The Best New Wedding Invitations of 2018

Ridiculously gorgeous and super affordable

We’re sad to report that in 2017, Printable Press closed up shop. Here is to many good years and good designs!

There are a lot of things I’d love to tell you about Printable Press (like how they are a small woman-owned business that’s basically grown up alongside APW), but honestly, there are only two things you really need to know: Printable Press designs are some of the freshest, most ahead-of-the-trends interesting of anything you’ll find out there. And you can actually afford them (I’m talking just over $200 for 100 invites. Plus 15% off for APW readers only; keep scrolling to snag that deal for yourself.)Printable Press Feather Design Invitation

Printable Press is one of those rare companies who genuinely believe that budgets and beautiful things can go hand in hand. In fact, their motto is, “Everyone deserves beauty.” (Aka not just folks with multi-thousand-dollar invitation budgets.) Which is why every year, founder and designer Kimi releases a brand-new set of invitation designs that are out-of-this-world gorgeous, starting at just $95 (or $79 if you want to get a digital file and print it yourself).

Gold leaf styled Printable Press Invitation

And y’all, the 2018 designs are, like, next level good. Whimsical, modern, bold, botanical. This year, Kimi’s design inspirations are especially close to her own heart. She says:

When I was planning for my own wedding, I was wracked with anxiety—not because it had to be perfect, but because I was afraid of being perceived as trying to be someone I wasn’t just for a wedding. I needed everyone to know I was still imperfect and quirky and independent me. At the root of my soul has always been a love of the wild, and our Brooklyn wedding was full of foxes and flowers. And my deepest desire was met: on my wedding day I did not just feel like a “bride”—I felt like me, and now this is the feeling I want to give couples that work with me.

Printable Press Fox Design InvitationPrintable Press Floral and Green Design Invitation

Printable Press has your wedding stationery covered from top to bottom—from save the dates to invitation suites to thank you cards and OMG so much more—printed on gorgeous card stock, or you can choose to print them (or even email them) yourself with their DIY printables. (Not sure which option is right for you? There’s a ton of info to help you decide right here.) Pricing for alllll the options is super clear throughout the Printable Press website. Plusss, all APW readers gets 15% off with the code PPNEWYEAR2018.

Printable Press Gold Leaf Classic Design Invitation

Basically, I’m not surprised that Printable Press is a six-time WeddingWire Couples Choice Award winner, especially when you combine their art with stories like this:

You might guess that the thing I love best about my job is the creative aspect, getting to make designs that speak to my heart. But I really do what I do because of emails like the one from a customer who wrote that all their planning had been a tough experience so far, but that working with me had made her feel actually excited for her wedding again. Planning a wedding can be sooo stressful, and knowing I’ve made things a little brighter in that time means the world to me.

That’s why beyond our unique designs, every single customer gets devoted and meticulous attention. Nothing is automated, instead there are human eyes and hands personally checking and tweaking your order to make sure everything is perfect. Your stationery may be a minor part of a wedding, but it’s that first joyous shout to the world that you’re getting married. It’s important that the shout is in your own personal voice.

Printable Press Class Garden Design Invitation

So if you’re on the hunt for invitation designs that are trendsetting rather than trend-following, then why are you still reading? Go get scrolling through Printable Press’s diverse designs. From nature and botanical inspired, to clean and modern, to bold bursts of color, there’s something for everyone, plus

Printable Press is offering 15% OFF to APW Readers with the code PPNEWYEAR2018

Click here to find your favorite.


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