Modern, Minimal, Ethical Wedding Jewelry from Aide-mémoire

Perfectly imperfect (because you want it that way)

4mm Concrete 14k yellow Gold Women's Band-1

If you’ve been on the search for modern, minimal, eco-friendly wedding jewelry, then you’re probably going to freak out over our newest sponsor, Seattle-based Aide-mémoire Jewelry (because how often do those adjectives go together in the same sentence?). While most mainstream wedding jewelers pride themselves on perfection (the flawless diamond, the perfect band, everything sleek and smooth) Aide-mémoire says to Hell with that. Founder Aran Galligan created Aide-mémoire to be perfectly imperfect.

Inspired by modern design principles (beautiful simplicity, clean lines, and staying true to the materials used) and wabi sabi, an aesthetic value of the Japanese where beauty often lies in the imperfect, Aran merges tradition with technology—utilizing everything from time honored metalworking skills to computer-aided design—to create eco-friendly, ethical, one-of-a kind wedding jewelry that her customers describe as “beautiful, with just a touch of rebellion against traditional plain bands.” Kind of like this:


and this:


and this:
3mm Faceted 14k Rose Gold-1

jewelry You can feel Really Good about

Ethical practices are at the heart of every Aide-mémoire piece, from the one hundred percent recycled precious metals Aran uses in all her designs to the ethically sourced stones (including recycled, lab-grown, and ethically-mined diamonds). Aran even makes a conscious effort to reuse things like packing materials whenever possible. Plus, Aide-mémoire also makes regular donations to a selection of nonprofits, including Lambda LegalDirect ReliefHuman Rights Campaign and Ethical Metalsmiths.

His & His Engagment Rings-1

And while ethical jewelry usually means an understandably higher price tag, Aide-mémoire rings begin at just $90. And that’s not even getting into Aran’s engagement ring designs, which are basically the holy grail of low-profile minimalism without sacrificing design (aka it won’t get in the way of your actual life, or you know, catch on your sweater, but you’ll still go “Ooooh” when you look at it). Engagement rings start at $210, with the most expensive option still coming in under $2,500.

4mm Rustic Engagement 14k Rose Gold Moissanite-1

Eco-friendly with flair

Every Aide-mémoire piece is custom made to order, which means no two rings are ever exactly the same. And if you want really not the same, many of Aran’s designs are customizable, from from the metals to the stones and even engraving options. As one recent customer recalled:

“Aran and Aide-mémoire were a dream to work with on this special wedding band for my husband. I wanted some little gems inset on the inside and Aran was very patient with helping me decide. She also was very honest on what would and wouldn’t work well to make sure it would be long-lasting and I really appreciated that from her! I worked in jewelry for a high end store for five years and I can say with total confidence that Aran’s workmanship, knowledge, and design are as good as I’ve ever seen. She also is very careful in her selection of materials, which is important to me.”

Signet Ring 10k Yellow Gold Moissanite-1

So if an ethical, eco-friendly wedding band is high on your priority list, then I recommend saving this post in your bookmarks tab right now. Because you’re going to want to remember Aide-mémoire later when you realize that just about no one is doing stylish, ethical, affordable wedding jewelry quite like they are.

Click HERE to browse AIDE-MEMOIRE’S WEDDING RINGS, and get in touch with Aran today!

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