This is The Money-Saving Invitation Format I Wanted Desperately When I Got Married

Sadly, it didn't exist yet #AheadOfMyTime

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The wedding industry loves to invent a problem that doesn’t exist. How are you ever going to coordinate the skywriter for your aerial ceremony without the professional wedding skywriter app?! (Spoiler alert: a skywriter is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.) But every once in a while, they solve a problem that actually exists, in a way that makes my skeptical little heart go 🎉. And that’s the exact case with Minted’s new all-in-one wedding invitation.

pink floral all-in-one invite with engagement ring in box

One of the more frustrating aspects of buying paper goods is that I always trick myself into thinking I can afford things like swanky invitations, until I realize that all I can afford is invitations (and not, you know, other essentials like RSVP cards, envelopes, and postage). Case in point: my younger sister got married two weeks ago. And like many of us, she did it on a modest budget. So while she was psyched to be able to purchase Minted wedding invitations (thanks to a certain benevolent sister who shall remain unnamed), she also invited more people to her wedding than I had in my graduating class, which meant she had to make a choice: get the beautiful foil invitation she really wanted, but sacrifice on enclosures; or settle for an invite that she didn’t like as much, and get the full suite. (Her answer was to buy the awesome invites and print RSVP cards at home.) And while that is obviously a totally valid option, Minted just came out with a new all-in-one invitation solution that eliminates the problem altogether (and bonus: it’s both eco and budget friendly). If only I could go back in time and give it to my baby sister. #SorryCasey.

Green and white botanical all-in-one invite next to engagement ring

The new format is so smart, I’m sort of gobsmacked it only just exists now. In short, it’s a foldable invitation, with a detachable RSVP card and addressing on the back, so not only do you not need to buy separate enclosures, you don’t even need an envelope. I know. Minted’s new invites start at just $1.75 each for 100, so I’m sold.

all-in-one invite: Gilt Agate by Kaydi Bishop for MintedGilt Agate by Kaydi Bishop for Minted

Desenfadado by Aspacia Kusulas for MintedDesenfadado by Aspacia Kusulas for Minted

Palm by Kaydi Bishop for MintedPalm by Kaydi Bishop for Minted

Succulent Surround by Susan Moyal for MintedSucculent Surround by Susan Moyal for Minted

Modern Beach by Paper Plains for MintedModern Beach by Paper Plains for Minted

Feather Flurry by AK Graphics for MintedFeather Flurry by AK Graphics for Minted

Minimal Mod by Carly Reed Walker for MintedMinimal Mod by Carly Reed Walker for Minted

Boho Ikat by Penelope Poppy for MintedBoho Ikat by Penelope Poppy for Minted

Mountain Retreat by Design Lotus for MintedMountain Retreat by Design Lotus for Minted

Canyon by Kelly Nasuta for MintedCanyon by Kelly Nasuta for Minted

Mulberry by Lindsay Megahed for MintedMulberry by Lindsay Megahed for Minted

Cacti by Cass Loh for Minted Cacti by Cass Loh for Minted

Bold as Love by Design x Five for MintedBold as Love by Design x Five for Minted

Lovely Geo by Ana Sharpe for MintedLovely Geo by Ana Sharpe for Minted

The Minimalist by Kelly Schmidt for MintedThe Minimalist by Kelly Schmidt for Minted

Although Minted’s new wedding invites came in just a hair too late for my sister’s wedding (alas), it’s not too late for you! And despite the fact that they just launched, the all-in-one invitations come in over two hundred exclusive designs to choose from. (And if you’re not familiar with Minted’s design selection, basically everything they do is 💯.) So enjoy saving that paper (both the money and environmental varieties), without having to sacrifice beautiful design. It’s almost as good as a dedicated wedding day skywriter.

Minted Logo

This post was sponsored by Minted. Minted sources designs from independent artists all across the globe, meaning you get affordable art in your life and artists can make a living doing what they love. Minted is easily one of our favorite destinations for wedding invites (the designs are just so good, y’all). Click here to find everything from save the dates to invitations, decor, and more. (And then put some shine on it.)


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