November 2021 Wedding Planning Open Thread

The holidays are (almost) here

Hey APW,

I was helping my friend with her wedding decor over the weekend and we got to chatting about what was left on her wedding to-do list. As we were talking about wedding things, another topic came up. The holidays. And I believe the words were “Damn. It’s A LOT to plan a wedding during the holidays”, to be clear, as you all know, planning a wedding isn’t always a simple feat even when it’s not this time of the year. Add on the holiday stress and it’s real easy to feel the overwhelm start to kick in.

And if you’re like me and have literally no concept of time these days (tell me I’m not the only one), you might have also felt the sudden weight of your to do list creeping up on you. Time is flying y’all. So, what do you have left to check off on your wedding planning list? Are you down to the nitty-gritty details and backup plans? Things like a Plan B in case of wedding day showers (you might want to have some snazzy umbrellas on hand for that), or are you still trying to nail down big picture items on your list?

As for me, I’ll be deep in bridesmaid’s duties for the next month and have a few things to check off of my own list. Like finding a pair of comfortable (and cute!) nude heels to go with my bridesmaid dress. Do you all have any suggestions? I’m all ears. Otherwise, shoot us your wedding questions and concerns in the comments. It’s your open thread!



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