The 33 Best Rainbow Unicorn Wedding Trends You Need Right Now

So much magic for your eyeballs

slices of rainbow cake on top of a white table

We’ve been big fans of all things ? ? ? ✨ ? at APW since, well pretty much forever, so maybe it was inevitable that the Internet world would finally catch up to our aesthetic and present us with truly EPIC images of unicorn-rainbow-magic on the reg.

Since I run APW’s Instagram, I spend a whole lot of time looking at gorgeous images. (It’s rough, I know, but I manage.) I’m not going to tell you how often one or the other of us has had to forcibly pry phones from each other’s hands (because we do have other work, after all) because one of us has gone down the Instagram hashtag black hole searching for the most glorious images of them all. And, our actual, probably slightly sad hobby is DMing each other our best Instagram finds.

So I got to thinking, if APW were to plan the ultimate rainbow unicorn wedding of our dreams, what would we have there? And OMG it was so much better than I could’ve imagined… so I natch had to share it with y’all. Are you sitting down? Because this is going to blow your rainbow-loving minds.

rainbow unicorn wedding cocktails

put sprinkles on it: We need to have an all-hands-on-deck conversation about this pink margarita with sprinkles on the rim because I am falling apart and would like to drink exactly this drink at each of your weddings all summer. It turns out the trick is in the honey: dip the rim in water, then honey, and then sprinkles and you have insta-rainbow unicorn wedding drink magic.

cocktails and flowers: If ever two things go together, I think edible flowers and booze top the list. Why? Both tend to brighten up just about any concoction, like this Edible Flower Sour (recipe in link).

rainbow unicorn wedding desserts

unicorn macarons: SO HELLO. These almond French macarons are bedazzled with flower power and allegedly taste like pure glitter and cotton candy, which I think is likely an understatement because they look like straight up heaven on a macaron (plus that blue and pink swirl pattern is littttttttttt).

Unicorn macarons, but subtle: I think it says something (something excellent, btw) that these macarons could be called subtle in any sense of the word, but if full-scale neon pink and blue aren’t your jam and you still really want to bring rainbow unicorn magic to your macarons, this pastel version is equal parts delicious and easy on the eyes.

Magical UNICORN COOKIES: Because sometimes you just need rainbow mane unicorn cookies at your wedding. Also please invite us to help you eat make them!

IRL HEART EMOJI COOKIES: What happens when you take emoji and turn them into delicious and adorable cookie sandwiches? Complete and utter GOODNESS. We are all about these sparkle heart sandwich cookies taking center stage on your dessert table.

unicorn cream puffs: Okay, so when I saw these I just was completely enchanted. I mean, who doesn’t love a cream puff?? But the bright colors and sprinkles take these from drab to OMFG fab!

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Rainbow power! 🌈🌈🌈

A post shared by Juniper Cakery (@junipercakery) on

actual rainbow cupcakes: I know we don’t all have the baking skillz to create a fondant rainbow that curves perfectly into a blue puff of icing, but I do know that Juniper Bakery was hell-bent on creating possibly the most perfect rainbow cupcake of all the rainbow cupcakes in the world. (APW would like at least a dozen, please.)

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A post shared by The Scran Line (@thescranline) on

starry insides: This cupcake looks like a Treasure Troll and Rainbow Brite had a baby. (Also P.S., if you look closely, you will find itty bitty rainbow glitter sugar on top of that tie-dye icing, and that is all the evidence that you need to prove that human beings are magic.)

Rainbow cake: Rainbow cake will absolutely never, ever get old, especially when it’s rainbow cake that includes pink and purple with the daintiest little pastel icing puffs on top.

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💛💙💚#kalabasa_feathers_cake //Мы открыты ежедневно по адресу Набережная Академика Туполева, 15к26 (м. Бауманская). Пн-пт: 11-20:00 Сб-вс: 11-21:00 // Забронировать сладости из магазина, уточнить наличие, забронировать торт целиком или заказать торт к определенной дате можно по телефонам: ☏ 7(926) 308-33-38 ☏ 7(926) 706-33-88 (только звонки!) ✎ пишите нам на ❃ ассортимент можно посмотреть ☞ ☞ Заказать торт

A post shared by 🎂 Торты на заказ, кондитерская (@kalabasa) on

dramatic rainbows: Hey listen up. Rainbows aren’t just for the light-hearted and unicorn obsessed. And you know what? There’s no reason why your wedding cake can’t look like a rainbow version of that wild-ass crown Tilda Swinton wore in Narnia. You do you, and own it.

jackson pollock MEETS DEEP SPACE donuts: I love these rainbow donuts because they are gorgeous and bright, and also because someone took the time to splatter them artistically, with glittery and regular icing, and this is the kind of craftsmanship that I can always get behind.


