How To: Minimal Wedding Makeup

Somewhere between "me" and "me with makeup on"

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

Here at APW, we have a simple approach to wedding makeup: you don’t need it (seriously, and you can tell everyone we said that). But if you want makeup on your wedding day, you should have options. While we work with professional makeup artists all the time and respect the work they do, we know that not every wedding budget can make room for hiring pros, and not everyone is comfortable having someone else do their makeup for them.

If you’re not already super familiar with makeup, doing your own wedding makeup can present its own set of challenges: what kind of product should you use? What techniques? Is it going to come out looking all clowny and awful? (Short answer: probably not.) So when bareMinerals approached us about doing makeup tutorials on actual ladies getting married, done by the ladies themselves, we jumped at the opportunity to make it happen. BareMinerals is the most effortless makeup this klutz has ever used. (I’m a longtime and loyal bareMinerals fan, and Meg is a recent convert after they gave us both makeovers at Alt Summit this past January.) So we asked two photographers from the APW community (Elicia Bryan and Bri McDaniel in Atlanta, who also happen to be planning weddings of their own) to test drive bareMinerals’s products, using APW tutorials as their guides, and to share the results (and any lessons learned) when they were done. They got a full suite of bareMinerals products to use, but otherwise they were on their own. (Ha-ha! A real test of what you can do.)

Elicia’s Look

Elicia doesn’t normally wear makeup in her daily life, so she wanted to try more natural wedding makeup. For these tutorials, Elicia and Bri got to try out bareMinerals’s new liquid bareSkin foundation which is made without silicone, oil, parabens, or fragrance and is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (which basically means it won’t clog your pores or make you break out), plus it has SPF 20 (thank you, no sunburn on your wedding day). One of the benefits that bareSkin promises is that you can build coverage with it, meaning you can do light foundation or heavier foundation. So as product junkie, and as someone who is forever in pursuit of good foundation, I was eager to see Elicia (and her beautiful freckles) try this out on a more minimal makeup look. Behold, the result:

Elicia’s Take:

Results: You can still tell it’s Elicia, freckles in tact! Win-win. Here’s what Elicia had to say about her makeup trial, where we’ll try to read beyond the part where we faint from her wedding plans:

My fiancé and I are eloping to Iceland this August. Our plans to marry outside of the country are actually making it hard to find a makeup artist, so I’m happy APW asked me to do this experiment. I’m still looking for someone to do my makeup on my wedding day and it’s already less than two months away! Now I know I can do my makeup on my own if I need to. (But holla at your girl if you know someone who can professionally do my makeup in Iceland!)

I’m a wedding photographer. I photograph brides getting their makeup done every weekend. To be on the other side of the camera was definitely an eye opener. I have a whole new appreciation for my sweet brides after having done this experiment. That camera is intimidating!

I think the biggest thing I took away from this was to do some research beforehand, but not too much. After all, even though it seems intimidating at first, it’s really just makeup. You’re going to look beautiful on your wedding day no matter what your makeup looks like, as long as it’s tasteful (and it will be, because you know what looks good on your own face!). Going into this, I honestly knew nothing about makeup. I rarely wear it in my day-to-day life. But, once you learn the basics, the rest is all play.

Elicia’s minimal wedding makeup steps:

