Piercing Rays Of Light

Well. I was going to post something else all together today, but then I came across this, and I threw out my plans. If you haven’t seen Ceilia’s wedding, you’ve got to go see it (on East Side Bride, natch, and on Life According to Celia). But today, Ceilia’s friend Krista wrote about what it was like to be at that wedding, and it was Exactly. It. This is the hugeness I was talking about, this is the ambition squared, this is the secret no one puts words to:

What no one tells you when you’re young, what no one seems to understand, is that the best thing you can ever do is find the person that makes you want to be the best you possible. The one person that does not complete you, but complements you. enhances you. makes you shine bright right next to them. I have watched Joe find himself through his heart because of Celia. I have watched them love each other for exactly who they are and where they are and I can say that I have been one of the lucky ones who stood in the middle of nowhere, right next to neverland, and witnessed the declaration of real love. It’s gauzy, believe it or not. And it looks a whole lot like a sunset.

Now go read it all.

Pictures by Cathryn Farnsworth

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