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The Zodiac With Leah

Yesterday was the anniversary of my dad’s death. But it’s not just that. Two weeks after his death, the APW offices were robbed (two nights in a row), so I lost my home away from home very suddenly, right on the heels of losing a parent. It’s been a hard year for my family. But it’s also been a really intense year of transition as a company, and we’ve been struggling to get our feet under us ever since. But this week marks the beginning of a new year. And that’s a big deal for us. As part of that—and dedicating ourselves to an energy shift—we’ve been focused on creating new content, and working on new projects that we’re excited about (and maybe even a little healing).

So I’m super excited to introduce Planning By The Stars, our new monthly wedding-, relationship-, and planning-focused horoscope series from supernatural social worker Leah Tioxon (formerly our camp witch). Given that we’re a site focused on folx planning large events and in relationships, Leah’s advice will focus on those themes, as she helps you ride the cosmic currents rather than swim upstream.

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Our team is super into astrology (as spoken by our resident Aries), but we know not everyone is. When I was 15, I got into an argument with my now-husband, then classmate over an astrology book that he told me was, “Garbage,” and I told him he could “feel free to leave the conversation.” (Have I mentioned that most of the toasts at our wedding were about how surprised people were when we got together?) It’s fine, though. I used the book in question, The Secret Language Of Birthdays—which now obviously exists in app form—to look up the very accurate descriptions of our children’s birthdays, so I really won that round. He’s still not into astrology, though, and you might not be either, in which case you can skip this.

For the rest of us though, Leah has whipped up some eerily accurate advice for September. I’m writing all of mine down in my planner, and I’ll meet you here next month for more.


September is a month to get stuff done. Make decisions, move forward on goals, but don’t expect things to happen overnight. There’s a LOT of earth energy in the skies, especially in the first half of the month. An abundance of Virgo and Capricorn energy asks us to dot the Is, cross the Ts, and be clear on expectations—and the slow and steady steps it takes to get bigger goals accomplished. This is a month to cultivate patience, including, most importantly, with yourself. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination—and the people on our journey with us aren’t always on the same page. If you feel like you’re herding cats this month, take a step back. It’s best to get clear on what truly matters and try to see where others are coming from—or where they think they’re heading—before marinating in frustration that could flavor your tone or your actions. Things will feel more urgent than they actually  are this month, so place priority on the relationships that matter, feed your body, mind, and soul some delicious nourishment to fuel your hard work, and reach for a little extra kindness when possible.
Aries on a backdrop of the stars


March 21–April 19
This is a month to re-work your rhythm and routine (or put one in place if none exists). What small, daily adjustments can you make that truly support you in feeling a little more room to breathe each day? Take the first two weeks of the month to play around with your schedule and feel which additions or subtractions contribute to your overall well-being. Start small, find one or two things that support you, and then stay consistent. As we move into the second half of the month, relationships take priority. It’s important to take time away from the daily grind to have fun with the ones you love the most. Connection, intimacy, and co-creation thrive when laughter and play are present. Let your partnerships nourish you in new or deeper ways.

Taurus on a backdrop of the universe


April 20–May 20
Take time this month to let your creative juices flow. Find new ways of doing mundane chores, dance your way through the produce section, leave a little time in your schedule for unstructured play (yes, grownups need to play, too!), and see what new ideas drop in! If you’ve been butting your head against a brick wall, be open to an unexpected solution. Romance can get turned up this month, so treat yourself to an indulgent date night, take some sexy selfies, or whatever else stokes your fire. As we move into the latter half of September, you’ll be wrapping up loose ends and ironing out any wrinkles in your clothes or life with greater ease. Just because you’re capable, it doesn’t mean you have to be responsible for everything, so make sure to delegate and ask for help.
Gemini on a backdrop of the stars


May 21–June 20
The first half of the month invites you to get curious about traditions that mean something to you: from your childhood, from your chosen family, or new ones that you’d like to create. You are invited to blend the old and the new and find a meaningful, workable hybrid that honors what is important to YOU. As we inch towards a new season, you might feel a stirring in your soul (or just the anticipation of switching out your wardrobe)—use that energy to express more of your own truth. Speak from your heart, ask questions that open doors, and don’t be afraid to make your desires known. Passionate, honest communication is in the stars—and in your relationships, if you’re feeling courageous. (Be courageous!)
Cancer on a backdrop of blurry stars


June 21–July 22
Take some time this month to think about the community you’d like to create. It’s a great time to consciously cultivate meaningful engagement with friends, siblings, and neighbors, or to begin exploring ways you can build community in the months and years ahead. The second half of the month brings a shift into more domestic affairs. What kind of environment do you need to come home to? It’s a good time for negotiating agreements and bringing more balance into your living space, whether you KonMari together or divvy up the chores in a new way—if something has been irking you at home, now’s the time to fix it!
Leo on a backdrop of a wormhole in the universe


