms—heap on the praise for Manali:

Eric and I love the photographs and will be purchasing some quite soon. You were able to capture the joy of the day, the beauty of the setting, the feel of love from friends and family, and most especially, between Maggie and Chris. Thank you so much for documenting a most wonderful day for Maggie and Chris, Eric, me, and our family. With great appreciation for your talent, your eye, your creativity.

Manali could not have been a better photographer. She was professional, on time, flexible, and calm; directed us quickly and efficiently (and gently!); and went above and beyond the entire night to make sure we got the shots we wanted. I absolutely recommend her services for someone looking for really beautiful, artistic, fine art-inspired shots, while also getting all the “wedding images” you typically ask for.

manaliannephoto_AA-2615manaliannephoto_EM-0515manaliannephoto_AR-4582manaliannephoto_MJ-9137While she’s busier and better than ever, Manali Anne Photography is still charging rates that are a steal in Bay Area dollars—including all of the San Francisco City Hall weddings you guys want to toss at her. Here’s how it breaks down:


Most clients choose 8 hours of coverage with two photographers, which starts at $3,500, and there are options for more or less coverage.

CITY HALL cupcake package: $650

  • 90 minutes of coverage with one photographer
  • high-res photos for download
  • password-protected gallery
  • city hall coverage only

CITY HALL slice of pie: $1,200

  • 3 hours of coverage with one photographer
  • high-res photos for download
  • password-protected gallery
  • city hall coverage plus one additional portrait session location

CITY HALL frosting on the cake: $1,500

  • 4 hours of coverage with one photographer
  • high-res photos for download
  • password-protected gallery
  • city hall coverage plus two additional portrait session locations

manaliannephoto_NM-1397manaliannephoto_NM-1544manaliannephoto_AA-9287manaliannephoto_AA-2835manaliannephoto_AD-6097Want more? You’ve got it. Check out Manali’s portfolio, learn more about her, and get ready to get in touch. Oh, and about that APW-exclusive discount…

the first 3 people who book A FULL WEDDING with manali anne photography will get $300 off their package! What are you waiting for?

Stephanie Kaloi

Stephanie is a photographer, writer, and Ravenclaw living in California with her family. She is super into reading, road trips, and adopting animals on a whim. Forewarning: all correspondence will probably include a lot of punctuation and emoji (!!! ? ? ?).

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  • Eva

    What a delight to see our photo featured here! Manali is awesome, and we were completely blown away by our photos. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She was a delight to work with and, although I often felt self-conscious posing for portraits, she made it a lot easier. Her candid shots were incredible—I treasure the photos of our friends and family throughout the day, and can’t believe the number of angles and moments she managed to capture during our short ceremony.

    Truly, can’t recommend her highly enough.

  • Wow! These are some epic shots. So inspiring!!

  • IsabelatDiamondBridalGallery

    Wonderful pictures:D