1. First, exfoliate in the shower. I have dry skin so if I don’t do this regularly, my makeup gets clumpy and gross. Not pretty.
2. Moisturize immediately after you get out of the shower.
3. Prime your face using bareMinerals Prime Time. Rub a thin layer all over your face and wait for it to dry. Your skin will feel awesome.
4. Next comes foundation. I applied bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. BareMinerals also has this awesome brush called Perfect Face Brush that allows you to put foundation in the middle of the brush and apply directly from there. You only need one drop to start blending in the foundation (two max), so make sure you don’t load it up too much.
5. Once the foundation was applied, I applied bareMinerals Mineral Veil, which is a kind of finishing powder (it sets the foundation).
6. I was going for a minimal, natural look so I kept the blush light and on the balls of my cheeks in a shade called “the one.”
7. For my eyeshadow, I picked a neutral color palate of two colors from within a quad palette—a light beige called “fate” and a darker (but still light) brown called “serendipitous.” First I applied the beige to my whole eyelid. Next I applied the brown to just the inner part of my eyelid, to add a bit of dimension while keeping with the natural feel of the look.
8. After eyeshadow, I applied eyeliner in the shade Infinite Sage lightly to just the top lid of my eye, as close to the lash line as possible. This keeps the look light and natural looking.
9. I applied mascara to both my top and bottom lashes and after that dried, I applied a waterproof topcoat. I figured this would be beneficial for a wedding day, especially for me because I’m definitely a crier! I’m a wedding photographer and I still cry at every wedding. I used Locked & Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat by bareMinerals.
10. Lips! To keep things light, I just went with a lip gloss in the color “Rebel.”

This post was sponsored by bareMinerals. Thanks bareMinerals for helping make the APW Mission possible!


Coming next month: Bri McDaniel shows us how to dIY wedding Makeup when you’re into “gimme MORE MAKEUP PLEASE.”

The Info:

Photographer: Bri McDaniel Photography | Model: Elicia Bryan

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Nope.

    I feel like all of the previous makeup tutorial posts have told me that I shouldn’t wear foundation with sunscreen, because sunscreen can photograph strangely. Is this not the case, or is it just that the BareMinerals foundations have sunscreen, so that’s what you used?

    • Natalie

      I use BareMinerals, and they have some sunscreen in the foundation. I think it’s like SPF 25

    • kris

      I’m also wondering this.

    • Ashley

      The SPF issue is with flash photography. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, there’s likely to be little to no flash, so having SPF shouldn’t be an issue. At least that’s what I’m telling myself because I’d rather not get a sunburn :)

      (I know I don’t know when or where your wedding is, just pointing this out for anyone reading)

      • Nope.

        Thanks for clearing that up, Ashley. Makes a lot of sense that this only applies to flash photography — that said, I used to wear Bare Minerals, and it didn’t stand up to the muggy DC summers, so I’d encourage anyone getting married outside to investigate something with a little more staying power.
        And I’m getting married in a dark cathedral in the fall, in the Rust Belt, so I will definitely be counting on some flash photography!

      • Meg Keene

        This is right. If you’re getting married inside or at night, there is no reason for you to be wearing any kind of foundation with SPF in the first place. (So, don’t, because, flash). If you’re getting married outside midday, you really probably want to wear something with SPF (because, sunburn), unless your photographer is going to use a lot of flash. Talk to them about what they’re planning to do.

        I got married outside mid day, and our photographers used zero flash, and there was a lot of sun, and I’m pale and get burned. So, foundation with sunscreen was smart in my particular case. But you shouldn’t use a product if it isn’t right for you or your situation, obviously.

        We had this conversation while we were working on these post, and decided we wanted to do a test with flash photography, to figure out what’s true and what’s not. So we’ll get to it. I do, however, wear foundation with SPF on the regular, and I don’t change it up for speaking engagements where I’m being photographed with flash, and it always seems fine? So, more testing needed for me to be 110% convinced one way or the other.

        • YOQ

          We’re getting married inside on a summer day. If it’s sunny, we’ll take pictures outside beforehand. I won’t have time to totally change my makeup; I’m fair and burn easily. What’s a girl to do?

          • ElisabethJoanne

            Our posed photos took 45 minutes, and that included family, bridal party, etc. I’m a redhead, but I’d be ok with 45 minutes outside in the summer in non-SPF makeup.

            Our wedding was all inside. I can’t remember if my makeup had SPF. For the ceremony and the posed photos, there was no flash. The photographer set up light stands and other extra lights for the posed photos. I don’t know if the photographer used flash at the reception (after dark, inside, but well-lit, no mood lighting or anything).

          • Cam

            Hide under an umbrella between shots?

