25 Save The Date Designs That Are Legitimately Cool

Like tiny works of art to hang on your fridge

Sometime over the last few decades, we got it in our heads that save the dates needed to be complicated. Magnets. Little figurines in the shape of your venue. Something keepsake-y that reminds you of your favorite hobby. And while all of those are perfectly fine options if you want ’em, the real deal is that a save the date only needs to be one thing: a piece of paper with your wedding date on it. And maybe a handy little URL for your wedding website.

But there’s nothing to say that it can’t be a really pretty piece of paper (and affordable too). And that’s where our longtime fave, Minted, comes in. Minted is both a community of artists and an affordable platform for modern design, which means their wedding stationery is always five steps ahead of the curve, for the same price as the guys doing cheesy hearts and clipart. Minted just launched their 2019 save the date collection, and y’all, I’m so into them.

Minted 2019 block print Save the Date lay flat

I didn’t think I would ever view a save the date as anything other than functional, but Minted has managed to make these legitimately cool. Like tiny pieces of art you get to hang on your fridge for six months to a year. They’re equal parts modern, minimal, artsy, and extra. And so, I’ve rounded up 25 of my new favorites for those of you who just picked out a wedding date, and want to make sure… well, you know, someone saves it.

Photo showing Touch of Light save the date design from Minted - Minted Save the Dates 2019

A Touch of Light Save the Date by Maria Hilas Louie

Even though I have lots and lots of professional photos of myself and my family, I still struggle with photo cards. But this is like a cheater’s guide to good design. Black and white photo, plus cool rainbow effect? Instant art.

Photo of Terrazzo save the date from Minted - Minted Save the Dates 2019

Terrazzo Save the Date by Amy Payne

This design reminds me of my kitchen counter tops, but in a cool way?

Photo of Modern Shapes save the date from Minted - Minted Save the Dates 2019

Modern Shapes Save the Date by Morgan Kendall

After seeing the same old wedding colors over and over again, what I like most about Minted’s new collection is the way they’ve used color. The tangerine of this design feels retro hip, but also like it’s not trying too hard. This is perfect for a minimalist modern wedding in Palm Springs (or anywhere else).

Island Foil save the date from Minted - Minted Save the Dates 2019

The Island Foil Save the Date by Elly

Did I say minimalist? Let’s go maximalist. I mean, it’s jungle-themed. And metallic. And if ever there were a more Maddie save the date, I’d probably get married again just for the sake of sending it out. This one’s a gimme.

Photo of Written Reminder save the date from Minted - Minted Save the Dates 2019

Written Reminder Save the Date by Katy Shen

Minted nails simple in a way that feels very rare in the wedding space. I like that this design is mostly information-driven with just a touch of sentimentality.

Photo of Initial save the date from Minted

Initial Save the Date by Nazia Hyder

Simplicity done well, 2.0.

Photo of Exclamation save the date from Minted

The Exclamation Save the Date by Yours Madly

Minted also does typography really smartly, and I love the simplicity of a giant exclamation point to go with your save the date announcement. Really drives home the (wait for it) point.

Photo of The Perks save the date from Minted

The Perks Save the Date by Pistols

I normally stay about a thousand yards away from any wedding-related product that’s trying to be clever (because clever is usually code for outdated and sexist), but Minted gets it right with this cheeky save the date. Plus, I’m not ready to let go of millennial pink, ok? Not yet.

Photo of Postmark save the date from Minted

Postmark Save the Date by Sara Hicks Malone

But there are some ways to do clever that have nothing to do with being cheeky, and I appreciate this one. (Bonus: if you want an actual postcard save the date, Minted has hundreds of postcard designs starting at just $1.35.)

Photo of Modern Statement save the date from Minted

Modern Statement Save the Date by Jennifer Lew

I’m a sucker for spelled-out details. Is it slightly harder to read? Maybe. Am I willing to make the sacrifice? You bet.

Photo of Party in Paradise save the date from Minted

Party in Paradise Save the Date by Fig and Cotton

Real talk: there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to make design choices in weddings that are purely fun. There’s always some budgetary consideration to be made or family reaction to think about. So you might as well throw caution to the wind with your save the date and send out a big ol’ pineapple.

Emilie save the date from Minted

Emilie Save the Date by Karen Schipper

The ’90s are coming back, and most of the time I feel dubious about it, but this save the date gets it right.

Slice Foil Pressed save the date from Minted

Slice Foil-Pressed Save the Date by Robin Ott

Am I allowed to like something just because it’s cool? This split-foil design is just plain cool.

Daring Date save the date from Minted

Daring Date Save the Date by Fig and Cotton

Sometimes kraft paper can look, well, crafty. But the combination of florals plus bold typography takes this to a modern place and I really like it.

Framed Corner save the date from Minted

Framed Corner Save the Date by AS Designs

I’ve made enough holiday cards to know that a good photo card doesn’t get in the way of a beautiful photo of you and your partner. This subtle taupe/mauve design lets your faces take center stage.

Brush Strokes save the date from Minted

Brush Strokes Save the Date by Joyce Pinheiro

If Minted had a theme for this new save the date drop, I’d call it “the desert, but make it fashion.”

Tropical save the date from Minted

Tropical Save the Date by Kelly Schmidt

I’ve seen a lot of tropical-inspired wedding stationery over the past few years (and not mad about it!), but this design deconstructs that vibe in a way that feels more abstract and less like your guests should expect piña coladas upon arrival.

Bad Dancing save the date from Minted

Bad Dancing Save the Date by Amy Payne

My mantra for every party, which makes this an automatic winner.

Uptick save the date from Minted

Uptick Save the Date by Robin Ott

I appreciate that Minted threw a few brightly colored photo overlays into the bunch. It automatically makes your design look extra professional, even if your photo is an iPhone pic you took at brunch last weekend.

Terra Cotta save the date from Minted

Terra Cotta Save the Date by Ashlee Townsend

This color combination is one I haven’t seen a million times already, and the monochromatic text design feels really fresh.

Balance save the date from Minted

Balance Save the Date by Chandler Lettin

This save the date is so impossibly hip, I don’t actually have any more to say about it. It’s like all the cool ceramics kids on Instagram got together and made wedding stationery just for us.

Tagged Save the Date by Baumbirdy

I mean, it’s 2019. Might as well lean into it, right? In case you haven’t picked up on it, “timeless” isn’t even a real thing.

Initially Bold save the date from Minted

Initially Bold Save the Date by Karidy Walker

I’ll admit, I don’t always go for more formal or dressed-up wedding stationery (give me all your jaguars and palm fronds, please). But this design combines modern text treatments with more traditional script in a way that feels fancy, but not stuffy.

Boho Bright save the date from Minted

Boho Bright Save the Date by Morgan Ramberg

We’ve been having a very glitzy moment in wedding stationery. But just because you can add foil to everything doesn’t mean you have to. This bohemian save the date is a perfect example of artsy design that can carry itself.

Romantic Evening Foil save the date from Minted

Romantic Evening Foil Save the Date by Sumak Studio

I’m pretty sure I fell in love with a rug or a piece of pottery that looked like this, and it cost something like $1,300. This is equally lovely, and one-one-thousandth of the price. Win!

Minted logo

This post was sponsored by Minted. Minted sources designs from independent artists all across the globe, meaning you get affordable art in your life and artists can make a living doing what they love. Minted is easily one of our favorite destinations for wedding invites (the designs are just so good, y’all), day-of decor, and with their new Color Library, gift packaging and accessories. Click here to find everything from save the dates to invitations, decor, and more.

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