Modcloth’s New Swimsuit Line Will Make You Feel (and Look) Good

ModCloth has honeymoon swimwear on lock for everybody and every body

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

apw x modcloth


Since roughly the time my boobs came in, the message I’ve been sent by the swimsuit industry has been loud and clear: cute, fashion-forward swimwear is not for grown-ass women. And the older I get, the more obvious it becomes. We like to pretend that the female form stays eighteen forever, with tight little tummies and perky boobs and no stretch marks. Which, god bless if that’s you. But when I look around for fun, stylish options catering to the thirty-something woman who has had a kid, or gained weight, or simply aged it’s… not pretty. More specifically, it’s overwhelmingly navy and black and sensibly “age appropriate.” And even the stuff that might fit my grown ass, is never actually shown on someone my age. So my takeaway from the whole thing is that girls just wanna have fun; women just wanna cover up their flaws. And maybe spend a quiet day at the spa in a robe. Definitely not a bikini.


So when we were invited to partner with ModCloth to try out their new swimwear line, I was excited to get some grown-ass women into some hot-ass bathing suits. Because ModCloth’s new swimwear line is all about feelin’ yourself (even if you don’t want to flaunt everything you have). So we flew out our intern Jareesa, talked our resident stylist Yesenia into modeling with us, and had a grown-ass-ladies day by the pool. In bikinis.


And y’all, for someone who would have died having a bikini pic of her on the Internet a few years ago, this shoot made me feel #squadgoals times a million. I was having so much fun I didn’t even have time to focus on my supposed flaws (it didn’t hurt having Beyoncé on the stereo and Yesenia pouring Rosé either).


So if you’re shopping for a swimsuit for your honeymoon, or just because summer is around the corner (WHY? HOW? I don’t know), here’s what you should know about ModCloth’s new line of Swimwear:


Sunbeam Me Up! Plus Size Swimsuit Top! (regularly priced at $82.99, on sale for $61.99), Matching Bottom (regularly priced at $67.99, on sale for $50.99), Isabel Sunglasses ($49.99)


Allons-Easy Weekend Bag ($53.99), Third Time Off’s a Charm Beach Towel ($49.99), Coastal Service Sunglasses ($59.99)

It’s not all vintage: I personally love ModCloth for their vintage-inspired swimsuits because they are just so damn flattering. But when we were searching for selections, what caught our eye were actually the really modern pieces. Stuff with cool cutouts and deep plunges and sporty shapes. So if you’re not into kicking it old school by the pool, you’re still covered.


Read Between the Coastlines One Piece Swimsuit ($99.99), Allons-Easy Weekend Bag ($53.99)


Read Between the Coastlines One Piece Swimsuit ($99.99), A Love Aquatic Pool Float ($29.99)


The Swimming Hole Shebang Bottom ($39.99), Matching Top ($49.99) Pink Top: from personal collection

make the most of mix and match: Most of ModCloth’s bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately, which is a Godsend if you’re like me and your top doesn’t match your bottom. (It also means that you can buy, say, a few different tops and/or bottoms and mix and match them for variety, which is what I do in real life. One solid colored top plus three printed bottoms equals lots of options.)


Be Pacific One Piece Swimsuit (regularly priced at $97.99, on sale for $72.99)


Friendly Tendencies Cooler Bag ($59.99), Bathing Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Black ($89.99), Coastal Service Sunglasses ($59.99)

Operation No regrets: Shopping for swimsuits is hard enough, but shopping online for swimsuits is a gamble at best. Which is why ModCloth has two failsafes in place to make sure you end up with something that works for you. First, you can now sort swimwear by top rated and find the suits that ModCloth users liked best (which are usually accompanied by pictures of actual customers wearing them so you can see how they look on non-models). Plus, ModCloth’s generous return policy extends to swimwear as well, so if your suit doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, you’re not stuck with something that doesn’t work.


