November 2020 Planning Open Thread

We've almost made it through 2020... we're still here for YOU, COVID couples!

Hey fellow COVID Couples,

What a ride we’re all on, huh? I know I say this every month, but… I can’t believe we are still having this conversation, and I’m so sorry we are. These last few weeks, since we last checked in, have been extra wild with election drama. Whew. We survived that, now let’s get back to some regularly scheduled wedding planning… or at least that’s what my fiance and I are up to.

Two weeks back I had a big meltdown when I called a dream wedding spot that we’d been eyeing and was told it wasn’t an option until there was a vaccine or this virus is ‘done’ (this is not the first time it’s happened… and what does that mean?). Has this happened to any of you? Venues and vendors who are (totally reasonably) afraid to let you book them for 2021 because things are so uncertain? I was in a moment of just wanting to book something so that we could have a date in mind and start planning… for personal reasons we *will* be getting married in 2021 be it an elopement, or with a bit of an audience. I then realized that making these sorts of calls (and getting that sort of response) was not going to be good for my mental health in the midst of the election waiting game. So, I put (yet another) hold on planning. But I think I might be about ready to dive back in.

How about you, friends? What have been your COVID wedding planning wins this past month? Have you had some frustrating struggles that we can support you in (either with solidarity or maybe some of my professional guidance)? Share your meltdowns, share your celebrations… this is your open thread, and we’re all in this together.


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