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Here is Your Midterm Election Thread

We took the f*cking house!

This morning, I woke up and immediately (deliriously) checked my phone for election results. Then I woke up enough to remember the polls weren’t even open yet in California, so no surprise, my news feed wasn’t super informative. In other words, this midterm election is on my mind, which, for a midterm, I can definitely say is a first for me.

I fully admit that I’ve missed voting in midterms before… in fact, I’ve missed voting in at least a quarter of the midterm elections I’ve been eligible to vote in. This year, the election promises to turn out a record number of voters (in my home state of Texas the number of early voters already surpasses the total number of people who voted in the 2014 midterm). How amazing is that? It’s heartening and inspiring to see a record number of people invested in the direction of our country—especially in this time of extreme political divisiveness. People care about the direction we are going as a nation, and they are showing up at the polls to make it count.

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Don’t Forget To Vote Tomorrow!

So no matter what the outcome of this election—and believe me, I’m nervous AF—I’m heartened to know that people are showing up. Because problems with gerrymandering and the electoral college and mandatory IDs aside, when we all show up, we enact our right as citizens to choose the direction our country is heading. That is significant. It’s important. And it’s happening today.

Have some last-minute ballot questions? Check out our links to voter guides here. If you haven’t voted yet, get to your polling place or get that mail-in ballot to the post office, then let’s meet back here and discuss how you’re doing. If you’ve already voted, hooray! How are you feeling today? Excited? Anxious? Business as usual? 

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