October COVID Couples Open Thread

How Is October Bringing New Worries? (Put your questions and worries in the comments)

Hey APW,

With everything else going on in the world (hello, election), our monthly COVID Couple’s post almost slipped my radar. In large part, I think, because I just don’t know how we’re still here having these same conversations, and how nothing has changed, and in fact we’re going into a season that’s supposed to be even worse.

(Side note: remember back in April when wedding publications were saying that pushing a wedding to July was an overreaction, and literally everyone thought 2021 was safe? Well. Here we are.)

I’m hoping that for some of you, the dust has begun to settle. Perhaps you’ve made it to the joyous point of eloping or finally feeling secure in your new plan. If so, congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

Alternately, you might just be realizing that your early 2021 wedding is going to be affected, or you’re (like me) recently engaged and need to… ya know… start planning. But how?

This post isn’t going to have all the answers, because legit there are no answers. (Though we have lots of COVID wedding planning resources here for you). Instead, this post is a place to connect with other COVID Couples, ask the APW team or each other for guidance, or just yell into your keyboard about the frustrations you’ve been facing. We’re here with you no matter what. We’re all in this together, and no one understands you better than your fellow COVID Couples.

So, friends… this is your open thread. I’ll be here to help if I can. HUGS.


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