On a Tide Note Swimsuit Top in Cockatoos (regularly priced at $49.99, on sale for $36.99) Matching Bottom ($39.99), All Suns and Games Hat ($44.99)


On a Tide Note Swimsuit Top in Cockatoos (regularly priced at $49.99, on sale for $36.99) Matching Bottom ($39.99)


Be Pacific One-Piece Swimsuit in Deco (regularly priced at $97.99, on sale for $72.99), Seaside Splendor Sarong (regularly priced at $39.99, on sale for $23.99)

There’s something for every body: Whenever I’m shopping for swimwear, I always feel like I have to sift through a pile of NOPE to get to the one or two styles that will fit my shape, and at that point it doesn’t even matter if I like them because my standards are so low. But I was genuinely impressed at how each of the suits we ordered from ModCloth looked amazing on our team’s diverse body types. ModCloth has stuff for plus sizes (that are actually cut for plus sized bodies, and not just sized up from standard sizes), curvy girls, straight girls, boobs, no boobs, you name it. And it’s all cute.


Sunbeam Me Up! Plus Size Swimsuit Top! (regularly priced at $82.99, on sale for $61.99), Matching Bottom (regularly priced at $67.99, on sale for $50.99)


Third Time Off’s a Charm Beach Towel ($49.99)


Know an Eccentric or Two Swimsuit Top (regularly priced at $49.99, on sale for $36.99), Matching Bottom ($39.99)

Next month I turn thirty. I’m celebrating with friends at a water park. And you bet I’ll be rolling up to the Serpentine Slides in a fresh new suit. Because feelin’ yourself and having fun shouldn’t be something we are forced to age out of.



This post was sponsored by ModCloth. ModCloth’s swim boutique offers stylish modern and vintage-inspired swimsuits that are flattering and fun (and come in a range in sizes from small to 3X). Click here to see all of ModCloth’s new swim styles, plus accessories, bags, floaties and more or below to shop the post directly. (Psst, that flamingo floatie is available. Just sayin’.)

The Info:

Photography: Jamie Thrower for A Practical Wedding | Suits: ModCloth Swim Shop | Hair: Yesenia Guinea | Styling: Mignonne Decor

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Erica Klein

    I bought both the swimsuits that I brought on my honeymoon from Mod Cloth and I LOVE them. I have genuinely never felt sexier or more confident in a bathing suit than I did in these. My only complaint is that the Bathing Beauty one piece I got faded a bit after just a few wears; it still looks good, but the black isn’t as BLACK as it should be. Other commenters noted the same thing, so that may be something to look out for. Still, I’m going to look there first for all my future swimsuit purchases!

  • Sarah

    I’ve heard good things aobut Mod Cloth and y’all look so happy and beautiful.

    Any ideas out there for swimsuits for nursing mamas?

    • stephanie

      Question: are you looking for something that would allow you to easily nurse while you’re out? I’m assuming yes, but wanted to clarify in case this is really a question about finding really supportive swimsuits and ease of nursing isn’t an issue. I have resources for both!

    • Meg Keene

      I am a nursing mama, and I wear these suits out and nurse in them. But it’s totally possible you’re looking for something different, so I’m not totally sure! I consider all bikini’s nursing friendly (and any suit that doesn’t have a high neck nursing friendly), because I just pull up or pull down. But you may be looking for something more modest?

    • Sarah

      thanks ladies. I am looking for one pieces (or two pieces covering my stomach) that make for easier nursing. Supporitve suits are great too though..ones that can cover my still flabby stomach would be awesome. Good to know these work for you Meg…this is my first summer with a baby (!)

      • Sheila

        Last time I was nursing, I found a one-piece that had detatchable straps, so you could wear it as a strapless suit if you wanted. I mostly kept the straps on, but when I wanted to nurse, I unclipped one and pulled it down (you can use a nursing cover on top for modesty). So it wasn’t officially nursing-wear but it worked!

        • Sarah

          Good idea, thanks.