          • snarkyteacher

            I’m a blue eyed, red head, freckle covered girl. I plan on wearing sunblock on my wedding day because if I am outside more than 15 or 20 minutes in direct sun without sunblock, I burn. I may even burn with sunblock if I’m not careful. Its totally un-sexy and yeah I may look a bit shiny, but I wear sunblock under my BB cream now on a regular basis and don’t have major issues. Since you’ll only be outside a short time, if you don’t want to wear sunblock (totally understandable!) maybe time it so you aren’t in the heat of the day or seek out shade?

          • YOQ

            Thanks, all–I’ve emailed our photographer to see what she says. We have an hour for couples’ shots before the family photos (1/2 hour for those), and we don’t have much control at this point over when all that will occur–mid-to-late morning it is! Like snarkyteacher, I burn pretty easily, so I can’t spend all this time outside. But Cam, we bought a fantastic rainbow umbrella for our engagement pics (and, since we’re getting married in Oregon, on the theory that we might need it on our wedding day too), so maybe I’ll avail myself of that. Our photog also does sports photography, so I feel confident she’ll have some good guidance as well.

        • Dawn

          I can’t wait for this test. I was unsure about what to do for my wedding because the church we got married in is kind of dark, so we had to use a flash for some post-ceremony family shots, but he reception included a sunny garden and outdoor photos. I minimally tested my everyday HD makeup forever (which has SPF) and it seemed fine, so that’s what I used. But I constantly hear that SPF is hopeless for flash photography! You can be the myth busters team to try to figure out what is really going on. Does it matter how much foundation is used, for example, or how long it has been on?

    • Things with a silica base will photograph terribly in a flash photography situation. I’m not sure whether BareMinerals has a silica base or not, but in general mineral make-up is touch & go. I would have liked for this sponsored post to include some flash photography to prove that it’s wearable in every wedding lighting situation.

      Here’s a video that shows examples:

      • Kathy

        According to the Bare Minerals website, it looks like the matte foundation has silica, but the original foundation doesn’t. Interestingggggg…

        • Kathy

          Oh, and the Ready foundation appears to have silica, also.

          • The Mineral Veil finishing powder does not contain silica, so that may work as a kind of neutralizer. Any make-up savvy readers have experience with this?

          • Rachelle

            Unfortunately there’s no neutralizing SPF or silica. They are both going to produce a flashback effect regardless of if there are other products on top. If you’re getting married outside with plenty of sunlight, then it shouldn’t be an issue. Talk to your photographer to figure out if they’ll be using flash photography and if the answer is yes, then NOOOO SPF or silica face products.
            BareMinerals is a great brand for everyday wear, but all their foundations and concealer have SPF, so I would recommend using another brand on the big day.

      • Jess

        Fascinating. I’m going to check my make-up tonight!

    • Meg Keene

      We’ve been meaning to do a direct test on this, so we’ll do it and show you the results. I always wear foundation with sunscreen, even when being photographed (wearing this today actaully, while speaking and being photographd.)

    • Meg Keene

      This post was sponsored by BareMinerals new foundation (as disclosed!), so yep, that’s obviously what we used. As you can see, foundation with SPF photographs super beautifully without flash. I commented on this a little more below, but you really only want to wear foundation with SPF if you’re going to be in the mid-day sun (for obvious reasons), and foundation with SPF is only a potential problem if you’re being photographed with flash. For MOST weddings, it’s one or the other: mid-day sun or flash, so it works out just fine.

    • researchwarrior

      I think the main issue with SPF and photography is physical sunscreens (titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide) as they literally reflect the UV rays away and I suspect do something similar with flash. You might be fine with a chemical sunscreen like Avobenzone.

      However, this particular Bare Minerals rec lists 11% TiO2 as its only sunscreen ingredient, so ironically it’s neither providing adequate broad spectrum (mainly UVA) protection nor doing you any favors in pictures.

