20+ Best North American Honeymoon Destinations

From road trips to beaches to adventure

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So you wanna have a North American Honeymoon? Rad. Best Honeymoon lists (even our own) tend to focus on glamorous and far-flung destinations. Which is fine! Because who’s mad about the idea of going to Paris? But sometimes reality requires that you stay closer to home. So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best honeymoon destinations in North America. We have budget options, road trip adventures, all-inclusive resorts, foodie paradises, and more. Here is all our best research for taking a honeymoon sort of close to your own backyard. (At least, if your backyard is somewhere in North America.) Because you don’t need to end up with jet lag to get far outside of your norm and feel like you’ve really gotten away.

Best North American honeymoons for the budget conscious

Not everyone has a ton of cash to spend on a honeymoon, but luckily all that a honeymoon really means is some time for just the two of you. While it’s impossible to gage what is considered budget for any particular person, we’ve picked a few destinations where you can get a good bang for your buck.

  • Destin, Florida (USA): In need of emerald beaches and white sands but don’t want to deal with immigration or Miami Beach vibes? Destin is famous for its plentiful Gulf Coast fishing, but it also shines as an affordable beach getaway. There are Airbnb rooms across from the beach for under $100/night, and inns (with pools) just off the water are in the same range.
  • Quebec (Canada): Thanks to our lovely sister in the north, you can visit French speakers without flying all the way to Paris. (Or, you know, dealing with Parisians. I kid. Or do I?) With the advent of Airbnb and hotel rooms starting at $86, grab a cheap flight (or hop in your car) and go.
  • San Juan (Puerto Rico): Some people forget that Puerto Rico is part of the United States. But it is! It’s also that it’s not wildly expensive to get to (especially if you’re on the East Coast). And once you’re there, you get the joy of feeling like you’re in a different country, with the comfort of not needing a passport. Prices on the island are reasonably low, plus you can swim with the bioluminescent plankton.
  • Havana (Cuba): Travel laws keep changing (make sure to comply!), but if you have the opportunity to visit Havana, you’re in for a treat. There are direct flights from the East Coast, and Casa Particulars (home stays) can start at $20/night (though, we recommend this $80/night suite over the gorgeous Cafe Bohemia right in the middle of a historic plaza). For the budget traveler, it’s easy enough to take a public bus to a nearby white sand beach, walk the streets of Old Havana and enjoy the bustle and revolutionary art, or buy perfectly ripe avocados from a street vendor for under a dollar. You have to bring enough cash for your whole trip, but mojitos are cheap and fantastic. What else do you need? (Oh right. Probably cigars.)

Best North American honeymoons for Road Trippers

 A road trip honeymoon may not appeal to everyone, but if you love few things more than hopping in the car and heading out on an adventure, one of these routes might be something to consider.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway (USA): This drive is one of the most gorgeous drives in the United States. And if you’re honeymooning in the fall, the colors will be breathtaking. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed planning the journey, suggested itineraries are available for you. There’s also a host of lodging options, be it via hotels, luxury cabins, or Airbnb, so you can find something for every budget.
  • California’s Pacific Coast Highway (USA): Feeling like traveling one of the most celebrated and beloved stretches of highway in America? As long as you don’t mind cliffs and windy roads, this one is for you. This road trip can be completed in as little as a day, but that would really be missing the point. Stretch out the trip, visit beaches, and all of California’s most scenic spots along the way. Bonus: pop into a magical hotel (and staff favorite), Madonna Inn, when you pass through San Luis Obispo. You’ll be rewarded with the world’s best Instagrams.
  • The Trans-Canada Highway (Newfoundland to British Columbia): This roadway is one of the world’s longest roads (8,030 km) and you’ll traverse all ten Canadian provinces, touch ground at both the Atlantic and the Pacific, and cross four islands. Want more info? You’ve got it.
  • The Canadian Rockies: Bonus: a couple has already planned this trip and made a possible itinerary available.
  • Mexico Road Trips: Road tripping in Mexico might not have occurred to you, but Mexico is more than beaches and tacos (mmm, tacos). This site, written by veterans of the Mexico RV scene, lays out comprehensive information on road tripping in Mexico. It covers everything from routes, to car insurance, to places to see. It also reviews basic safety and medical information, since an informed traveler is a smarter traveler.

    Best North American honeymoons for The Resort set

After all that wedding planning, it makes sense that you might want to spend a few days (or weeks) somewhere all-inclusive. You know, you pay a rate, and they provide everything. Soft sheets, lots of great food, atmosphere, activities, and more. Obviously this can be a much pricier way to travel, but hey, you deserve it right? (And we all deserve to click on these links and pretend we’re booking these hotels.)