  • M

    I love these suits, but unfortunately I don’t think they work with all body types. I have huge boobs but a tiny ribcage, so I can pretty much only wear bra sized swimsuits. My usual strategy is to order like 10 suits, hope there’s one that’s not ugly and fits OK, and send the others back. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I could really use a new suit, but the idea of ordering a bunch just exhausts me.

    • MirandaVanZ

      My sister has the same body type as you and she gets all her swimwear, bras, and most of her clothes from Bravissimo. You still have to order online but it’s made for your body type so there is a much better chance it will work.

    • Sara

      I’m like you – 32FF – and I bought my last swim suit from They sell based on bra size and actually have some cute options.

    • Kaitlyn

      I’m not sure how big they go, but has swimsuits by bra size. I got mine from there last year and am still in love.

    • Just FYI – I’m a 38H and usually I need bra sizing as well. The top I’m wearing isn’t a perfect fit but it was way better than I expected.

      Also Swimsuits For All does bra sizing on some of their suits as well.

      • LisaG

        Swimsuits for All does have some bra-sized swimwear, but usually not for those of us who need small band-size, big-cup size. Most of the bras that are available in DD+ only start DD+ cups if the bra is a size 18 or up. I actually bought one from there last year because it was so cute and modified the straps myself to make it fit me.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      I have the same problem (well not a TINY ribcage, but usually my street size doesn’t match my boob size.) For this shoot, I ended up mixing a bottom with a bra top bathing suit I bought on Amazon (it’s Freya brand). That’s actually how I roll in real life most of the time. I buy a bra sized tops in a solid color, and then mix and match patterned bottoms or a patterned top and mix and match solid bottoms. It ends up giving me a bunch of options, and I only have to buy the really expensive portion one time.

      • Sarah

        I got a Freya nursing bra from Nordstorm. They are a nice brand…good to know they make suits!

    • Meg Keene

      So I have a somewhat similar issue. One suit that didn’t make the post but I own and love (pictured below), sells a Dcup version, with bra styling. I’m more like a DDD or something, but it worked really well. Also, it’s been super helpful to me that you buy mod cloth tops and bottoms separately. I ended up with this top in XL when it didn’t fit Maddie, and paired it with a black bottom in a smaller size and it’s A+.

    • CP2011

      I’ve only ever gotten a true fit from bra sized tops too. My boobs start pretty low on my chest and I wear a 32E so regular suits always give me underboob and no support. I really like Freya brand for bras and bathing suits. Specialty stores would carry them and once you know your size you can order online. They do one pieces and tankinis in bra sizes too.

    • april

      I have this problem too (32DD). I’ve found that halter tops that tie at the back and neck work best for me. I have this one in blue, and it works great! –

    • LisaG

      I have the same problem! I just ordered some new suits from swimsuitsforall and actually like both of the ones I ordered. For the first time ever I was able to order non-bra-sized suits. The trick I found was to only order suits that have infinitely adjustable straps, anything with a clasp in the back is going to be too big if I get it in a size that fits my boobs. I got one halter one with straps that tie at the back (this one: and one where the should straps cross in the back, go through loops on the side straps, and then tie in the back (this one: The second one also comes in another color/pattern.

  • Keeks

    UGHHHH swimsuit shopping. I think I’d be most comfortable in a one piece, but I have a long torso. This is what it’s like to try on a one piece suit for me:
    1. Hunch over to pull the straps over my shoulders.
    2. Stand up straight, notice that the boobs of the suit are way down at my waist, and my actual boobs are flopping out the top.
    3. Hunch over again to take the suit off, and fling it across the room.

    I’m a pretty short girl, and I still manage to have this problem with every. single. one piece. I’m so mystified as to why more retailers don’t carry suits in a long length – I don’t see any on Modcloth’s site and they have a TON of one pieces.

    • Shayli Ariel

      I also have a long torso and feel this struggle so hard. I bought Modcloth’s Bathing Beauty one-piece last summer and haven’t had a problem with it! I love all aspects of the swimsuit and actually hadn’t noticed until reading your comment that I haven’t had the typical long torso problems with it. Highly recommend!

