My New Style Board

I’m always a little shy about posting my inspiration boards, because I just make boards for myself, not lovely works of art like Abby and Kathryn. But, I created this new board for our wedding, to give people a idea of our ideas for our jewel toned, vintage-y, laid back, joyful wedding day. This board had a little more pink then we want to use, but it gives the vibrant feeling we are going for. You can see my first board here, which contains lots of elements we are still planning on using.

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  • yay for jewel-toned colors!!! love the board.

  • KJ

    Love it! Currently trying to sell my fiance on the jewel-tones idea, but he doesn’t quite understand what makes up the jewel tone palette. “Like any color a jewel can be? Isn’t that about every color?”

  • Very luscious and lovely. How do you make those boards?? Do you need a special program, or can you use word?


  • Amy H.

    Meg, it looks gorgeous. (Do you mind disclosing where your garden party is going to be? You mentioned it was with Parks and Rec — in the East Bay?)

  • Meg

    Kj – yup, we had that conversation too!

    IAHTH – Photoshop and Illustrator

    And Amy, email me for more details if they will help.

  • i love that you understand the importance of including wine on an inspiration board!

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Ooh, pretty! I especially love the Moroccan roses in the bottom corner.

    Hmm, good point about the jewels. I know what ‘jewel toned’ means, but how do you describe it to a boy? (I know, I know, shamefully sexist of me)

  • love love love the jewel toned colors and the board is great. what time of year/day are you getting hitched?

  • Meg

    In August, in the morning!

  • orbihoola


    Really glad to get into this forum
    It’s what I am looking for.
    Hope to know more member here.