  • Blackberry Farm (USA): Maybe heading off to the wilds of Tennessee doesn’t immediately sound like the most romantic thing to do, but hear me out. The Blackberry Farm is fancy, and perfect for those who want to experience farm chic living. They also host wine weekends, concerts, and even holiday meals. Rooms and suites begin at $695, with meals included.
  • Sanctuary Resort at Camelback (USA): FYI, this is where Beyoncé and Jay-Z mini-mooned, so you know it’s on point. The resort offers host of packages, included the Romance in Paradise, Sanctuary Escape, and Spa Harmony options. Rooms begin at $259.
  • Poets Cove (British Colombia, Canada): Poets Cove is on Pender Island, which means you’ll need to take a ferry, boat, or seaplane from Vancouver, Victoria, or Seattle to get there. Once you’re there, though, it’s stunning. The island offers art galleries, wineries, hikes, wildlife tours, and water activities, and rooms begin at $350 USD/$472.95 CAD per night.
  • CasaVelas (Mexico): This resort looks exactly like what you expect an all-inclusive, adults-only, luxury boutique honeymoon resort in Mexico to look like: blue skies, blue water, and beaches for days. If you catch them during a special, your stay can begin at $232 USD/$4730 MXN per night.
  • Hotel Le St. James (Quebec, Canada): If you’re looking for a bit of European glam without having to cross an ocean, Hotel Le St. James is where you go to find it. Their XO Restaurant is renowned for its delicious offerings, and the Amore package is spot-on for newlyweds: you drop off your keys, and they take care of everything else. Be prepared to be spendy, though: stays begin at $572 USD/$773 CAD a night.

Best North American Honeymoons For food LOVERS

If great meals are a priority, here are some cities worth considering.

  • Savannah, Georgia (USA): Savannah is one of those somewhat exotic feeling locations within the U.S. that every person who’s ever visited raves about. (Plus, think of the Instagrams.) While you can stay in luxury B&Bs like Azalea Inn & Villas or go beach camping at a state park, our favorites are in the old Victorians (like Dresser Palmer House) by Forsyth Park, some of which offer happy hour wine and local cheese you can enjoy on the grand porches. What you need to sink your teeth into? The Olde Pink House (just be prepared to wait!), Wall’s BBQ (serving up Southern goodness since the ’60s), and a biscuit from either Back in the Day Bakery or Collin’s Quarter.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (USA): I mean, look. You literally cannot do food wrong in NOLA, whether you’re eating a sandwich in a paper wrapper or participating in some (very) fine dining. Since you’re on your honeymoon, you might as well do both. Even though you’re going to hit it out of the park whatever you do, here are a few picks. Grab breakfast at NOLA Cakes, lunch at Josephine Estelle, and wrap up your day with dinner at Napoleon House or Bistro Daisy. Looking for a weekend brunch spot? Try Café Amelie.
  • Oahu, Hawaii (USA): Part of what makes Hawaii such an incredible place is diversity—which definitely extends to food offered. Must-try spots include Rainbow Drive In, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, The Pig and the Lady, Peace Cafe (it’s vegan!), and Fukuya.
  • Mexico City (Mexico): This is for those of us who consider Mexican food one of the seven wonders of the world. While I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain the wonders of Mexican food to you (pretty much anywhere you get food, from a street stall on up, will be delicious). But if you want to think fancy, Quintonil alone might just well make the trip worth it.
  • Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick/Nova Scotia (Canada): The Bay of Fundy is legendary for its high tides, but the city also has some of the best seafood you’ll find on planet Earth—and many a winery tour available. All nearby: Murphy’s Fish and Chips, Wild Caraway (which has a B&B above it, FYI), and Windjammer.

Best north american Honeymoons For those who want it all

Sometimes when you’re planning your honeymoon, you just want… everything. Great food, comfortable lodging, budget consciousness, and as many perks as possible are all given equal weight. Luckily, this is (mostly) possible.

  • Harbour Island (Bahamas): Hotels range from $156 for a room at Royal Palm to $436 a night at all-inclusive resort The Cove Eleuthera, and everything about Harbour Island screams romance. You’ll also definitely need to swing by Sip Sip, where the menu changes daily and is almost always guaranteed to please.
  • Yosemite Valley (USA): The gold standard of Yosemite hotels is of course the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly, and forever in our hearts, the Ahwahnee). Having visited the hotel, I can tell you the price tag is steep (starting at $408/night), but also totally worth it. It is an amazing space, and there really is nothing else like it. That said, if you don’t want to take out a second mortgage for your stay, but still don’t want to rough it, the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite might be exactly what you’re looking for. The resort offers four packages that cater to different interests and experiences (biking, romance, bed and breakfast, and a fall cozy package), with rates beginning at $250/night. If neither of those are quite your style, you can get a full list of Yosemite hotel options here.
  • Tulum (Mexico): Can’t decide between a resort or a tiny hideaway? Want the jungle, history, and the beach? Are you a foodie but also outdoorsy? Tulum’s eco protection laws, historic ruins, turquoise beaches, and world-class food should scratch every itch (but still, don’t forget to pack lots of eco-friendly bug spray!). You can stay on the beach in charming hut at Ahau for under $100 USD/night in low season, and there are plenty of fresh coconut smoothies and artisanal tacos to keep you going. Pro tip: if you do splurge, we recommend the couple’s Mayan clay massage.
  • Whitehouse (Jamaica): Jamaica is one of the classic honeymoon destinations. Book a stay at the Sandals resort ($234/night), where all the rooms face the beach, and you’ll also snag a free honeymoon package (think booze and breakfast in bed). Plus? Beach, beach, beach.

What North American honeymoon destinations would you add to this list?

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