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HAPPY much-needed FRI-YAYYYY!

A post shared by Sweet Puff • Cotton Candy (@sweetpuffcandy) on

Fancy rainbow cotton candy: Up until this moment I never thought I would want anything other than champagne in our champagne flutes, but holy cow, this fancy cotton candy is the best thing ever. (Plus I won’t be mad if you start pouring the bubbles freely on top.)

rainbow cotton candy AND donuts: I feel I can speak for everyone here at APW when I say we would just personally like to sincerely thank the folks who sat down one day and asked themselves, “How can I make rainbow desserts better? What piece is missing from the puzzle?” and decided that the combination of cotton candy and donuts was the answer. Because truly: Has anyone ever been more right?

rainbow unicorn style for brunch weddings

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[Werbung / advertisement] I think this is one of the most color intense food I've ever eaten 😅 But I'm always flashed by Caro's (@sugarberrry ) deep pink / blue or purple bowls and so I had to participate in her #sugarberrry13k party with such an "crazy" bowl, including pink smoothie, blue chia pudding and purple flowers 😍 For the smoothie, I've used frozen bananas and raspberries, soaked dried pink dragonfruit from @koro.drogerie and freezedried raspberry powder from @frooggies . Chiapudding was made out of chia seeds, coconut milk and blue spirulina powder from (I'm running out of it 🙈). Toppings are chia seeds, banana, cacao nibs (@berioo.superfood ), blueberries and shredded coconut. So as you can see, our nature gives us so many colorful foods so that we don't need any artificial food coloring additives to get such beautiful stuff 😉 • • • • • • • • • • #colorupyourlife #smoothiebowl #veganfood #veganbreakfast #eattherainbow #superfood #vegangirl #veganrecipes #foodstyling #heresmyfood @food #unicornfood #sweetcuisines @sweetcuisines #feedfeed #thrivemags @thrivemags #beautifulcuisines @beautifulcuisines #healthyfood #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #foodblogger #veganfoodporn #veganfoodblogger #blogger_de #germanblogger #vegandeutschland #plantbased #blueberries #vegansofig #healthylifestyle

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vegan rainbow bowls: You know what’s always super hot? A brunch wedding. And you know what will make your brunch wedding even hotter? If you add some version of this super intense, super delish vegan-friendly smoothie bowl to your menu.

rainbow toast: I know y’all love avocado toast but do you love RAINBOW TOAST? Because… you should.

Rainbow coffee: When this photo of rainbow coffee circled around the APW Slack, most of us collectively lost our minds and insisted that I try it like yesterday. If you serve this at your brunch wedding (or whenever!), I can almost guarantee that glory will descend upon you.

Boozy milk: HOOOO you guys, this is a boozy cereal milk drink that features LUCKY CHARMS on top! Because nothing says 10 a.m. ceremony fun like serving up a few boozy milkshakes right after.

rainbow unicorn magic for dinner weddings

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Когда настроение никуда не годится, попробуйте сделать вашу жизнь более красочной. Это может быть непросто, но оно того стоит👌🏼 Эта фунчоза, навевающая мысли о единорогах и волшебстве, со звездочками авокадо и арахисом васаби – прекрасное тому подтверждение😉 // When you're down, try to make your life more colorful. It might be a difficult task, but worth it in the end 👌🏼 These #unicornnoodles with avocado stars and wasabi peanuts can prove you that😉 Photo by @intherowans #foodlover #foodie #foodiegram #unicornfood #asianfood #veggietales #vegan #healthyfood #glassnoodles #acocado #instafood #instagood #inspiration #organic

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Rainbow noodles: I don’t know if it’s possible to NOT be super drawn to this colorful and delectable noodle dish, and I don’t think I need to know if there is. (Plus avocado stars?! OMG staaaaap.)