      • Keeks

        This makes me so happy to hear! Noted and saved for future reference!

  • touchdownton abbey

    I bought a Modcloth swimsuit last season (bikini)- and I love it so much. I feel like a vintage babe in it, and it actually works with my personality.
    I also have a betsey johnson one piece and I love that one too. I actually think I like the way my body looks in the modcloth bikini better? But both are fantastic.

    • BSM

      Another plug for Betsey Johnson swim! I’m a petite, hourglass shape, and that woman sure knows how to make a lady’s derriere look amazing.

  • knolan12

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this post from all of your teasers haha I love these high waisted bikinis, gonna go pick out my fave :)

  • Sarah E

    So after your lingerie post the other week, in a fit of loneliness and rainy day-off blues, I pulled the trigger on buying swim shorts from Lands’ End (after searching through all the recommended sites on the post).

    I’m self-conscious about having my upper inner thigh on display, mostly for skin reasons. When I shaved my legs, it was putting razor burn and stubble in the spotlight, these days, without shaving, it’s darker hair that generously begins well outside my “bikini zone.” The options– even for folks like me who fit conventional sizing– for anything “modest” all has to do with covering your midriff. So, swim shorts it is.

    I ended up buying the solution I liked best, some sportier swim shorts. Once they arrived, they definitely have a “Connecticut suburbs” look to them, which I’m hoping to off-set with a more modern top. For someone who might need a swimsuit one day a year, I’m spending an awful lot of time and money on finding one. Eesh.

    I really appreciate that ModCloth has a bunch of options for suits that seem like you could actually, you know, swim in them. One of the things that hangs me up is that the likeliest place for me to need a suit it at my in-laws’ house, around varying number of family members, so my priority is that everything stays in place is appropriate for wear around aunties and young cousins alike.

    • emilyg25

      Athleta has cute swim shorts too! The inseam is shorter though, so maybe not right for what you want.

      • Lulu

        Agree! I find Athleta’s versions to be less “suburban” and more “just sporty.”

      • Sarah E

        Thanks for the rec, I hadn’t thought of them! They do look much sportier, but I like the inseam to be longer. It’s a weird thing for me to unpack, given I’ll wear 3″ running shorts, but if I’m going to be sitting or laying around other people, I prefer 5″ or longer inseams.

        • Jess

          In the days of my youth (at 16, when I cared greatly about all my puberty stretch marks and cellulite but also felt really uncomfortable in girl clothing) I would wear “surf shorts” or women’s board shorts which were usually 5″+ inseams.

          At first I just stole my brothers after he outgrew them, but then I found out they made some cut/styled more for women. RipCurl, Billabong and other assorted surfing wear companies make them.

          You’d still probably have to search to find them in stores or order online, but they exist and are awesomely comfortable!

          eta: This is also how I found out that boys shorts have goddamn pockets for keys. Boys and their pockets of privilege again!

      • april

        Title Nine (my go-to place for sports bras) has some nice sporty options too:

    • Eenie

      Link please? I currently have a skort style bottom that I’m not completely happy with.

      • Sarah E

        The butt looks a little matronly, but at 28, I don’t think anyone is going to notice as much as me. Limited color options, but available in multiple lengths, petite, and lined or unlined.

      • Sarah E

        Also fairly pricey, I should say. Particularly for me, who hits the pool once every 12-18 months. I felt better that I bought on a “free gift” day and got a huge (at least 6 ft long) fluffy beach towel, too.

      • Sarah E

        FYI, Land’s End is having a swim sale today, good prices on shorts and skirts. And now I see a board short style that’s much less “suburban.” On sale, too!

    • Elizabeth

      I am right there with you! So far I’ve just been sarongimg it. The second I’m out of the water, my upper thighs get covered. And if that’s not possible, I waddle like an idiot as if my thighs are glued together.

      It’s such an issue that I avoid swimming as much as possible. I’ve even considered laser hair removal!

