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Modcloth’s New Swimsuit Line Will Make You Feel (and Look) Good

ModCloth has honeymoon swimwear on lock for everybody and every body

apw x modcloth


Since roughly the time my boobs came in, the message I’ve been sent by the swimsuit industry has been loud and clear: cute, fashion-forward swimwear is not for grown-ass women. And the older I get, the more obvious it becomes. We like to pretend that the female form stays eighteen forever, with tight little tummies and perky boobs and no stretch marks. Which, god bless if that’s you. But when I look around for fun, stylish options catering to the thirty-something woman who has had a kid, or gained weight, or simply aged it’s… not pretty. More specifically, it’s overwhelmingly navy and black and sensibly “age appropriate.” And even the stuff that might fit my grown ass, is never actually shown on someone my age. So my takeaway from the whole thing is that girls just wanna have fun; women just wanna cover up their flaws. And maybe spend a quiet day at the spa in a robe. Definitely not a bikini.


So when we were invited to partner with ModCloth to try out their new swimwear line, I was excited to get some grown-ass women into some hot-ass bathing suits. Because ModCloth’s new swimwear line is all about feelin’ yourself (even if you don’t want to flaunt everything you have). So we flew out our intern Jareesa, talked our resident stylist Yesenia into modeling with us, and had a grown-ass-ladies day by the pool. In bikinis.


And y’all, for someone who would have died having a bikini pic of her on the Internet a few years ago, this shoot made me feel #squadgoals times a million. I was having so much fun I didn’t even have time to focus on my supposed flaws (it didn’t hurt having Beyoncé on the stereo and Yesenia pouring Rosé either).


So if you’re shopping for a swimsuit for your honeymoon, or just because summer is around the corner (WHY? HOW? I don’t know), here’s what you should know about ModCloth’s new line of Swimwear:


Sunbeam Me Up! Plus Size Swimsuit Top! (regularly priced at $82.99, on sale for $61.99), Matching Bottom (regularly priced at $67.99, on sale for $50.99), Isabel Sunglasses ($49.99)


Allons-Easy Weekend Bag ($53.99), Third Time Off’s a Charm Beach Towel ($49.99), Coastal Service Sunglasses ($59.99)

It’s not all vintage: I personally love ModCloth for their vintage-inspired swimsuits because they are just so damn flattering. But when we were searching for selections, what caught our eye were actually the really modern pieces. Stuff with cool cutouts and deep plunges and sporty shapes. So if you’re not into kicking it old school by the pool, you’re still covered.


Read Between the Coastlines One Piece Swimsuit ($99.99), Allons-Easy Weekend Bag ($53.99)


Read Between the Coastlines One Piece Swimsuit ($99.99), A Love Aquatic Pool Float ($29.99)


The Swimming Hole Shebang Bottom ($39.99), Matching Top ($49.99) Pink Top: from personal collection

make the most of mix and match: Most of ModCloth’s bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately, which is a Godsend if you’re like me and your top doesn’t match your bottom. (It also means that you can buy, say, a few different tops and/or bottoms and mix and match them for variety, which is what I do in real life. One solid colored top plus three printed bottoms equals lots of options.)


Be Pacific One Piece Swimsuit (regularly priced at $97.99, on sale for $72.99)


Friendly Tendencies Cooler Bag ($59.99), Bathing Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Black ($89.99), Coastal Service Sunglasses ($59.99)

Operation No regrets: Shopping for swimsuits is hard enough, but shopping online for swimsuits is a gamble at best. Which is why ModCloth has two failsafes in place to make sure you end up with something that works for you. First, you can now sort swimwear by top rated and find the suits that ModCloth users liked best (which are usually accompanied by pictures of actual customers wearing them so you can see how they look on non-models). Plus, ModCloth’s generous return policy extends to swimwear as well, so if your suit doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, you’re not stuck with something that doesn’t work.


On a Tide Note Swimsuit Top in Cockatoos (regularly priced at $49.99, on sale for $36.99) Matching Bottom ($39.99), All Suns and Games Hat ($44.99)


On a Tide Note Swimsuit Top in Cockatoos (regularly priced at $49.99, on sale for $36.99) Matching Bottom ($39.99)


Be Pacific One-Piece Swimsuit in Deco (regularly priced at $97.99, on sale for $72.99), Seaside Splendor Sarong (regularly priced at $39.99, on sale for $23.99)

There’s something for every body: Whenever I’m shopping for swimwear, I always feel like I have to sift through a pile of NOPE to get to the one or two styles that will fit my shape, and at that point it doesn’t even matter if I like them because my standards are so low. But I was genuinely impressed at how each of the suits we ordered from ModCloth looked amazing on our team’s diverse body types. ModCloth has stuff for plus sizes (that are actually cut for plus sized bodies, and not just sized up from standard sizes), curvy girls, straight girls, boobs, no boobs, you name it. And it’s all cute.


Sunbeam Me Up! Plus Size Swimsuit Top! (regularly priced at $82.99, on sale for $61.99), Matching Bottom (regularly priced at $67.99, on sale for $50.99)


Third Time Off’s a Charm Beach Towel ($49.99)


Know an Eccentric or Two Swimsuit Top (regularly priced at $49.99, on sale for $36.99), Matching Bottom ($39.99)

Next month I turn thirty. I’m celebrating with friends at a water park. And you bet I’ll be rolling up to the Serpentine Slides in a fresh new suit. Because feelin’ yourself and having fun shouldn’t be something we are forced to age out of.



This post was sponsored by ModCloth. ModCloth’s swim boutique offers stylish modern and vintage-inspired swimsuits that are flattering and fun (and come in a range in sizes from small to 3X). Click here to see all of ModCloth’s new swim styles, plus accessories, bags, floaties and more or below to shop the post directly. (Psst, that flamingo floatie is available. Just sayin’.)


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