30 New Invitation Designs from Minted That You Will Love

You've got (really pretty) mail

minted wedding invitations

A few years ago, it was next to impossible to find affordable, modern wedding invitations that had some personality (and by some, I mean any). You could buy generic or kill yourself DIYing. But now? Almost the opposite is true. There are so many options for affordable wedding invitations online, it can be hard to figure out where to get started. But if I had my pick? I’d start with Minted. Because their designs don’t just have personality—they’re like tiny works of art. Case in point:

fairy tale minted wedding invitation

Fairytale Frame

canyon wedding invitation by mintedCanyon

romanticism wedding invitation by minted


Here are just a few of my favorite things about Minted:

  • They cost an average of about $250 for 100 invites, but the paper quality is so nice it would fool even your most traditional relatives.
  • Free return addressing means you don’t have to write out a hundred names on a hundred envelopes (they even match your invites).
  • Real foil (on select designs) makes everything seem fancier.
  • Each invite was designed by an independent artist, so your wedding purchase goes straight to helping people live their dream jobs.

Minted just released their newest invitation designs, and when a box of samples showed up at the APW office, Meg and I were like a couple of kids on Christmas morning. So if you’re in the market for invitations, and you’re looking for a departure from the norm, here are some of our personal favorites.

simple agate wedding invitation by mintedSimple Agate Foil-Pressed

starry starry night wedding invitation by mintedStarry, Starry Night

tropical love wedding invitation by mintedTropical Love

masked wash wedding invitation by mintedMasked Wash

gilded shore wedding invitation by mintedGilded Shore

romanticism wedding invitation by mintedRomanticism

winter birch wedding invitation by mintedWinter Birch

mountain vista wedding invitation by mintedMountain Vista

eucalyptus wedding invitation by mintedEucalyptus Leaves

falling ginko wedding invitation by minted

Falling Ginko

ponderosa wedding invitation by mintedPonderosa

isola bella wedding invitation by mintedIsola Bella

brush wedding invitation by mintedBrush

peony wedding invitation by mintedPeony

rolling hills wedding invitation by minted

Rolling Hills

joyful wedding invitation by mintedJoyful

laurel of greens wedding invitation by mintedLaurel of Greens

winter deer wedding invitation by mintedWinter Deer

modern marble wedding invitation by mintedModern Marble

skyline new york wedding invitation by mintedSkyline: New York

adagio wedding invitation by mintedAdagio

steampunk wedding invitation by mintedSteampunk

garden wedding invitation by mintedVintage Garden

brushwork wedding invitation by mintedBrushwork

gilded palm wedding invitation by mintedGilded Palm

canyon wedding invitation by mintedCanyon

looking glass wedding invitation by mintedFairytale Frame

boho ikat wedding invitation by mintedBoho Ikat

anthropology wedding invitation by mintedAnthropology

desert oasis wedding invitation by mintedCacti

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  • K

    These are stunning. Can we also talk about how fabulous it is to see so many invitation samples with gender-ambiguous or same-sex couples as naming examples? I’m absolutely loving it.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      I’ve seen so many wedding invitations this year, and that was one of the FIRST things I noticed. I’m surprised how few companies take that extra step.

      • K

        I’m pretty sure that if we decide not to DIY our invites, that little extra step will be the one thing that makes us decide to use Minted instead of any other company.

    • Catherine McK

      I was so excited to see this too! It’s a shift since we ordered 3 years ago and makes me so happy!

      • Eleanorbblake2

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    • Rowany

      I thought the same thing!

      • Carissajbrown3

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  • CMT

    I LOVED the Christmas cards I ordered from Minted this year. (With a picture of my cat. They were fantastic.) But, I was a little disappointed that there was no option to pay extra to have the back be totally blank, and not say Minted on it. I definitely would not want that on my wedding invites. Are these all branded on the back? I would be totally happy to pay a little bit extra to have a totally blank back.

    • Lisa

      I don’t know about the invitation, but our STD postcards had a small Minted logo on them at the break between the message and the address. It bothered me slightly, but I didn’t care enough about the STDs to raise the issue. (Husband was the one who really wanted them, and I agreed to go along with one of the cheapest options.) However, I definitely wouldn’t want a logo on my wedding invitations.

    • Bethany

      I’m (most likely) ordering my wedding invites from Minted and there is an option to not include the logo on the back. If I remember correctly it doesn’t even cost anything extra – there is just a box you have a check to remove it.

    • Catherine McK

      Out invites didn’t have the logo on the back. (just double checked to make sure) Everything else I’ve ordered has. We love minted at our house!

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