      IDGAF about my pit hair or lower leg hair, but when it comes to the bikini zone, I’m full of hang-ups.

      • Abe

        Love a sarong! I picked that up in Brazil, where the go-to beachwear is a “canga” – serves the handy dual purpose of cute cover-up + beach towel.

        That said, the refreshing thing about Brazil in general was that everyone just lets it all hang out… seemed like no age, body type or body image hang-ups. We wished we could bottle up their confidence and bring it home!

    • toomanybooks

      Yesss I also have had this issue. I did a home laser thing which has helped? But I’ve absolutely just worn whatever women’s swim shorts I’ve found in the past.

    • april

      Not a bikini recommendation, but a bikini zone recommendation – try Tend Skin. It’s stupid expensive, but it is worth every penny. I am typically skeptical about the claims of cosmetics and skin care products, but I swear this stuff is magic – razor burn, ugly bumps, ingrown hair, all gone after just about a week of using this stuff (which is important to me – I do a masters swim class, so I’m wandering around the gym in a speedo at least twice a week).

    • LisaG

      I totally get you about the in-laws! Mine have a pool too so that’s where I swim the most. I just got a new bathing suit that my husband I collectively decided is totally appropriate, but probably only for when we’re at the beach with friends, not a his parents’ house. Amount of boob I’m willing to show around friends > amount of boob I’m willing to show around hubby’s family.

  • SM

    Anyone have advice on swimsuits for a pregnant lady? I’m going to be about five months along during a family vacation to the beach this summer. Finding a good swimsuit is hard, but when you have no idea what your body is going to look like (or feel like) it seems a bit harder!

    • emilyg25

      My advice with maternity stuff is to wait to buy till you’re as close to the date you need it as possible. Maybe at that point, you’ll still be able to rock a regular suit. I went to Palm Springs at 6 months and picked up a cute cheap maternity suit at Target.

      • stephanie

        I was going to say this exactly!

        • SM

          Yes, good point. Thank you!

    • Sarah

      I did a tankini maternity top from Target and paired it with some shorts two sizes larger than my normal size. But I delivered in early Jan (due early Feb) so didn’t use it in my last few months.

  • 20Everythings


  • emilyg25

    The Beach Blanket Bingo one piece (1950s style) from Modcloth is possibly the best swimsuit I ever owned.

    • Danielle

      Ooh that looks so pretty! I might have to go buy that now.

    • Kalë

      I have and love that one too! And it’s the sisterhood of the magic swimsuit – it looks good on EVERYONE.

  • Lindsay

    Y’ALL ARE SUCH STUNNERS I CAN’T HANDLE IT! i swore off coloring my hair while i’m in the terrible process of growing it out but, maddie, you are making it so hard to resist lavender hair right now.
    also my favorite bathing suit is a vintagey polka dot number from modcloth that makes me feel like a pin-up!

  • Kalë

    Can I just say, the last picture of Jareesa is everything I’ve ever wanted to look like (and feel like) in a swimsuit? Fab as fuck yall. Applause!

  • BDubs

    I’m grinning from ear to ear! What a fun shoot, and the gifs made me giggle. Thanks you lovelies!
    I have a question for Jareesa: is the SunBeam Me Up suit top comfy? Does the seam between the mesh and the solid portion that runs right across the girls itch or stick up?

    • It’s comfy but not very supportive, if that makes sense. My girls definitely weren’t sitting up like they would in an underwire bra, it was more similar to a no underwire bra. There was definitely no itching or anything, I wore the suit for hours and had no problems. Hope that helps!

      • BDubs

        Sweet! Thank you!

  • Lawyerette510

    If only the Know an Eccentric top was available not in a halter, I would buy it in an instant! It’s the perfect cat lady swim suit! (I love bikinis but after an hour wearing a halter top, I get headaches from the weight of my breasts pulling around my neck, so I’ve accepted they are just not for me)

  • Abe

    Man, you all look so smokin’ gorgeous!! Love this shoot!

  • La’Marisa-Andrea

    Ya’ll cute.

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