Piercing Rays Of Light

Well. I was going to post something else all together today, but then I came across this, and I threw out my plans. If you haven’t seen Ceilia’s wedding, you’ve got to go see it (on East Side Bride, natch, and on Life According to Celia). But today, Ceilia’s friend Krista wrote about what it was like to be at that wedding, and it was Exactly. It. This is the hugeness I was talking about, this is the ambition squared, this is the secret no one puts words to:
What no one tells you when you’re young, what no one seems to understand, is that the best thing you can ever do is find the person that makes you want to be the best you possible. The one person that does not complete you, but complements you. enhances you. makes you shine bright right next to them. I have watched Joe find himself through his heart because of Celia. I have watched them love each other for exactly who they are and where they are and I can say that I have been one of the lucky ones who stood in the middle of nowhere, right next to neverland, and witnessed the declaration of real love. It’s gauzy, believe it or not. And it looks a whole lot like a sunset. Now go read it all.

Pictures by Cathryn Farnsworth

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  • goosebumps Meg. effing GOOSEBUMPS!

  • Wow…

    We went to our friends' wedding a couple of months ago and I felt just like that. That together they're unconquerable. They've both changed in such beautiful ways since they met each other. We all cried–and my fiance started it!

  • I was already obsessed with Celia's wedding (her headpiece, her bridesmaids, the best man, her rockin' style in general). Now I am even more in love with it. How wonderful is it to go to a wedding and just feel that connection and love?! (I know we've all been to at least one where that clearly wasn't there and it. was. uncomfortable.)

  • "The one person that does not complete you, but complements you. enhances you." yesyesyesyesyes!

    I really, truly hope our guests got that same gauzy feeling from our wedding(which, btw, I'm sending you soon! Your call to action inspired me to finally get the film developed).

  • Meg

    Sometimes it's gauzy, sometimes it's gritty, sometimes its funny… I know what it was like from our end, but not so much from our geusts. Hum. Though they were all crying.


  • Wow. I'm teary-eyed reading this, because it's SO TRUE.

  • Tree


  • Peonies and Polaroids

    wasn't it the most beautiful?

  • Sarah

    i love it!!!!!!

    the day that i feel my fiance "unofficially" proposed to me (i can't remember the day, but it was about 2.5 years ago, when we decided that we were going to be together) – he said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me because "you make me want to be the best man that i can be."

    from that point forward, no words could ever compare.

  • Meghan

    I loved reading this. Read it a few times today as a matter of fact. Got chills everytime. I too have a huge crush on Celia's wedding.

  • oooooooohhhhhhhhh, Meg! You're right. This is IT.

  • Ashley

    I have ever so slooowly been reading through the archives and am a self labled lurker but when I saw this I thought please let the comments be open. It is so good I must AHA! So many times I’ve thought to myself in regards to the boy that completing me is inaccurate as I feel pretty whole all by-my-damn-self thank you very much! However, I am always amazed at his ability to show up when I need me the most and help me see the talents and strengths I had no idea I possesed. Yes, he compliments me! This is why I read apw it keeps me sane and helps me feel good!