  • Bare Minerals, I have a question, just in case you are reading these comments! A few weeks ago, I went to Sephora with my mom (who loves, loves, loves Bare Minerals) looking for powder. All of the Bare Minerals powders I tried ended up looking chalky on me because I have darker skin (I’m half white/half black). The lady who was helping us just kind of shrugged her shoulders and said that I should choose a different brand that offered darker shades. I just looked on your website, though, and see that you guys DO offer dark shades! Yay! Where can I try them out in person (in or around Seattle)? None of the makeup counters that I’ve seen since going to Sephora seem to carry the darker shades and I’d rather avoid the challenges of buying makeup online. Help?

    • Delisa

      I don’t know where in Seattle you are, but I’ve seen plenty of Bare Minerals stores in malls (but I live on the Eastside). You can probably go on their website and find locations. :)

      • Yeah, I was able to find a general store locator, but not a product locator. And I don’t really care enough to call around :) I’m generally unmotivated when it comes to makeup!

        • vegankitchendiaries

          Keep the faith. Half black, half white here and my bare minerals matches me really well. (I gave up looking for drugstore stuff to match me loooong ago) I vary between golden tan and golden medium through the year (although I do a slight brozer all over afterwards). MAC also does mineral make-up that you but their track record for animal testing is a bit more tarnished than BM, if that’s a concern for you…

        • Meg Keene

          I think, if you want to find a particular product, you’re going to have to call, my friend. A brand rep wouldn’t know what store had exactly what product.

          The Sephora sales person behavior pisses me off though. NOK.

    • That’s odd…I’m biracial and I used to wear Bare Minerals powder and bought it from Sephora! Kind of a bummer that your store didn’t stock more shades. :(

    • pax

      as someone who used to work at a bare minerals boutique, please skip sephora and just go to the actual stores – they are trained on finding the correct color for you and do lots of trials. sephora sales girls are very anti-bare minerals for whatever reason, and will never help you with it.

  • Ashley

    Thank you! I only learned super super basic makeup less than a year ago, and still wear it less than once a month. This is the look I’m going for. Could someone give me an idea of how long this might take? Sites always suggest hours and hours for getting ready, but this doesn’t seem like it’d take that long. I’ll either do it myself or have a friend do it.

    • KC

      Different people take different amounts of time to do the same thing, so I’d really suggest doing trial runs, averaging the times, and then multiplying by 2 or so (because: interruptions, maybe some do-over, shakier hands) to get your “day of” estimate. Bonus is that trial runs also let you see how a particular setup “performs” in real life and what any quirks are (for instance: a friend of ours uses a brand of makeup that sets well once it’s done, but the sink over which she does it ends up looking like you clapped chalkboard erasers full of colored chalk dust, repeatedly, over it. You would not want that near your dress.).

      Good luck and have fun!

      • KC

        (but yes: a thing like this is not going to take 3 HOURS or whatever nonsense.)

      • ElisabethJoanne

        Voting up wasn’t enough. I did this – practiced my wedding-day makeup before every social event for a few months before the wedding, timed it, tried different application techniques, etc. With practice, I got faster and better. Most of the time it took me 20 minutes. For the wedding day, I allotted 30 minutes for my makeup, which was just about how long it actually took.

        But I also had 4 hours of getting ready time that included a professional hair appointment, makeup, helping my sisters/bridesmaids, putting on my dress and jewelry, eating lunch, etc. For me, it was great to have a really calm, unhurried, relaxed morning.

    • Whitney S.

      It takes me maybe 15 minutes. I’m also a no-makeup wearer and got a BM set up for my wedding. I went to the BM store to get a quick tutorial on how to apply and that was helpful. I have really enjoyed using it for special occasions/date night.

    • Kayjayoh

      I learned to do my make-up using Carmindy’s “Five Minute Face” book, and I can literally do a full makeup look in five minutes or less. So there’s that.

  • Jenni

    I’m currently trying to decide between getting professional makeup ($100…) or going my own way with my sister’s help. Whatever I choose, these tutorials are SO HELPFUL to learn about awesome products, as well as what style I want for my wedding (and in real life!).