July 23–August 22
It all comes down to the budget, babe. Stick to one this month. Think of your budget as a haiku or a sonnet: you are free to get creative as long as you adhere to the form. Don’t be afraid to call in an accountability partner—or an accountant. Or both! If it’s in the budget. As we move into the second half of the month, you can look to your community for resources that you might never have discovered if you weren’t balancing the bank account. You might even find yourself becoming a savvy investor, as you focus your spending on what truly matters and give back in bigger ways than before. All in all, it’s a month to get clear on your financial goals, and take concrete steps toward them—with support!
Virgo on a backdrop of the universe


August 23–September 22
Feel the love this month. Accept praise, bask in compliments, spend time with people who fill your cup. It’s easy to find things to improve upon; the challenge this month is to enjoy what’s already good, and shout it from the rooftops. Celebrating the good does wonders for lifting moods, refocusing energy, and nourishing your relationships. As we finish out the month, put your money where your mouth is and invest in something that invites more of those good feelings, especially between you and your partner(s). Therapy, gardening, a Roth IRA, or a dream vacation… so many options! The important thing is that you both feel supported.
Libra on a backdrop of blurred stars


September 23–October 22
Where do your thoughts get the best of you? This is a month to get curious about when and how you might be overthinking or overreacting to certain situations with certain people. Before you get caught in a not-so-fun spiral, take a walk outside, take some deep, slow breaths, and shake your booty. Instant reset! As we move into Libra season on September 23, you’ll be coming out of the depths and into the spotlight. Soak up the warmth of loved ones and admirers and find your flashiest outfit—it’s time to really cut loose because guess what? The people who care about you love you at your MOSTEST (can I say that not-real word? Well I did). So be all that, and welcome the compliments.
Scorpio on a backdrop of the universe


October 23–November 21
You have what it takes to lead, to organize, and to inspire this month. Fierce and focused, or just fiercely focused, whatever your most pressing goals are this month, you are on it… just be sure to balance that energy with some needed (and earned) downtime. As busy as you might be, this is equally a good month to develop a strong centering practice like meditation, jogging, or knitting—something that keeps your energy focused, but lets your mind take a break. Gifting yourself moments of quiet will support you in accessing your intuition, allowing you to boss up with greater ease. The latter half of the month will be more about diplomacy and finding creatively compassionate solutions to obstacles and conflicts as you head into October.
Sagittarious on a backdrop of the universe


November 22–December 21
This month asks you to clarify your vision for your life. What mark are you making on the world? What legacy do you wish to leave behind? It’s a great time to take small steps towards your larger goals. Talk to people in your dream career, join a group that is committed to a cause you’re passionate about, make or update your will. As the month wraps up, seek out the people who share your vision or have something to contribute. Identify ways you can shift the status quo and don’t be afraid to share your unique ideas. Change the world by changing your world!
Capricorn on a backdrop of the night sky


December 22–January 19
September is a month to broaden your horizons. Seek out other perspectives, walk in another’s shoes, and really try to see life through a new lens. What experiences could inform your career? What beliefs and philosophies can you deepen and evolve? As we head into Libra season, think about your work/life balance. Make sure to invest energy in your relationships as well as your career. That balance will rarely be 50/50, but in the longer vision of your year, don’t let your relationships regularly take a backseat to your work. What steps can you take right now to invest in healthy partnerships?
Aquarius on a backdrop of the universe


January 20–February 18
You’re the big thinkers and quirky birds of the zodiac, and this is a month to let your freak flag fly. Why fit in when it’s so much more interesting to dive into the hidden and taboo? Some call it shadow work, some call it self-exploration—call it what you will, the time is ripe to access your own depths. Your partner might want to come along for the ride. Perhaps there’s a new way of expressing yourself or a new experience that allows you to feel truly empowered, or to access your strength and confidence in different ways. Find it! See how it transforms your relationships, including with yourself. The second half of the month is a great time to dive in deeper and try something completely new—will you say yes? Seek out the information you need in order to feel comfortable exploring your shadow side.
Pisces on a backdrop of the northern lights


February 19–March 20
Partnership is your theme this month. It’s a great time to take stock of your close relationships, business partnerships, and your own relationship with you. Where do things flow? Where do things feel out of whack? Be conscious of your needs and the requests your partners make of you. See what needs to be rearranged, renegotiated, or just communicated. The last two weeks of the month invite you to be extra vulnerable, and in so doing, experience a deeper intimacy with those you trust. It can feel scary to speak up about our deepest needs and desires, our wounds and triggers, but it can also open the door to profound connection and foundation-building in our partnerships. It’s a good month to strengthen those foundations.

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