Here’s How to Get an Amazing Wedding Video Anywhere in the U.S.

Nice Shot Films delivers timeless video in just three weeks—with free travel to all 50 states

video still from nice shot films wedding video

Affordable and accessible wedding videography can be tough to find, which is what makes reintroducing APW readers to Nice Shot Films such a joy. After all, when we first told you guys about this super talented, queer couple who make the most excellent wedding videos, you guys booked them in droves (truly: APW readers + Nice Shot Films = wedding video magic). And of course you did. With rates that begin at $2,500, and offices in both San Jose, California and Dallas, Texas (plus free travel to every state in the U.S.), these guys are like a gift from the wedding-planning gods.

David Meyers, one of the minds behind Nice Shot Films, comes from a long line of craftsmen. His grandfather carved wood sculptures, and his dad has a large orchard that he tends. In a sense, Nice Shot Films is simply an extension of that family inspiration. As David puts it:

I make things. There’s a great joy in being able to express yourself through artistic work, and wedding films are so fun because we get to include our couples as creative partners.

Nice Shot Films is completely in this for their couples, bending their filmmaking style to your preferences, whether that’s a super-specific creative vision (this past year has included one wedding film based on Wes Anderson’s style and another based on Gothic black-and-white films!), or a timeless cinematic style.

With that long history of craftsmanship and collaboration in mind, there are three big bullet points that make Nice Shot Films stand out from the rest of the pack:

  • lightning fast turnaround: By far, the coolest thing about Nice Shot Films is that they promise full wedding video turnaround in three weeks—or less. In other words, when you hire Nice Shot Films, you will very likely get your wedding video back before you even get your photos.
  • THEY COME TO YOU: Nice Shot Films serves the entire United States (even Alaska and Hawaii) without travel fees, making them accessible to couples everywhere, even if you’re getting married in a super remote region. They have brick and mortar offices in Dallas, Texas, and San Jose, California, and regularly travel to couples all over the country, with weddings coming up in California, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, New York, and Oregon in the next few months.
  • THEY’RE QUEER FRIENDLY: And more importantly, queer sensitive. Nice Shot Films is owned by two gay men who have been together for ten years (awwww!), and everyone who works for the company is extremely sensitive to what may come up on a wedding day for LGBTQ couples.

Okay, I lied. There’s also a fourth way that Nice Shot Films breaks the mold. Their wedding videos are good. Really good. Crying happy tears at your desk over couples you’ve never met good:

Nice Shot Films’ rates range between $2,500 and $3,500—every package is built as a custom quote, so they can find out what you need for your wedding and make it happen. The team also offers optional upgrades, like interviews, raw footage, rehearsal dinner coverage, and DVDs. This custom style works, and works well (as proven by their unanimous five-star reviews across all the major review platforms):

Everything about their service was impeccable. We were hesitant to splurge on a videographer, but once David explained what all came with his service for the price, we were hooked. When my wife and I saw the highlight video, we both teared up. It was brilliant. They captured every moment and even gave us much longer videos for us to edit on our own. For anyone on the fence about getting a videographer, you have to contact Nice Shot Flims. You’ll never regret reliving the most important day of your life on command. —Jarred

Want more? Head over to Nice Shot Films, get to know David and his partner Rhyne, find out if they’re available for your wedding date, and get booking. With films this good, rates this reasonable, and turnaround times this fast, everyone else is going to be snapping them up!

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