    If someone familiar with Bare Minerals is reading this: I use the Ready (packed) foundation and the mineral veil, but it still comes off on the back of my hand during the day, and halfway through I need to reapply because a lot of coverage is gone. Any suggestions?

    • pax

      used to work at bareminerals. are you using the correct primer? what kind of skin do you have? btw, the ready foundation is awful and if you start noticing small bumps on your cheeks stop using it and return it for the traditional loose foundation. as far as it coming off, you notice it more because it’s a thicker foundation. liquid comes off too but has a less noticeable texture. I suggest using a non silicone based primer or even a tinted moisturizer and then applying the foundation. make sure to buff it in more than you are. then use a setting spray. if you want to use mineral veil, swirl and PRESS it into the skin with a flat brush.

      • Jenni

        Thanks for answering!! I use the Original primer from bareminerals–is that silicone based? I also put on a Burts Bees moisturizer with SPF … sounds like that’s bad from other threads? My skin is more on the oily side, although not anywhere as bad as it was in high school. I didn’t know the Ready was so bad–I’ll definitely switch to the loose one on my next buy!

        I use the flat bareminerals brush for foundation, not the rounded ones that come with the starter kit, because those shed all over my face. :-(

        This is the second time I’ve heard about setting spray–I’ll have to give that a try!

  • ART

    So my plan for the weekend is to go get some of this stuff, put it on, and practice reading our vows aloud and crying my eyeballs out and see what happens :)

    I may go back to my old standby of clear mascara because I know this says waterproof topcoat but I CAN REALLY CRY, DUDES!

    (sorry, our date is a week from Saturday and I’ve reached the point where I want to cry all the time and yell half of everything)

    • Stephanie B.

      My bulletproof go-to mascara for crying situations (lost job, put dog to sleep, watched “Up” [not all on the same day!]) is Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft waterproof. As long as I don’t actually rub my eyes, it stays put like a champ.

      • ART

        oh, nice tip – thank you! (and yeah, crying situations…they vary so much and can be pretty rough, amirite?)

        • Stephanie B.

          And my all-time favorite eyeliner is Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner. It *seriously* doesn’t budge. (Also tested in the same scenarios as above.)

          Jeez, sometimes I will cry at the National Anthem. It’s weird. But I figure job loss/put dog to sleep/watched “Up” might just be the ultimate cryproof trifecta. (I didn’t actually cry at my wedding, even though I expected to cry hard through the whole thing. Big surprise! But my makeup was ready!)

          • ART

            Wow, it would be amazing if I ended up not crying at the wedding. I’ve totally given up on photos of myself not being red and puffy, but maybe i’ll get it all out next week!

          • liz

            I’m a total cry-er, but I actually didn’t cry at the wedding at all! I busted out crying when listening to our ceremony playlist BEFORE the wedding and still cry now when I listen to it, but I was totally calm and tear-free during the actual wedding!

          • Stephanie B.

            For the whole month preceding the wedding, I cried at almost every planning-related thing I did. Made my bouquet? Cried. Made the dance party playlist? Cried. Wrote our vows? Oh, you’d better believe I cried. I was just chock-full of overwhelming emotion, virtually all of it good, but it needed some place to go. When I imagined walking down the aisle, and the ceremony, I was SURE I would ugly-cry through the whole thing, because just *thinking* about it made me cry.

            And then I walked out the door and saw my husband at the end of the aisle, and all that joy came out as a huge smile that lasted the whole ceremony.

          • ART

            love it. i totally. totally cried writing our ceremony.

      • Jess

        LOVE LOVE LOVE Full N’ Soft. Great brown color, stays forever so long as I don’t rub at my eyes (but dabbing works just fine)

      • ART

        OK, I bought some tonight. Haven’t tried the cry test yet, but it looks hot! I actually bought a bunch of new stuff tonight – primer, bronze eyeliner (I ONLY ever use charcoal but want a softer look for my wedding), and new eyeshadow. I am feeling pretty good about this!

    • Lauren from NH

      I wonder about this too. Good music that gives me the feels can make me cry in a flash. Need to figure out waterproof make up and possibly a disclaimer so people know I am actually happy lol.

