A Patreon Update

And a heartfelt Thank You

You’ve definitely heard us talk about our Patreon, and our huge amount of gratitude to the community, for helping us provide health insurance to the APW Team (and me) during this wild and crazy year. (And if you’re already in the club…. well, then you already know.) But, if somehow you’ve missed it so far, we are here to remind you about our Patreon. Think of it like a members only VIP club for APW and folx who follow Meg/Practical Business School—like an extension of feminist summer camp. But honestly, more than any of that, it’s about community.

We created our Patreon back at the beginning of the COVID fever dream. We, quite honestly, were scrambling for all the ways we could think of to keep our heads above water. Someone recommended the idea and we ran with it. In no uncertain terms, our Patreon members are the reason the team was able to keep our healthcare in tact over the last six months. And ya’ll… we could not be more grateful.

So, it seemed like we should pop on now, half a year later (what? how?) and give you all some updates. A few things we are excited to share/remind you of:

  • You can join Patreon anytime, change your monthly commitment amount anytime, and leave anytime. You are totally in charge. (And they just added annual payments as an option, so you won’t have to even worry about monthly charges!)
  • Last month, we launched our first piece of merch! We have more to come… but you need this mug. It was designed by Chelsea, and we are obsessed.
  • There are different tiers that you can join. They are all great, they come with different ‘perks.’ Our favorite… if we’re being honest, is the community tier. That’s where the monthly zoom hangouts kick-in, and they’re our favorite thing to do. We meet once a month and check-in, hangout, hear about each other’s lives, laugh, and leave the call feeling lighter and happier than we were when we started. Can’t recommend it enough. (So far, we’ve talked about APW’s spin-off business ideas, the weather, people’s pandemic wedding plans, government jobs, the world as a whole, family planning, how to have a virtual wedding right, and so much more. It’s not just wedding talk, it’s really an array of anything and everything.)

The September call will be full of amazing human connection, not to mention the fun merch. So, here’s your reminder to join Patreon… and come hang out with the APW team behind the scenes a little.

*I mean, look at that mug. You CAN do hard things.*  

And one more round of applause for the folx who have joined so far. As one of the (healthcare-benefit-keeping) beneficiaries of your generosity, I just want to say: THANK YOU. You’ve made a huge difference in our pandemic lives, and I can’t wait to see you all on this month’s call.


PS. Have a happy long weekend, all.

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