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As you might know by now there's a new vegan hot spot in Rotterdam that you simple can't ignore! @happyearthkitchen is more than just another vegan cafe, thanks to a tiny supermarket and lovely philosophy. Find the full article on my blog (link in profile). One thing I can already say is that I'll be making plenty of trips to @happyearthkitchen for that whole food vegan fix, I'm a fan! Oh and yes Yonca is serving unicorn realness! Nothing but love for this power woman💪🏽🦄 • Have a blessed day everyone! I'm having a pre summer clean up so the house will be sparkly and neat for the summer times 🕺🏾. • One Love 🌹 • • • #vegan #vegansofig #foodporn #letscookvegan #plantbased #vegetarian #whatveganseat #instafood #buzzfeast #glowlean #EatForThePlanet #foodie #unicornnoms #f52grams #yahoofood #bestofvegan #feedfeed #thekitchn #huffposttaste #foodandwine #foods4thought #allerhande #gloobyfood @thefeedfeed #flatlaytoday #ThriveMags #tastetherainbow

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Rainbow noodles, the remix!: Another vegan-friendly dish that you could totally serve up at your wedding while simultaneously fulfilling alllll of your #tastetherainbow dreams!

rainbow VEGAN sushi: Another great option for apps or for your vegan unicorn loving squad members, or like for just assembling and looking at all day because it’s just so damn beautiful.

RAINBOW SUSHI DONUTS: So if there’s one thing I love the very most, it’s sushi, and if you can find other ways to get it into our mouths I’m all about it. And OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE AN ENTIRE PLATE OF MINI SUSHI DONUTS??!!?

rainbow unicorn cold treats

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Tag a friend you would like to share one with 🌴💕 These moody rainbow coconut pops, styling inspired by Shabnam @hungrywarrior and Jutri @juutlovesfood (mine wouldn't stand up at all Dee @greensmoothiegourmet 🙈) are perfect mood-lifters after this rainy grey day. The recipe can be found with the link in my profile. Each of the swirls aren't fruity flavors, but naturally colourful vegetables. Can you guess what they are? 🌈 . . . . #yommme #icepops #juutspopsicleparty #popsicles #unicornfood #nicecream @nicecream #avodaily @avodaily #afoodieworld #bestofvegan #foodrevmamas #thenewhealthy #hkfoodie #ingoophealth #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #glowlean #nomyourself #cathaypacific #fitfoods #foodspiration #feedfeedvegan #doyoucatchon #rainbowfood #eattherainbow #radplantlife #ahealthynut #foodstyling #thisisspring #rslove #colorfullydelicious

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Popsicles that are good for you: If you want to serve dessert at your wedding and you want it to be rainbow and so fun, but you totally are not feeling all the, you know, sugar that comes with cake and cupcakes… girl, get you some frozen treats that will please your eyes and body.

pastel popsicles: Again, for the rainbow lovers in the house who prefer their rainbows to be a little less… rainbow-y.

rainbow unicorn wedding decor and style

TABLETOP MAGIC: The rainbow unicorn fun does not STOP with what you eat, because obviously decor is a huge for weddings. To this end, I gift you this epic assortment of unicorn dreams from the party mavens at Oh Happy Day.

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What my insides look like 💖🦄🍬✨🐬

A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on

tassels! tassels!: Keep the magic flowing with these shiny rainbow pom-pom tassels, which you could use as a backdrop for your ceremony or photo booth (or both!).

floral unicorn magic: Do you realize how amazing this is? I am talking clouds of gorgeous ombre unicorn florals all over your wedding dinner tables, and I just really have a hard time imagining anything else that could be as lush and lovely. Plus everything is better with a side of disco balls, just saying.

unicorn nails: *Cannot actually type anything because the tears of happiness in our eyes are blocking our vision.* Which is just as well, since you clearly actually can’t type anything with these nails on anyway. SHRUGS. Sometimes beauty is sacrifice!

sparkly glittery nails: These nails are what would happen if Elsa from Frozen had a unicorn and they went to nail parties together. And promise, and I mean that in the best way.

what unicorn wedding trends do you love? what are you on the lookout for in your own wedding? and have you made those pink margaritas yet? we all want one.

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