    • Nicole

      I had the same concern. I went to sephora and got some help picking make up and ended up going with Clinique High Impact Waterproof mascara which has been great with my sensitive skin, eyes, and crying. Our wedding is in a couple months, but my two best friends (who are married) are moving to Africa right before for Peace Corps and will miss it. I decided to wear all my make-up at their going away party as a test, and despite some full on sobbing in the car after saying goodbye, my make up still looked great. This included the mascara, but also the person at Sephora recommended some other waterproof things I never would have thought of, and everything looked really great, better than I’ve ever looked after crying.

      • ElisabethJoanne

        Off-topic, but my little sister’s in the Peace Corps. She’s having a great time, learning tons, doing great. I wish you and your friends the best.

        • Nicole

          Thanks! It’s great to hear! I am really really excited for them and so glad that after all this time of hoping and applying and going through the process they’re finally getting to actually go! But it’s still hard saying goodbye! :-D I hope they do have a really great time. Where is your sister serving?

          • ElisabethJoanne

            She’s in Dominica in the eastern Caribbean doing community development – mostly helping the elementary school in her village with tutoring and sports.

            More off-topic, but I think this will help several people: We recently Skyped her into our cousin’s wedding, which I think my family did unobtrusively by holding an iPhone at about eye level from our seats (no crouching in the aisle or holding the phone above our heads). I don’t know how the couple really felt about it, but had someone asked to be Skyped into my own wedding, and this was how it was done, I’d have been cool with it myself.

          • Nicole

            That’s very cool. We’re not going to have strong internet at our venue and they will be just arriving so they’re not sure what their internet situation will be. But we have a friend in the TV industry who has offered to do video for the wedding so we’re going to be able to show them the video at least!

      • Alex

        Haha, I’ve been wondering this same thing. I almost never wear any makeup, but I do want some minimal for my wedding next year and was REALLY wondering about the crying – what other stuff did you get if you don’t mind sharing? Knowing that Clinique High Impact Waterproof made the cut is definitely great for me! Thanks!

        • Nicole

          I got a primer for my face (Stila One step correct) and for my eyes (Benefit Stay, Don’t Stray – doubles as a concealer for other parts of my face). Apparently these both make makeup that’s put on top of them waterproof, and it seems to work because it definitely did for me! I am not a huge make-up wearer, but felt it was worth it to get both of these because they do double duty and I can tell I will happily use them again for other times when I want to wear make-up.

          • Alex

            Awesome, sounds fantastic :) Thanks!

    • vegankitchendiaries

      Haha… I sob when I read SAMPLE vows, so I hear ya…

  • Jess

    I know this is Bare Minerals sponsored and this might not be one of their products, but did you use a tinted/pigmented lip gloss? If so, what did you use? The reason I ask is that it’s a beautiful peachy shade and I really like it and want it!

    • l_weston

      I have no idea what shade that lipgloss is, but the tube she has looks like a bareminerals Moxie one. I LOVE the bareminerals lip glosses. For real. The colors are fantastic, nice and shiny without being ridiculous, and it’s not too sticky. I have a mini of “Spark Plug” I got in a set, and its a lovely barely shimmery peachy/pink. I hope that helps or at least encourages you to try out their lip gloss.

      • Jess

        Ooh sounds good! I will have to go in and try a few colors/the see how the feel is. I’m super obsessed with lip color right now (finally? Finally.) mostly because I can wear only mascara and that and feel pretty darn good about how pulled together I look.

  • Kathy

    I swear, sometimes it’s like APW just peeks into my brain every now and then and says, “Oh! You were wondering how to do that? Surprise! I gotchu.” I’m not a bride, but actually the MOH in a wedding coming up soon and this is the first time I’ve opted out of both professional hair and makeup as a member of the bridal party. Besides trying to save money (hellooo cross-country wedding!), I have sensitive, acne-prone skin so a face full of makeup makes me nervous, and I haven’t had the best luck recently with getting my hair done either (last time I spent the end of the night crying in my hotel bathroom trying to un-stick my overly sprayed fine hair, and massage my scalp where approximately 900 bobby pins had been stabbing me all night).

