These New Ethical Wedding Bands Are Killer

Gorgeous (affordable) infinity bands in every color of the rainbow

Multi-Color Diamond and Sapphire Eternity Band—18 Karat Black Gold ($450)

When you’re shopping for a ring that you’re planning to wear forever, you want to make sure what you’re buying is the real deal. It was easy in the chaos of wedding planning to make a decision based on looks and price so I could check “wedding band” off the list, but I regret not spending my time and budget… wisely. This is why I was so thrilled to find Noémie, a fine jewelry brand that’s pairing the trust of a family jeweler with the convenience of shopping from your couch at 2am.

Don’t be like Me

I was never really comfortable wearing my (super fragile heirloom) engagement ring IRL, so when it came time to shop for a wedding band, I wanted something simple but blingy enough to pull double duty. (I have major #feels about traditional diamond rings, but I’m not going to lie about loving the sparkle.) I thought I’d struck gold when I found a well-reviewed jeweler on Etsy with the perfect diamond infinity band at a price we could afford: $600. But then, six months after our wedding, two of my ring’s stones fell out. When I googled the jeweler to pull up their contact info, I found message board threads about their poor craftsmanship and cheap Chinese settings. Uh, what?!

Disheartened, I had the two tiny stones replaced for $100 by a local jeweler. Another year went by, another three stones fell out. I stalled, not wanting to spend nearly half the cost of the ring replacing stones. Then, earlier this year, I did something during the course of an ordinary day (AKA eight hours at the computer) to squish the ring into an unwearable oval shape, causing four more stones to pop out. Not surprisingly, five years on, the original Etsy jeweler is no longer even in business.

Guys. Turns out there is a way better way.

ethical wedding bands from noemie

a better way to buy jewelry

When Noémie’s founder Yuvi Alpert launched his first fine jewelry line, he was shocked to discover that by the time his pieces reached customers in stores they had been marked up five to ten times what they cost to produce. To counteract this, he founded Noémie.

Noémie is direct-to-consumer, which is a fancy way of saying that they cut out all those unnecessary markups by selling directly to their customers instead of stores, and pass those savings on to you. Case in point, that $600 I unknowingly wasted five years ago can buy you a seriously gorgeous, ethically sourced, high-quality eternity band today. Noémie’s eternity bands come in just about every color of the jewelry rainbow, from traditional yellow gold with white diamonds, to a killer black gold and black diamond design, to a totally unique rose gold and multi-colored sapphire/white diamond combo (which is Maddie’s favorite, obvi):

ethical wedding bands from noemie

Diamond Eternity Band—18K White Gold with Diamonds ($590)

ethical wedding bands from noemie

Diamond Eternity Band—18 Karat Black Gold with Black Diamonds ($450)

ethical wedding bands from noemie

Diamond Eternity Band—18 Karat Yellow Gold ($590)

ethical wedding bands from noemie

Diamond Eternity Band—18 Karat Rose Gold ($590)

ethical wedding bands from noemie

Multi-Color Diamond and Sapphire Eternity Band—18 Karat Rose Gold ($450)


the good stuff

Every piece of Noémie jewelry is made with recycled 18K gold (yup, that’s fancier and typically more expensive than a 14K wedding band) and certified conflict-free diamonds, so your conscience will be just as happy as your wallet.

Speaking of your wallet, Noémie’s diamond eternity bands range in price from $450 to $590, which includes shipping, free returns and exchanges, a lifetime warranty, and free cleaning when needed. And if planning for a wedding is wreaking havoc on your cash flow, Noémie offers the option to pay for any style in up to four monthly payments, with zero interest and no hidden costs, set up fees, or shadiness.

And here’s the bonus you will thank yourself for later: every diamond band that comes from Noémie is inspected first by an independent appraiser, the International Gemological Institute, and comes with a certification card. This means that you have a written record of the authenticity, quality, and value of your ring. Because spoiler alert: if you’re a procrastinator and are already burnt out on wedding planning, you may find it very easy to forget getting your ring insured (which usually requires an appraisal. I know, I’m exhausted just talking about it).

Also, all Noémie jewelry also comes with complimentary overnight shipping (because not having to worry about might happen to your ring in the mail = even more peace of mind) in their signature big, blue box. I mean, Tiffany who, right?

ethical wedding bands from noemie

So if you’re looking for a diamond wedding band, Noémie’s is the best of the best. Not only do they offer a variety of affordably priced killer designs in top-quality, ethical materials, but they’ve got your back with great customer service, independent appraisals, overnight shipping, and easy payment plans.

And when you’re finished with planning (ahem, paying) for a wedding, and have mayyybe been bitten by the fine jewelry bug, Noémie’s Classic Collection has every cornerstone piece of jewelry you could ever want to invest in, from classic hoops (big AND small), to solitaires, bracelets, and pendants. Likewise, if you’re holiday shopping for a very special person in your life (maybe… yourself?), I personally love the Love Your City collection and the Love Your Mama collection.

Find out more about Noémie and their designs on their website. If you’ll be in NYC, you can make an appointment to visit The Loft, their Soho showroom, to try things on, learn more about the jewelry and design process, and get all your questions answered in person.

Noémie offers the highest quality diamond infinity bands—and more—for the fairest possible prices.

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