On Marriage: Rooting & Reaching

Have I mentioned we’re now on our ‘married budget’? We are. Thusly:

David: Maybe we can get a new vacuum cleaner.
Me: (without looking up from my reading) Do you want to get a vacuum cleaner or do you want to go to India?
David: Maybe we can get a *used* vacuum cleaner.

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  • sam

    Nice! We just had this conversation, but it was New Zealand and a Couch :)

  • Ah, then apparently I'm already on a married budget, and I'm not even engaged. We're looking at houses, so our discussions are more like "do you want season tickets to the Flyers or do you want to afford our downpayment?" We are both guilty of wanting the expensive things (mine are usually shoes).

  • I wish one of us was you. but no.

  • Dude you must be into some expensive vacuum cleaners. :)

  • Oh story of my entire summer, only I was the one who wanted a vacuum. Only, in Samwise's and my case it was more like

    Me: Can we go to Chipolte?
    Samwise: Do you want to go to Chiptolte or do you want to go to Otakon?
    Me, sad face: Can we have pasta. . . again. . . ?

  • seriously – I have one new in a box that I'll give you.
    It's not spectacular, but it's brand new and just taking up space in my apartment.

    Snpdragn@gmail.com if you want it – we'll figure the rest out.

  • AH HAHAHA Love it :)

  • I have this conversation frequently. Replace India with Tanzania…

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    I love you two.

    Our conversations are similar but go more along the lines of 'do you want a new vacuum cleaner or do you want to buy a boat?'

  • Betty

    omg you don't know how much i love this?

    i have this conversation once a day. except it's the other way around.

  • And that's what we call priorities, people. India is the preferred country of choice, obviously.

  • Nat

    I can relate to the sentiment, but I'm confused by the title of the post, in Australia "Rooting" has ahem another meaning… wasn't sure what was to come…

  • I enjoy the glimpse of how marriage plays out in the day to day, in the little interactions. The title "on-marriage: rooting & reaching" also leaves me wondering if there is a broader theme to explore: the dynamic between your relationship as nurturing growth through your "home" (can't quite think of a better word, though I don't mean in in the literal sense), and nurturing growth through broader exploration.

  • Meg

    Mmmmm…. good stuff Arden. Stuff I've been thinking about writing about over time, but hadn't put into such eloquent words.

  • Ahahaha we just did the EXACT same thing, but with the coffee table!

  • Cate Subrosa

    Hee. Real life. Married life. Yum :)