    Anyway, I use Bare Minerals foundation and blush everyday since it seems to be the only brand that doesn’t bother my skin, and the other day I started branching out into their other products (eye shadow?? primer?? what??) to see if I can pull this off for the wedding. Two words: YOUTUBE. TUTORIALS. They have some helpful tips on the BM website, also. Such a huge help! Thank you for sharing more Bare Minerals love!!

  • Jackie

    What mascara did you use? I have been searching for years for a mascara that simply darkens my lashes a bit without adding crazy volume or clumping! I want them to look natural, just dark enough to see.

    • AR

      I’ve found that brown mascara does this better for me than black. You can see the lashes, but they look much more natural than with black.

    • meleyna

      I like Covergirl Lash Blash Length and Bare Minerals Buxom for this. They’re my “everyday” mascaras.

    • Rachelle

      Maybelline Great Lash gives you color and doesn’t go on very thick, so you don’t get the added volume (or clumps, which are a result of mascara being too thick or dried out). The only people I recommend brown mascara for are SUPER light blondes or redheads where it looks unnatural to have stark black lashes so close to barely there eyebrows. Most complexions can handle a bit of black mascara.

      • ElisabethJoanne

        As a redhead, thank you for the shout-out for brown mascara. It can be hard to find!

    • Meg Keene

      I think we used BareMinerals mascara actually. I’ve been bouncing around between mascara, but I got the BM stuff free as a gift, and I really love it. I actually just really love BareMinerals product in general now, that’s not part of any sort of sponsored post, that’s just true. I’m wearing it right now, stuff I went out and bought when my samples were used up, because <3

  • AuntMerryweather

    Was part of the deal for this branded content that you would put a distracting hyperlink over every mention of the brand “bareminerals” ? Was that necessary?

    • Jenni

      …. Who cares? It’s really *that* distracting? This is how the content we enjoy, that we consume for FREE, is paid for.

      • Meg Keene

        GIRL. Thank you.

      • Jess

        I’m not going to lie, I did scroll back up to see what she was talking about…

    • I think it’s fairly standard practice to include plenty of opportunities for readers to access a sponsor’s website in a sponsored post.

    • KC

      Being lazy, I’m a huge fan of having each product linked, anyway. :-) The link-to-a-generic-home-page-each-time-the-brandname-is-used is admittedly a bit distracting, but hey, various editorial choices are valid and not having to scroll up to find the first usage in the article is good, anyway?

      (I like the “link the first use of something in each paragraph” editorial approach best, personally, but… preferences, not Laws. :-) )

    • Meg Keene

      Nope, that isn’t part of our branded deal, that’s part of our everyday deal. We link to things when we talk about them, it’s just our editorial practice on every post.

  • vegankitchendiaries

    So… I went to Sephora the other week with the mission of spending $50-$70 on wedding makeup. The 22 year old sales girl somehow sweet talked me into buying $250 bucks work of “HD” make-up that I will never wear again.

    Returned absolutely all of it the other day in favour of just buying some new bare minerals bits and bobs. (Namely: primer, concealer and setting powder which I don’t normally use). I already use bare minerals, so at least I’ll be able to use this stuff going forward rather than once on my wedding day and never again. It’s SUCH subtle make-up and it’s so easy to put on. I’ve been “practicing” with it the last few days and feeling extra babe-ly at work.

    It’s seems to be a kind of polarizing brand, but I just love the sh*t out of bare minerals.

    • Meg Keene

      I BOUGHT HD MAKEUP FOR OUR WEDDING. To this day, I’m like “why in the hell did I do this again?” Still sitting on my shelf. Aiyiyi.

      • vegankitchendiaries

        And it was you, Meg, that tipped me off about the Sephora make-up trials! Maybe we were both sweet talked by the same girl? :) She just kept squeeling “you look so pretty!” repeatedly until I was in a trance and handing over my mastercard… Apparently I invested in the same wedding make-up as Kim Kardashian.

