March 2021 Wedding Planning Open Thread

Is that a light I see?

Friends, it’s March 2020 2021. I mean, 2020 didn’t count, right? How are we here? A whole year since we first started hitting pause on life and facing this pandemic head-on. A year since the first big pandemic wedding delays. A year of us, here at APW, saying… oh crap, we are so so sorry.

How are you holding up? Like, for real? No, really… be honest.

I don’t know about you, but I broke down in tears three times in the last few days. Why? Because I’ve planned my wedding at least 22 different ways in my head over the last nine months, and honestly, none of them are plausible. Either they’re cost prohibitive, unsafe, unavailable, or just unlikely. Would I like to have all my favorite people in one place dancing the night away? Yes. Is that plausible? Not really. Do I also need (and really really want) to marry my person sooner than later for a million reasons? Yes. Do I want to get married at a secret courthouse wedding and then plan another wedding? I don’t think so. Y’all… the roller coaster of emotions and planning and heartbreak and re-planning all over again.

I’m tired. And the joy has been sucked out of the proverbial room. And I’m just trying to pull that joy back into my wedding planning room so that I can charge ahead and plan a small wedding celebration that will be all the magic it can possibly be.

Then there’s this whole added dilemma as vaccine rollout is happening. I’m grateful that some of my most at-risk family members (hi, grandma!) are vaccinated now… but everyone isn’t. Will they be? Just some of them? Or is this May 1st vaccine promise real and we might really be safe-ish by this summer? (Don’t get me started on how the kids are still at risk…). There are so many questions, and really just so many fears, about the whole thing. Vaccines or not, there’s nothing in stone and it leaves us on the wedding planning fence… seemingly indefinitely.

Are you also crawling towards a light at the end of this pandemic roller coaster tunnel, while also being whipped around on a roller coaster of feels? Let’s talk about it. It’s your open thread.


Drop your pandemic planning questions, speed bumps, struggles, or just stream-of-consciousness vent sessions in the comments. We’re all in this together… still. 

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