Solidarity, Wigs, and Pantene Beautiful Lengths: Part III


And now the part I assume everyone’s been secretly waiting for: the reveal of Liz’s new look. Here’s the thing. When we came up with the idea for this program, the part I was most excited about was taking Liz’s photos. I wanted to show the world that you don’t have to have hair to be beautiful (and clearly, you don’t). But what I ended up getting from the experience was something totally different. As you read earlier today, getting her head shaved wasn’t easy for Liz. But for me, knowing that she was willing to do it anyway meant so much. Cancer sucks. On so many levels. And frankly, there isn’t always a lot that you can do to make it better for someone else when you’re not close enough for, say, bringing over dinner or helping watch the kids during a doctor’s visit. But this? Donating your hair? It’s something you can do, and it can make a big difference in helping someone else feel a little closer to normal. Even if it’s not easy.

**This post was sponsored by Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Thank you Pantene for helping make the APW mission possible!**

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