        To their credit, another staff member who processed my exchange basically told me I could have got away with wearing it for my wedding day and returning it all (USED!) afterwards and nobody at Sephora would have batted a false eyelash…

        • ElisabethJoanne

          The day I bought my wedding makeup at Sephora, a lady next to me was getting a bunch of things for a fancy party that night. I think she bought 5 lipsticks with the plan to try them with her dress at home and return at least 4, and the saleslady didn’t bat an eye.

          I have mixed feelings on generous return policies like that.

          • vegankitchendiaries

            Me too, and I don’t think I’d ever work of the courage to be so brazen, BUT… you know… Sephora is doing OK.`

        • Ashley

          When I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding, I owned zero makeup and no one in the bridal party matched my skin tone. We went to Sephora and got a free small sample of HD foundation. It was enough for the day (and probably would have also been enough for a trial run, but we didn’t bother). I feel much less guilty about that than I would returning something I only ever intended to use once!

          • vegankitchendiaries

            Yip. I’ve still got a sample of lippy that I’m “thinking about”. (Thinking about = wearing on w-day, no intention of ever buying)

        • Sar

          The good thing about the Sephora makeup trials, in my experience, is that they will get to you spend a zillion dollars, but a) they will take back anything you change your mind on, and b) they give you TONS of samples for anything you express any interest in. I spent $100 on wedding makeup (still need to go back for more things, so it could get worse), but I’m going to return the HD finishing powder same as you did, and I walked away with 6 samples.

      • Jess

        I wear Make Up ForEver’s HD make-up (foundation/primer only) because it’s the only thing they had close to my skin tone (palish with yellow) that felt light on my skin… but I only wear it on the weekends when I go out. So that bottle is 1 yr and counting.

      • Dawn

        Send me your unwanted HD makeup! Maybe bare minerals has changed, but the last time I tried it, I felt so dry and flaky! Does no one else have this problem? Should I try it again?

        • Meg Keene

          It REALLY works for me, but as with everything foundation, it may depend on skin. I’d try this though, because it’s liquid foundation not powder. I still need to try mine! Still using the power.

        • Jenni

          Using their primer REALLY helps too. When I forget to put on primer, my foundation looks dry, clumpy, gross.

    • JSwen

      Literally just got home from returning the HD finishing powder that one salesperson talked me into, then the next visit someone talked me out of because A) I use powder foundation and B) the powder has silica and flash photography gives you ghost face. They accepted the return with no questions asked, without the original packaging or the receipt. Okie dokie.

      I like bare minerals too but was bummed that I had to go to coverFX for a sunscreen-free powder foundation.

    • researchwarrior

      Just a friendly FYI, although Bare Minerals claims to be cruelty-free, their parent company Shiseido is not. This bothered me in a sponsored post but I didn’t call out APW in general because their priorities here might not be the same as mine regarding animal testing. But since your screen name includes “vegan,” I thought I’d let you know in case it influences future purchasing decisions.

  • Gahhhh I want to try that new serum foundation SO. MUCH.

  • soon to be

    I’d love to know more from anyone who has done airbrushing. At the last couple of weddings I was in it was offered but I was too chicken to try it.

    • Megan

      Me too! The girl I’m talking with now about wedding hair and makeup does it that way so I’m curious to hear more before getting too deep into a trial.

  • La’Marisa-Andrea

    Purty! I’m not a general of Bare Minerals foundation bc they break me out like crazy but their BUXOM mascara is AMAZING. The brush, the formulation etc is all perfect.

    • pax

      if you are allergic to the original bare minerals foundation, it’s most likely the bismuth oxychloride.

  • I love this tutorial cause I am not a make-up girl, but what really caught my eye was Iceland! Oh my gosh, have fun in Iceland! We just got back from our honeymoon there and I’m already regretting getting on the flight back to the US. It’s so beautiful and the people are beautiful and the food is incredible! Have a blast!