Marketing Coordinator

Kate Levy

Kate’s love for performing began at a young age, when she made her musical theater debut in “The Princess Who Hates Books.” She wrote it herself. She doesn’t really hate books. But ever since, Kate found that she had a knack for storytelling and bringing people together, and enjoys getting to do that as a career. Because her musical theater career basically ended with “The Princess Who Hates Books,” Kate built her own business as a wedding hair and makeup artist, before shifting gears to work in marketing. She’s an avid iPhone photographer, who isn’t ashamed to stick an arm out the window of a moving car to get a shot of some clouds (#katesskylog). She also loves all forms of social media (especially Instagram) and makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. When not obsessing over the latest home design or wedding trends, this Bay Area native can be found on the Peninsula watching “Chopped” with her wife, 3 cats and 2 dogs. Ask her about her spoon collection.